“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

 NUPE PM&MTS Circle Conference of Rajasthan at Sawriya (Chittodgad),

 On 09/01/2022  myself along with Rahate sir, and Murlidhar sir Attended, NUPE postmen & mts, NUGDS , joint  bi  annual circle Conference of Rajasthan at Sawriya (Chittodgad), NUPE PM&MTS union*Shri Kartat singh Selected as President and *shri  Narayan Salvi (Udaipur) *Selected as *circle secretary*and shri Laxmi chand meena * *selected as treasurer*  enormously..Also *Shri Radhesham Sen  elected as Circle secretary of NUGDS*, Congratulations all new elected office bearer's,  also Attend NAPE GrC , CWC and discuss  important issues of Shortage of staff, Harassment of staff on name of target,   mobile / RICT network problem, medical and T A funds, 

Nisar Mujawar.