“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

 periodical meeting NUPM&MTS Subjects and out comeBy the side of NUPE Postmen & MTS Union 3 items were discussed  in periodical meeting dated 24.11.21 and following agenda items were also discussed positively.

Original minutes will be posted after getting from SR section.
1. Fill up the all unfilled vacancies (before 2018) of Postmen & MTS cadre as per New Recruitment Rules, specially Delhi circle.
Reply - this is under consideration. One committee have been formed for this purpose. The report is expected within 10 day.  Order will issued next month.
2. Problems regarding Nodel parcel delivery centers.
Reply will posted after getting minutes.
3. Revise the FMC charges (shearing beat and double beat and holiday duty allowance) as per pay commission  orders.
Reply- Revised orders will be issued shorty.
On behalf of Union, myself along with mr. Jagdish Sharmaji treasurer chq attended this meeting.
The meeting was ended with positive hopes and promise of early action.
All other GS of  FNPO affiliated union are attend the meeting and discuss their cadres issue positively.
I am very glad to say our SG and all FNPO GS are doing well for welfare of staff.
Nisar Mujawar