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Timely completion of Departmental Inquiries procedure-CENTRAL VIGILANCE COMMISSION-Dated. 12.01.2022

Satarkta Bhawan, G.P.O. Complex,
Block A, INA, New Delhi-10023
Dated. 12.01.2022

Circular No. 01/01/22

Subject: Timely completion of Departmental Inquiries-procedure regarding
Reference: –
(i) Commission’s Circular No. NZ/PRC/I dated 26.2.2004
(ii) Commission’s Circular No. 21/08/09 dated 06.08.2009
(iii) Commission’s Circular No. 09/12/2014 dated 11.12.2014
(iv) Commission’s Circular No. 18/12/20 dated 14.12.2020
(v) Commission’s Circular No. 22/12/21 dated 08.12.2021

Central Vigilance Commission has issued various guidelines, emphasising on timely finalization of inquiry proceedings. Recently, the Commission, vide its Circular No. 22/12/21 dated 08.12.2021 has also asked the organizations to seek a monthly progress report from the Inquiry Officers, regarding the departmental inquiries being conducted by them.

  1. It has been noticed that many a times, the inquiry proceedings are held up due to non-availability of required documents or delay in making available the listed documents for inspection by the Charged Officer and/or for taking on record by the Inquiry Officer. Such delay in production of documents during the course of departmental inquiry or non-availability of documents not only slows down the inquiry proceedings but may also sometime result in exoneration of the Charged Officer, despite being guilty of misconduct.
  2. The Commission has therefore directed that in order to ensure timely progress of inquiry proceedings, the authorities concerned must establish a proper mechanism for safe custody of the documents required during the inquiry proceedings against any Charged Officer. It should also be ensured that the documents/certified copies of the same (wherever required) are made available to the Presenting Officers, immediately after his appointment, so that the same can be produced during the course of departmental inquiry, as and when required.
  3. The above guidelines may be brought to the notice of all authorities concerned in the organizations, by the respective Chief Vigilance Officers.

5.It may be noted for strict compliance.

(Rajiv Verma)