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Performing transactions on Sundays/Holidays.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am directed to convey the following

This is regarding performing transactions on Sundays/Holidays. Due to launch of NEFT services, DC will not be marked Holiday on Sundays/National Holidays. DC closure has to be initiated on all 7 days. Hence SOL Date will move to Sunday /Holiday Date on performing EOD on Saturdays /Previous day of Holiday.  It is seen that many Post offices are leaving Transactions done on holidays as Unverified. These Unverified Transactions are blocking validations for EOD and DC Closure resulting in delay. This has cascading effect of DC closure impacting GL /DWH batch jobs.

 *Post offices are requested to check Finacle date (BOD) before initiating transactions on Saturdays (post EOD)/Sundays/Holidays for accounting on correct dates. * Further POs are requested to verify the transactions immediately. No transactions should be left unverified on Sundays/Holidays. Concerned PO/CPC are responsible for clearing Unverified transactions if any reported during Sundays/Holidays.

 Concerned CPCs are requested to forward these instructions to Post Offices without fail.        This has approval of DDG FS sir.

Thanks, and Regards

Gopinath S

Assistant Superintendent of Posts

C.E.P.T.Chennai 600 002