“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

SG FNPO Met officers at Directorate along with FNPO affiliated union General Secretaries- Out come 

B.Shivakumar, SG FNPO, Sivaji Vasireddy, GS NAPEc, N.K.Tyagi, GS NUR3, N.Mujawar GS NUPE PM&MTS and M.K Sharma GS NUR4 met Sri Vineet Pandey, DG Posts,  Sri Charles Lobi, Member (O), DDG Tec&PMU, DDG P, DDG SR&Legal  during the period from 12.10.20 to 14.10.20. 

The following is the out come and various letters submmitted on different issues are posted here for information. 

1. IP results issue going to refer to EC for permission. 
2. PSS GROUP B exam notification cancelled due court case on eligibility about RMS cadre. 
3. Part-time contingent appointed prior 7.6.1988 is exempted from Employment Exchange formalities and those cases should be considered as ontime measure. 
4. As the proposal for engaging GDS in Vacant PA/SA post has rejected due to technically we demanded to utilise Postmen/MTS services with the compensation of officiating pay. 
5. Bonus file cleared by the Department and Finance/Cabinet approval is awaited. 
6. Special leave for Covid patients/officials under isolation/Struck down at home due non availability of public transport. File is under active consideration. 
7. Modification of GDS transfer policy quarterly instead yearly and lifting of restrictions on one level to another. 
8. Filling up of all backlog  vacant MTS/Postman vacancies with the present Recruitment Rule. 
9. Network issue. Entire tech team is under that job for getting solution. PMU got finance approval for purchase of 4G dongles for all offices. At present 3000 they are going to supply and remaining very soon. Experimentally in TNF locations one for Karnataka, 2 for UP and one for Bihar supplied and report recived in sound about their function. 
10. Enhancement of seater capacity 20 to 40 for Section-9, HB 
11. Enhancement of Cash deposit/wdl limits of BPM, iPPB self Account drawal and non reflection of BO RD closure and RPLI maturity in BO accounts. 
12. PM grade merger notional payfixation issue. 
13. One time relaxation for HSG II and I
14. CRC appointment for the family member of GDS discharged from service on medical grounds.  
15. Demanded for definete quota for GDS in PA examination.
16. Regarding merger of PSD/CSD we demanded for establishment review first before reducing strength. In case of Hyderabad we submitted a letter as example and also suggested to Keep all PSDs at circle HQRs.