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Staff selection: Replace IBPS with regional recruitment boards, says bank body
The Syndicate Bank Staff Association (SBSA) has urged the Centre to replace the Institute for Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) with regional recruitment boards.
Representatives of SBSA had met with Arjun Ram Meghawal, Minister of State for Finance, in Bengaluru recently and submitted a memorandum to this effect.
The SBSA is affiliated to the National Organisation of Bank Workers and the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. KS Bhat, its Vice-President, said that a number of Syndicate Bank branches in Karnataka are staffed by people belonging to other States.
This has created a serious communication problem while transacting business with local customers, and is not helping the bank’s cause. These staff are naturally eager to get a transfer back to their native place.
But the bank is unable to concede to this demand due not just because of non-availability of vacancies at their place of choice but also of substitutes to fill places at their current locations.
This has led to discontent among employees, Bhat said. The best solution is either restoration of the Banking Service Recruitment Board or setting up regional recruitment boards.
Working hours
Meanwhile, the SBSA has also opposed a reported move to extend working hours in banks by an hour as a prelude to introducing a five-day week.
Bhat told Business Line that the move has proved counterproductive elsewhere. He cited the examples of the Ford Motor Company and Kelloggs.
In 1980, employees of Apple Company had declared an increase in working hours to 90 hours per week but it had boomeranged on the company.
More working hours would not be productive and could induce stress and mental strain. Given this, the SBSA would oppose any move to increase the working hours.
Capital infusion
The Association condemned the recent statement by an RBI Deputy Governor with regard to infusion of capital and privatisation of public sector banks.
“We strongly believe that neither privatisation nor nationalisation is the solution for mounting of non-performing assets,” Bhat said. Recruitment of adequate staff at all levels and non- interference by political parties shall improve the situation in public sector banks.
The Association also condemned the ‘large bank’ concept which is detrimental to the interest of the nation as well as common man. The need of the hour is mass banking instead of class banking.
 Source:Business Lin