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Regarding Settlement of cases relating to validation of Caste verification

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
(A Government of India Enterprise)
Corporate Office
Establishment -III Section
5th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan
Jan path, New Delhi-110001
Ph. 011-23310401, 23725255(Fax)
No. 1-15/2019-PAT (BSNL)(Pt.)
Dated: 22.01.2020
The Chief General Manager,
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited,
Maharashtra Telecom Circle, Mumbai
Sub: Settlement of cases relating to validation of Caste verification from State Lev.el/District Level Scrutiny Committees in the wake of BSNL VRS2019—–regarding.
I am directed to refer to your communications on various occasions and proposal on 15.01.2020 on the above mentioned subject, wherein it is intimated that a lot of Caste verification in respect of BSNL employees is pending in different District level Scrutiny committees owing to non-compliance of on-line verification adopted by the concerned employees. Despite repeated persuasions with the concerned employees and authorities, the verification of Caste certificates in respect of a lot of employees is still pending, which has lead to problems in acceptance of VRS options given by such officials. In order to resolve the said issue in the wake of BSNL VRS- 2019, the matter has been examined by taking in account all pros and cons and approval of the Competent Authority is hereby conveyed for the following:-
  1. For the officials/officers who have already applied for caste verification and no adverse verification report is received till date from various – district level scrutiny committees/competent District authorities, their VRS applications should be accepted.
2. For the officials/officers who have been instructed for on-line application of caste validation from the State/District level committees but have not been applied so far should apply by 31.01.2020 and submit proof of application to BSNL. However, their VRS should be accepted and if no adverse report is ,received before the scheduled dates of Ex.-gratia payment, their ex-gratia may be released.
3. If any adverse verification report is received after retirement of officials/officers under YRS, suitable action/disciplinary action would be initiated according to the relevant rules and regulations.
4. Those employees against whom false case certificate complaint is there and they have been asked to apply online to the scrutiny committee and fails to apply their VRS will be accepted but retirement benefits will be withheld till the verification is done.
This procedure is applicable only for the state of Maharashtra, as it has online verification facility. Necessary action may be taken accordingly in settling the aforesaid issues.
Yours sincerely,
Deputy General Manager (Estt.II)
Signed Copy