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1 POSTAL NEWS No 87-2022

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

1.Swiss Post acquires software company Unblu. November 04, 2022.

2.SingPost records a net loss of s$2.4 million for the first half November 03, 2022.

 3.DHL Global Forwarding and GoodShipping accelerate sustainable shipping via insetting with 60 million liters of Sustainable Marine Fuel. November 02, 2022.

4.Concentration on November 3. November 02, 2022.

5.The 9-month financial results of Omniva fell short of the results of last year. October 31, 2022.

1.Swiss Post acquires software company Unblu November 04, 2022

 Swiss Post has acquired a majority shareholding in the software company Unblu in an effort to improve its competencies in the secure transfer of information within the digital world..

Unblu offers a platform that enables companies to exchange information directly and securely with their customers and to send sensitive information securely as well. This platform is primarily used by international financial and insurance service providers to assist in the transition from the physical to the digital world. Specifically, this means Unblu’s platform can be integrated into existing services, such as the chat function used by Swiss Post customer service. This ensures customers can ask questions directly via chat and receive an answer immediately, without having to make a telephone call. The Basel-based company has subsidiaries in Frankfurt, Germany; Sofia, Bulgaria, London, UK; New York, USA; and Victoria, Canada. All these holdings will be managed as an independent subsidiary and will continue to operate as an autonomous company after the majority investment. The current staff at Unblu (around 100 employees) are being retained and have been informed of the change in ownership. By acquiring a majority stake, Swiss Post expects to boost its competencies in the secure transfer of information within the digital world. The company made this digital move due to customers’ increasing reliance on email or messenger services. With the acquisition, Swiss Post aims to help Swiss companies make their own digital transition and to provide addedvalue via this additional service. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price of the majority shareholding. “Both the entire team and I are excited to become part of Swiss Post,” said Luc Haldimann, founder and CEO of Unblu. “We share the values that have made Swiss Post one of the world’s most admired service organizations. Throughout the process, we have discovered many synergies, and we are convinced that together we will achieve our vision to become the world’s leading conversational platform in the financial sector and beyond.” Nicole Burth, head of communication services at Swiss Post, explained, “By acquiring Unblu, we’re continuing our story in the digital world, but we’re also doing what has been part of Swiss Post’s DNA since the very beginning: we’re ensuring that information is transported in a confidential, secure manner. As a customer, we believe in Unblu, too: both PostFinance and Swiss Post are already using the platform successfully within their customer service teams.”

Source : Swiss Post acquires software company Unblu - Parcel and Postal Technology International

2.SingPost records a net loss of s$2.4 million for the first half November 03, 2022

Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) has announced its results for the half year ended 30 September 2022 revealing the highest revenue recorded in the Group’s history within any half year however the Group also recorded a net loss of S$2.4 million for the first half and a net loss attributable to equity holders of S$9.9 million.

The revenue was led by growth in the Logistics segment which included the consolidation of 51% owned Freight Management Holdings Pty Ltd (FMH) in Australia. Group operating profit declined 19.1% as higher Logistics profit was offset by the weaker performance in Post and Parcel segment. The Group’s second quarter performance showed a strong improvement over the first quarter, with operating profit tripling first quarter’s performance. The Group recorded an underlying net profit of S$13.2 million. However, due to a fair value charge of S$21.0 million arising from the higher put option redemption liability on FMH as a result of a higher valuation of the company, the Group recorded a net loss of S$2.4 million for the first half and a net loss attributable to equity holders of S$9.9 million..

Mr Vincent Phang, SingPost’s Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “The Group is evolving into a global logistics player with digitally-enabled capabilities and sustainable cost-effective solutions. We continue to execute our transformation efforts with investments made in Australia, executing our Future of Post strategy for our Domestic business, and reigniting the International business. In Australia, we are building a technology-led integrated B2B and B2C logistics business, where revenues now make up over 42% of the Group’s, up from 17% a year ago.”

Performance of Business Segments In the Logistics segment, revenue rose 79.4%, mainly driven by the consolidation of FMH with effect from December 2021 and international freight forwarding volume growth. The Logistics segment now represents the Group’s largest segment by revenue and profit contribution.

In Australia, FMH recorded strong growth, both organically and through acquisitions. On the exceptional fair value charge, Mr Vincent Yik, Group Chief Financial Officer, said: “The strong performance of FMH in the near term has led to a higher valuation of FMH. We expect the performance of FMH to continue the growth trajectory. With this, our investment value has increased, therefore the consequent effect is the fair value charge to the P&L.” Famous Holdings’ revenue grew 13.3% as sea freight rates remained elevated for the first half. Together with significant new contributions from FMH, the Logistics segment’s operating profit grew to S$41.5 million, more than double from S$16.2 million in the same period last year. In the Post and Parcel segment, revenue declined 19.6% to S$261.7 million due to the challenging operating environment, particularly in the first quarter. For the International Post and Parcel (IPP) business, air conveyance rates remained elevated in the first quarter. Supply chain disruptions persisted when various cities in China went into pandemic lockdowns, reducing volumes and further raising conveyance costs given that the bulk of our cross-border eCommerce logistics volumes originate from China. This resulted in an operating loss for the IPP business in the first quarter. Additional measures were taken to manage conveyance costs such as chartering flights to reduce the reliance on air freight rates, helping to stabilise the business and improve margins in the second quarter. In Domestic Post and Parcel (DPP), excluding the impact from a major eCommerce customer who has insourced part of its logistics, eCommerce logistics volumes continue to grow with increased volumes from customers as well as new wins, reflecting the service quality we have upheld. Postal volumes (letters and printed papers) continued to decline as expected. The decline in revenue, along with higher operating costs such as manpower, fuel and utilities in operating the postal network, resulted in DPP recording an operating loss in the first quarter. New customer wins and incremental volumes helped improve margins in the second quarter. The decline in both DPP and IPP revenue, along with higher operating costs in air conveyance, fuel and utilities, resulted in an operating loss of S$12.1 million for Post & Parcel segment in the first half, which is entirely attributed to the first quarter. The Property segment saw a decline of 15% in revenue to S$50.8 million due to the divestment of self-storage business GSC in December 2021. Occupancy at SingPost Centre was 96.7% as at 30 September 2022. Operating profit, excluding GSC, was marginally lower at S$22.7 million due to higher operating costs such as utility expenses.

Interim dividend For the first half of FY2022/23, the Board of Directors has declared an interim dividend of 0.18 cents per ordinary share (tax exempt one-tier) for the half year ended 30 September 2022, to be paid on 30 November 2022. This amounts to approximately 30% of H1 FY2022/23 underlying net profit.

Source: https://postandparcel.info/150683/news/e-commerce/singpost-records-a-net-loss-ofs2-4-million-for-the-first-half/

3. DHL Global Forwarding and GoodShipping accelerate sustainable shipping via insetting with 60 million liters of Sustainable Marine Fuel November 02, 2022

. ▪ As part of DHL's GoGreen Plus service, Sustainable Marine Fuels play an important role in decarbonizing ocean freight transport ▪ Expanded collaboration between DHL and leading in settingBonn - DHL Global Forwarding, the air and ocean freight specialist of Deutsche Post DHL Group, and GoodShipping, the global pioneer and market leader in insetting to decarbonize the container shipping industry by changing the marine fuel mix, are further expanding their long-standing partnership. With the latest purchase of approximately 60 million liters of Sustainable Marine Fuel, DHL will reduce a total of 180,000 tonnes of TtW-CO2e on both FCL and LCL shipping until 2024. This commitment is equivalent to the amount of marine fuel burned by 10 container vessels on their journey from Asia to Europe. DHL Global Forwarding has been working with GoodShipping for five years, sharing the same aspiration for greener ocean freight via insetting service .

"In 2017, we were the first logistics company to work with GoodShipping. An important lever in reducing our CO2 emissions is the use of sustainable fuel and GoodShipping's insetting service complements us perfectly in this regard. They have a thorough and controlled process, meet our high sustainability standards, and they share the same goal of making logistics emission-free. We are very proud to now continue and further enhance this cooperation," says Tim Scharwath, CEO DHL Global Forwarding. As part of their joint industry impact, DHL Global Forwarding and GoodShipping also aim to pilot a new insetting accounting framework of the Smart Freight Centre. The new framework transfers the approach of allocating emission reductions from sustainable fuels to specific customers by decoupling the accounting of the fuels' environmental attributes from their physical flow to a general industry standard. In that way, customers can contribute to and report on emission reductions in their transport value chain even if the reduction is not physically linked to their specific transport activity. "DHL Global Forwarding really steps up as a frontrunner in the freight forwarding industry with this commitment," says Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO GoodShipping. "DHL's goal to achieve net zero-emission logistics by 2050 made them a perfect partner for a strategic and mutually beneficial long-term collaboration. We can only have the greatest respect for the leadership demonstrated by this huge commitment from DHL, deepening our collaboration even further."

DHL's GoGreen Plus service paves the way to transition to clean and sustainable transportation. As part of GoGreen Plus, customers across the different divisions of Deutsche Post DHL Group are offered various solutions for minimizing logistics-related emissions and other environmental impacts along the entire supply chain, such as the use of Sustainable Fuels. Hereby a calculation is made using international agreed standards how much fossil volume the cargo owner would have used without any insetting service. Subsequently this corresponding volume is replaced by truly sustainable biofuels made out of waste and residues only. With the "Book & Claim" mechanism, DHL can pass on the benefits of lower greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3 emissions) to its customers, helping them achieve their climate targets. The product offering GoGreen Plus is part of the Group's mid-term sustainability roadmap for 2030 and contributes to the sub-target of having at least 30 percent of fuel requirements covered by sustainable fuels. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the Group will spend EUR 7 billion in sustainable fuels and technologies by 2030.

Source : https://www.dpdhl.com/en/media-relations/press-releases/2022/dhl-globalforwarding-and-goodshipping-accelerate-sustainable-shipping.html

4.Concentration on November 3

November 02, 2022

 CCOO and UGT will demand salary and improvements in rights in the streets on November 3 from the Post Office and the Government Within the framework of the mobilization called for next Thursday, November 3, under the slogan “Salary or conflict. Working people are not paying for this crisis” CCOO and Post Office UGT will attend in a “yellow tide” of delegates, and workers from all over the country to demand Post Office and the Government to guarantee purchasing power and rights of the 48,000 families of postal workers who are becoming more precarious as a result of the uncontrolled inflation we are suffering and the effects of President Serrano's Strategic Scrapping Plan, appointed by the Government.

CCOO and UGT demand responsibility both from private employers to unblock collective bargaining and sit down at the table to reach a new Agreement for Employment and Collective Bargaining (AENC) as well as from the Government, the largest public employer in the country and responsible for Correos as a 100% state-owned company through SEPI, so that Correos complies with the 9.8% salary increase for the 2022-2024 period. CCOO and UGT, in addition, will require Correos and the Government in the demonstration to open specific negotiations to incorporate to Correos the improvements of rights included in the Civil Service Agreement: 35-hour working day , collection of 100% of remuneration in IT for labor personnel, early retirement , improvement of partial retirement and leave of absence, inter-administrative mobility, updating of fuel price compensation for rural personnel, among others. In addition , the CCOO and the UGT will continue to demand that the Government stop the Post Office Strategic Plan for scrapping and change the current governance framework that has led Correos to an economic, social and labor catastrophe for another that allows the first discussion of the sustainable postal business model. and publicservice, second , of a true Strategic Plan that guarantees it with sufficient financing and investments, and lastly, of labor regulation (Agreement and Agreement) that is useful for the challenges of the postal model that is adopted and that collects the aspirations of the workers, including higher salary increases in a unique way for Correos during the next few years . . If the only language that Serrano, the Government and private business understand is mobilization , CCOO and UGT, we will continue mobilizing to improve our wages and labor rights that allow us to maintain a decent standard of living. As we will also continue mobilizing to achieve the paralysis of the strategic plan for postal dismantling and a serious discussion process to restore a postal model for a sustainable future, useful to society in its public service mission , as well as competitive and efficient in its capacities as business. The mobilization will start at 10:30 a.m. from three different points: Atocha, Plaza de España (Bailén street) and Puerta de Toledo, from where three columns of union delegates, workers from all over the country will come together in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid.

Source : https://postal.fsc.ccoo.es/noticia:646468-Concentracion_el_3_de_noviembre&opc_id

Note: The original article was written in Spanish and the above article is an automatic translation

5.The 9-month financial results of Omniva fell short of the results of last year

 October 31, 2022 .

The financial results of the Omniva Group in nine months were below the results of 2021. The result was affected by the decline in the volues of international services, rising fuel and energy prices, and lower consumer confidence.

The operating revenue of the group totalled 91 million euros (108.4 million euros in the first nine months of 2021), decreasing by 16% compared to the same period last year. Revenues decreased in all service groups, with international transit service revenues falling the most compared to last year. The result was significantly affected by the Russian– Ukrainian war, as international services and revenues were mostly dependent on the crisis area. Omniva has stopped all international commercial cooperation with Russia and Belarus, continuing to offer only the universal postal service in accordance with the Treaty of Lausanne. Operating expenses totalled 91.7 million euros (94.4 million euros in the first nine months of 2021), decreasing by 3%. As the sales volumes have been lower than planned, direct costs were reduced, delivery rounds and transport operations were optimised, and fewer new employees were recruited than planned. The group earned a business loss of 699 thousand euros (14,015 euros in the first nine months of 2021), which was lower than the expected result. ‘We have reoriented our international transit services business and are focusing on new markets, where we hope for a gradual recovery of volumes,’ said Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva. ‘In order to offer a fast and environmentally friendly service, we are expanding and updating our parcel machine and postal network across the Baltics and investing in new technology.’

In order to expand international operations, preparations are being continued for the establishment of a new sorting centre in Kaunas, which will serve both national and international shipments of Lithuania. In September, an international centre for receiving and sorting cross-border e-commerce parcels was opened in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and cooperation with Oman Post also began. In order to offer the best service, 267 parcel machines across the Baltics will be replaced and installed this year and next year. Omniva has the largest network of parcel machines in the Baltics – a total of 960 parcel machines. Since the beginning of the year, nearly 40 new parcel machines have been installed in Estonia. As a new service, Omniva started providing a virtual parcel delivery service to the small islands of Estonia in August, which has been well popular among the locals. Omniva continues to work closely with municipalities to update the organisation of the postal service. As at 1 October, there are 191 postal establishments in Estonia. The postal service is also provided by personal mail carriers. In the survey of the most loved brands in the Baltics carried out in September by BRAND CAPITAL, Omniva was rated as the fastest growing brand and included among the three most valued brands. At the beginning of October, the company was awarded the ‘Rising Star in Postal Development’ award by the International Postal Union. Omniva (AS Eesti Post) is a state-owned company, the main activity of which is the provision of logistics services (parcel and postal services), digital services, and international transit services. The main activity of SIA Omniva and UAB Omniva LT is the provision of parcel machine and courier services in the Latvian and Lithuanian markets. UAB Omniva LT Sorting was established for the construction of a new logistics centre in Kaunas. The main area of activity of OÜ Finbite is information business services (e-invoices). The group employs 2,329 employees across the Baltics.xxx


Source : https://www.omniva.ee/about_us/news/all_news/news/the_9_month_financial_results_of_om niva_fell_short_of_the_results_of_last_year

UNI Apro Post & Logistics

1 POSTAL NEWS No 88-2022

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

1.Canada Labour Code - 10 paid sick days. November 04, 2022.

2.Australia Post: We are determined to ensure the post is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable. November 04, 2022.

3.First Bus and DPD UK launch electric vehicle partnership. November 03, 2022.

 4.Poste Italiane greener and greener: in Friuli Venezia Giulia a thousand km a day on ecological vehicles. November 03, 2022.

5.Royal Mail launches Sunday Special Delivery Guaranteed service. November 02, 2022.

1.Canada Labour Code - 10 paid sick days November 04, 2022

The Canada Post Corporation (CPC) and The Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) had a first consultation on October 27, 2022, to discuss CPC’s interpretation and implementation of the 10 paid sick days as per the Canada Labour Code (CLC).

The 10 paid sick days as per the CLC comes into effect December 2022, with the ability to access the first 3 days as of January 1, 2023. The final regulations for the 10 paid sick days as per the CLC have not yet been released by the federal government. This bulletin is for information purposes only as it portrays CPC’s position and CUPW has reserved their right to challenge CPCs interpretation after we have had an opportunity to review and analyze CPCs implementation plan in its entirety. To that effect, CPC has indicated they intend to publish a scenario-based interpretation in a document similar to a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ). This document has not yet been provided to CUPW. CPC indicated that they intend to follow the CLC guidelines and to comply with those guidelines. It is CPCs position that by adding six (6) personal days to the seven (7) personal days we currently receive as per the Urban and RSMC collective agreements, they will be compliance with the CLC requirements. ▪ All full time and part time Urban members will have six (6) personal days added to their current bank of personal days. ▪ All RSMC route holders will have six (6) personal days added to their current bank of personal days. ▪ For the first year, six (6) additional personal days will be added on January 1, 2023, and will be accessible on the same date. For subsequent years, a total of 13 personal days will be added to your bank on July 1 st of each year.

As an example: This means if you currently have seven (7) personal days in your bank, as of January 1, 2023, six (6) days will be added, and you will now have thirteen (13) days in total. If you currently have two (2) personal days in your bank as of January 1, 2023, six (6) will be added, and you will now have eight (8) days in total. ▪ These six (6) additional personal days can be used in the same manner as our current personal days. Canada Post said they will not differentiate between urgent or planned and pre-approved personal days. ▪ There will be no change to how personal days will be carried over or paid out. As per clause 20.04 (Urban) and 36.04 (RSMC), members will only be able to carry over five (5) personal days for a total of 18 personal days at any one time.

Urban temporary employees

Temporary members will follow the Canada Labour Code. In order to be eligible to access the 10 paid sick days as per the Canada Labour Code you will need to be scheduled to work on that day and will be paid based on the hours you were scheduled to work. As of January 1, 2023, temporary members who have completed 30 days of continuous service will have three (3) paid sick days available for use and will earn one further day at the start of each month to a maximum of ten (10) days per calendar year. There are still many questions that remain unanswered such as: • How the 10 paid sick days as per the code will be applied to PREs and OCREs; and • How CPC’s interpretation will affect the payout of personal days. We are unable to answer all questions until we have reviewed CPC’s full interpretation on this subject. CPC stated they will be providing this information to the Union within the next few weeks. We know that members are anxious to understand the changes and their impact. It is CPC’s responsibility to comply with the Canada Labour Code and the Collective Agreement.

Source : https://www.cupw.ca/en/canada-labour-code-10-paid-sick-days

2. Australia Post: We are determined to ensure the post is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable November 04, 2022

 Australia Post has released its 2022 Annual Report which further underlines the structural challenges facing the business as letter volumes decline and more customers choose to access over-thecounter services online.

The Annual Report details the rapid growth of eCommerce over the past two years, which was turbo-charged by the COVID-19 pandemic. The strength of the parcels-delivery business driven by the online boom has masked increasing Letters losses, which totalled $255.7 million in FY22, up from $205.7 million in FY21. “The success of our parcels service has been a great story for Australia Post and the community, but it has obscured the significant structural challenges in our letters service which are deepening and beginning to significantly impact our financial performance,” Australia Post’s Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Paul Graham said.

“Over the past three years, parcels delivery revenue has increased by 65 per cent, while letters revenue has fallen by more than 17 per cent. While we remain committed to meeting the needs of the community, the ongoing and rapid decline in the letters business is not sustainable. As we flagged in our full year results, it’s clear that losses in this business are expected to continue into the future, and at an accelerating rate.” The 2022 Annual Report notes that even with 133 million letters delivered and sent for the Census and multiple elections including the May 2022 federal poll, letter losses continued to increase as delivery points grow. “Australia Post’s addressed letter volumes have declined by 66 per cent since volumes peaked in 2008. In the 2008 financial year there were an average of 8.5 addressed letters per delivery point per week, compared with an average of 2.4 addressed letters per delivery point per week in FY2022,” Mr Graham said. “Over the past five years, letter volume has declined by an average of 9.5 per cent per year. But as letter volumes continue to decrease, the number of delivery points that we need to reach is growing, with about 200,000 more added this year. This is a worldwide trend, with global letter volumes down 30 per cent since their peak in 2008.” “Essentially, the revenue from our letters service is going down because people are sending fewer letters. At the same time, the cost of delivering our letters service is increasing and the number of delivery points is growing.” Added to the steep reduction in letter volumes, the number of customers accessing Post Offices is also in decline. “The accelerating customer preference for online services is decreasing the demand for overthe-counter and in-person services, including renewals of post office boxes, agency banking, bill payments and spending instore,” Mr Graham said. “Despite the headwinds, we are continuing to invest in our digital technology, network capability, and parcels business, which operates in a highly competitive environment. This will help to meet the needs and expectations of customers and communities, as digitisation continues to fundamentally change the consumer landscape.” “We also continue to invest in our teams introducing a new Our AP Way cultural program and prioritising our team’s physical and mental wellbeing. Our people were magnificent during Covid-19 and have continued that 213-year passion for service and commitment.” Australia Post will start positioning the business for success as the economy and consumer preferences continue to evolve, with a renewed focus on supporting team members and licensees, delighting customers and communities and building a more sustainable future under the ‘Post26’ plan. “While these challenges are not new, we are determined to ensure Australia Post is financially, socially and environmentally sustainable to enable the business to continue making a positive contribution to Australian communities, now and in the future,” Mr Graham said. “Australia Post is proud to serve the Australian community and can only do so through the dedication of our 65,000 team members, but also thanks to the incredible support of our loyal customers. We look forward to growing with you to help deliver a better tomorrow.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info/150698/news/e-commerce/australia-post-we-are-determined-to-ensurethe-post-is-financially-socially-and-environmentally-sustainable/

3.First Bus and DPD UK launch electric vehicle partnership November 03, 2022

 First Bus is helping DPD to carry out more green journeys in Glasgow in a milestone move which sees the transport operator’s ambitions from COP26 come to life.

At the global climate change conference last year, First Bus set out its aim offer local businesses use of the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at its Caledonia Depot. One year on, DPD UK has become the first company to officially sign up to the scheme. The agreement means that DPD drivers will now have access to the site to charge their electric vehicles whilst in Glasgow, enabling them to travel a greater distance while making deliveries. Located on Glasgow’s southside, First Bus’s Caledonia Depot has 160 state-of-the art, rapidcharging points. Through this arrangement, the green potential of First Bus’s charging hub will be maximised while its own electric fleet is out in service. First Bus has worked closely with Hitachi ZeroCarbon to provide the systems that will enable charging commercial vehicles at the site. Originally designed for the buses operating out of the Caledonia depot, it is hoped the Plug and Charge solution will benefit businesses in Glasgow by providing the availability of DC ultra-rapid charging for commercial electric vehicles. DPD’s aim is to be the most sustainable parcel delivery company in the UK and the company is on track to have over 3,000 EVs on the road this year and 4,000 by 2023, when it will be delivering to 30 towns and cities, including Glasgow, using EVs only. Initially, eight DPD EVs from the firm’s Cambuslang depot will access the Caledonia site, as part of the trial period. The expectation is that this number will increase to help support DPD’s growing EV fleet in the city, which is planned to total close to 200 electric vans by the end of next year.

Source : https://www.ti-insight.com/first-bus-and-dpd-uk-launch-inaugural-partnership/

4.Poste Italiane greener and greener: in Friuli Venezia Giulia a thousand km a day on ecological vehicles November 03, 2022

Poste Italiane has launched a plan to replace old vehicles with "ecological" vehicles throughout the country to make delivery closer to the environment, easier and safer.

 Poste Italiane in Friuli Venezia Giulia is increasingly “green”. Every day, in fact, the 29 postmen (Pordenone 1, Udine 23, Gorizia 2 and 3 in Trieste) travel a thousand kilometers on ecological and low-polluting vehicles. Poste Italiane has launched a plan to replace old vehicles with “ecological” vehicles throughout the country to make mail delivery closer to the environment, easier and safer and to ensure greater environmental sustainability.

The new App

 Attention to ecology is also confirmed in free time by “IlnostroXcorso”, the new Poste Italiane App dedicated to employees and designed to share a journey, a memory, an emotion or a simple photograph . A real path to virtually connect all of Italy, a way to encourage "green" mobility in everyday life, by providing an application that allows you to upload the post of your trip, from walks in the city and in the countryside up to sports activities in the mountains or at the sea, allowing you to also enter the kilometers traveled and the ecosustainable vehicle used

Sustainable mode

 An initiative that, in addition to promoting a sustainable way of discovering the most beautiful places in Italy, encourages socialization among the 120 thousand employees of Poste Italiane from North to South. The "IlnostroXcorso" initiative has met with considerable success among the employees of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, who recorded a thousand kilometers traveled on the App. Source : https://tgposte.poste.it/2022/11/03/poste-piu-green-friuli-venezia-giulia/ Note: The original article was written in Italian and the above article is an automatic translation.

5.Royal Mail launches Sunday Special Delivery Guaranteed service November 02, 2022

Royal Mail has launched a Sunday Special Delivery Guaranteed service to offer enhanced levels of security and convenience for business account customers throughout the week.

The move gives business customers the ability to send high value and important parcels on a Saturday for Sunday delivery, strengthening Royal Mail’s seven-days-a-week parcel delivery proposition. It comes as online shoppers increasingly require seven-day-a-week delivery options when buying parcels online. Business customers now have the choice of Tracked 24 or Special Delivery Guaranteed to deliver parcels next day, any day of the week. This provides added convenience for businesses looking to cater for consumers ordering high-value, lastminute gifts and important parcels requiring Sunday delivery. Business customers will still be able to post Special Delivery Guaranteed parcels on a Saturday for Monday delivery, if they are sending to a business address that won’t be open on the Sunday. In another move, Royal Mail is dropping the additional charge for Special Delivery Guaranteed parcels delivered on Saturdays, meaning businesses will pay the same price, seven-days-a-week for this enhanced security service. Royal Mail’s Sunday delivery parcel service continues to provide business customers - including smaller online retailers - with extra choice and convenience, enabling them to meet the needs of their customers all week long. Royal Mail already delivers around a quarter of a million parcels on a Sunday and demand continues to grow. Royal Mail is tapping into the seven-day-a-week delivery market as receiving customers increasingly expect Sunday deliveries as part of their online shopping experience. In recent research, 77% of shoppers said that fast delivery times make them more confident to shop online*.

Nick Landon, Chief Commercial Officer at Royal Mail, said: “Retailers who can offer all of their customers a seven-days-a-week shopping experience, open up a whole new trading day and don’t push their customers to other online retailers or physical stores at the weekend. In short, retailers who offer Sunday delivery will grow faster. That’s why we have been rapidly scaling up our Sunday service and why we’re now adding another option for urgent and higher value items. “The UK already trusts Royal Mail to deliver their purchases seven-days-a-week. Adding a Special Delivery option means we can offer even higher levels of choice and convenience for our sending and receiving customers.”

Source : https://www.internationaldistributionsservices.com/en/press-centre/pressreleases/international-distributions-services-plc/royal-mail-launches-sunday-specialdelivery-guaranteed-service






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