“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

23rd Circle Conf of Bihar Circle Nur GR C was held at Lakshi Bilash Hotel Hazipur  on and from 24th july under the president ship of Arabind Verma.
Sri N K Tyagi GS Nur GR C inagurated this conf.
He briefly stated why JCA call one day strike on 10th August. The attack from the Govt to Postal Dept as well as Postal and RMS workers and the roll of BMS union. He also said that FNPO Union and NFPE opposed infront of Secretary,Dept of posts and other officers. The leaders of JCA told the bad effect of merger  but BMS union support to Admn on that meeting.
Sri Asok kr sing  president of CHQ New Delhi requested to members to success the strike.
Sri Dipak Mukherjee Chief Advisor CHQ New Delhi  told that the RMS administration is helping BMS union openly and torturing and harassing FNPO members due to political pressure.  He clearly told that strike called by JCA may be successful though BMS union will not join.
Sri B K Mishra Circle Secretary of nup GR C  assured if any attack comes to RMS Nup Gr C and Gr D will protect and fight against Administration.
Other guests were Sri Ajoy kumar C/S Nup IV,Sri Nabin Sing C/ S Nur IV, Sri Mahesh Paswan C/S NuGDS and Prerit kumar Asst C/ S Nup Gr C.
Sh Arvind Nath Verma.sh Abinash Kumar Singh.and Arvind Kumar elected president.circle secretary and treasurer respectively.