“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

  1. Willing BPMs will be got registered on the CSC Portal through DoP for enabling them to deliver services through CSC portal from the Branch Post Office.
  2. Necessary training and other support will be provided by CSC SPV.
  3. BPMs will provide the necessary infrastructure as per CSC guidelines on their own investment. All recurring cost on stationery and other consumables etc. required for delivery of the CSC services will also be borne by the Branch Postmaster concerned.
  4. The Branch Postmaster will make an initial credit in advance in the CSC Wallet for enabling the transactions and recharge the wallet periodically as per requirement. Whenever a transaction takes place, BPM will collect cash from the customer and amount due to CSC will be automatically deducted from the Wallet balance
  5. The entire cash management related to CSC should be done by the BPMs with the CSC through the prepaid wallet outside the Post Office accounting system.
  6. CSC Services should be delivered outside the BO working hours and such services rendered by the BPM should not in any way adversely affect the discharge of Post Office duties and responsibilities.
  7. The time taken for CSC operations will not be counted for workload calculation of the BO.
  8. The CSC will share the collected service charges with the VLEs which is in the ratio of 80(VLE):20(CSC) for most of the services. No additional remuneration will be paid by DoP to BPMs who are acting as VLEs.