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 periodical meeting NAPE-C subjects and out come

NAPEc taken 3 items  in periodical meeting dated 24.11.21 and following is the  outcome. Original minutes will be posted after getting from SR section.

1. Conversion of C class SOs into B class SOs: It will be considered based on rationalisation of posts and C class offices.
2. De-linking  of Post attached quarter concept: Circle Heads opinion called for before 30.11.21 and we suggested that Departmental building quarter will be utilized for ofc purpose, or may given option for availing or not. Regarding private building no quarter shall be taken. Positive response given by the DG.

3.Network issues: we demanded minimum 2 Mbps for all offices like banks. At present 7000 POs are provided 2mbps MPLS multi protocal label switching and will be extended to other offices also on phases manner. MPLS is more speeder than VAN . I am posting reply for this below