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Operation of Mahila Samman Savings Certificates, 2023 in Finacle - Standard Operating Procedure  & Salient features 

Standard Operating Procedure for operation of Mahila Samman Savings Certificates, 2023 in Finacle

(1) This scheme will be available in all post offices across the country i.e. HO/SO/BO.

Note: - Post offices may accept Bank Cheque along with Account Opening Form/KYC documents on 01.04.2023 and send the cheque for clearance through CTS. After receipt of clearance post offices will open account on or after 03.04.2023.

(2) However, the process for necessary modification in RICT CBS application for Branch Post Offices may take time.

(3) So, in order to facilitate rural customers to open account under the ‘Mahila Samman Savings Certificates, 2023’ at the GDS Branch Post Offices, Account can be opened in Branch Post offices through cheque or withdrawal form (SB-7) as per the procedure prescribed vide SB Order No. 22/2020 and SB Order No. 32/2020.

(4) For opening of account, Account Opening Form, KYC form (for new customer) and KYC documents as prescribed in rule 5 and 6 of Government Savings Promotion General Rules, 2018 should be obtained.

(5) Bank Cheque received for opening of the account under the scheme shall be lodged in SOL ID+0382 as prescribed in SB Order No. 24/2021.

(6) For opening of account in Finacle the following procedure shall be followed: -

  • Invoke menu CMISAOP à GO

  • Enter CIF ID à

  • Product Group à MSSC

  • Scheme Code à MSSC à Go (F4)

  • Mode of Operation à select as applicable.

  • Deposit Amount à Enter amount of account opening

  • Nomination à Yes à Enter nominee details.

  • Transaction (Click on check box)

  • Select Cash or Transfer (In case of Transfer enter PO Savings Account No or SOL ID+0382.

  • Click on Flow tab

  • Submit

(i) Note down the Account ID and Tran ID on Account Opening Form/SB-103.

(ii) Supervisor shall verify the account opening by using menu CMISAOPV.

(iii) After verification of account passbook should be printed in HPBP menu and handover to the account holder/guardian.

(iv) The details of transaction carried out for Mahila Samman Savings Certificate will be available in Long Book Detailed Report and Long Book Consolidation Report.

(v) For relevant voucher shall be transferred to SBCO branch alongwith other vouchers.

(7) For premature closure and maturity closure of Mahila Samman Savings Certificate in Finacle, procedure prescribed for MIS/TD closure shall be followed by using HCAACTD menu.

(8) Procedure for withdrawal from Mahila Samman Savings Certificate in Finacle will be issued shortly.