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Request to issue a clarification on leave during the lockdown period.

Ref:                                                                                    18/05/2020.
The Chairman,
 Postal Services Board,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi 110 001.

Sub: Request to issue a clarification on leave during the lockdown period-Reg:
Chairman postal services board is aware that all the departments have issued clarifications to their units as to how to treat the absence period of the lockdown period based on MOH & DoP&T guidelines except our department. This has resulted in every Chief PMG interpreting guideline according to their need in their circle.
Our Department issued a memo File No. Z- 92011 / 25 / 2020 - Cord/O and Dated 23/03/2020 wherein instructions were issued to prepare rosters of officers and staff who are required to render these Essential Services. The staff were asked to attend office as per the roster prepared, it was not followed by many circles/Divisions due to local condition hence my union request your office to issue a common clarification / guideline on the following points.

1) Circles did not prepare any roster up to 01/04/2020 moreover due to non-availability of public / private transport Officials were unable to attend the duty. In many circles, the staffs who were drafted on Roster duty but administration failed to arrange Pick Up & Drop Facility to the staff. 
2) Officials who had to leave Headquarters before lockdown, but unable return Headquarters due to closure of borders in their state. There are cases where many officials are struck outside the states even and in many cases the divisions are forcing the officials to submit leave applications. The officials were stranded due to conditions beyond their control.
3) In Accordance with Dept of Personnel Memo No  F.No.11013/9/2014- Estt A-III dated  20/03/2020, it was clearly stated to grant commuted Leave without  M/C to  those officials who are above 50 years age and have underlying conditions i.e. Diabetes, Respiratory problems, Renal Diseases and other life-threatening illness for lockdown period. This is one issue. If the officials are unable to attend office due to lockdown in that case also the clear clarifications required.
4) As per Dept of Posts Memo No AD-91/10/2020-Admin dated 28th APRIL 2020 it has been decided by the competent authority that the officers/ officials residing in containment Zone identified by the concerned authority of Delhi / NCR are not required to attend office till delinking of area by the authority concerned this order was only issued for New Delhi, but it should be applicable to all circles.
  The staff who were arranged on Roster Duty but could not attend office due to non provision of any transport facility by the Administration staff were unable to attend the office on Roster duty.  Now the Administration has directed the above staff to apply leave for their non-attendance during lockdown period, which the union feels highly irregular.  As the Administration has not taken any effort to enable the staff to attend office, the entire period of Lockdown should be treated as duty for all the staff who could not attend office due to lapse on the part of Administration.
5) It is the very unforeseen condition though the officials were willing to attend the office could not attend because of restrictions imposed. Thus, it is not the fault of the officials. It is due to unavoidable extraordinary conditions. Therefore, it is requested to issues directions for treating the absence as Special casual leave. Such clarifications/Directions will clear the air and there will be uniformity across the country.
I request the chairman postal services board kindly issue necessary instruction to appropriate authority to issue suitable instructions to the All the Heads of the circles.
Yours Sincerely,

General Secretary. 
Copy to:
1)Bro. B.Shivakumar, SG FNPO for information & necessary action.
2) CHQ office bearers and Circle Secretaries of NUR-C