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1 POSTAL NEWS No 70-2022

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1.Australia Post and beyond blue team up for a mental health check-in. September 02, 2022.

2.The Post, a pillar of strong public service. September 01, 2022.

 3.PostNL launches recruitment drive for parcel delivery staff. September 01, 2022.

 4.NALC ballots to be printed, mailed. August 30, 2022.

 5.UPS peak surcharges to affect large shippers expecting strong holiday demand. August 29, 2022


1.Australia Post and beyond blue team up for a mental health check-in September 02, 2022

 To help Australians to check in and support one another ahead of R U OK? Day, Australia Post is again teaming up with Beyond Blue to make available three million free postcards which can be sent free of charge to family and friends.

As well as a blank, prepaid postcard to send to family or friends, there’s also a tear-off part that contains helpful information about the importance of connection for mental health. In a statement issued today (2 September), Australia Post General Manager Community and Stakeholder Engagement Nicky Tracey said the postcards were a popular way to stay in touch when first launched in 2021 during lockdowns. “We were thrilled with the response to this wellbeing initiative last year. It was great to hear stories of people writing postcards for the first time in years and also the joy of finding a surprise message from a loved one in their letter box,’ said Tracey.

“This year, with many Australian households under cost-of-living and other pressures, this is a really simple way people can reach out to check in on loved ones or send messages of love and support.” Beyond Blue Chief Executive Officer Georgie Harman said the partnership with Australia Post played a significant role in sharing important mental health messages with the community. “Australia Post has delivered mental health information to more than 7 million households since our partnership began in 2020. This postcard campaign is another way to get people talking about mental health and supporting each other.” The postcards will be delivered to suburban and regional households and are also available at selected post offices around Australia.

Source: https://postandparcel.info/149864/news/australia-post-and-beyond-blue-team-up-fora-mental-health-check-in

2.The Post, a pillar of strong public service September 01, 2022

In an interview with UPU News, Correo Argentino President Vanesa Piesciorovski explains the essential role the Post has played in helping the government reach people across the country’s 2.8 million square kilometres.

Last year, Correo Argentino marked 250 years since the appointment of the first postal worker to the region, the Spaniard Bruno Ramírez, who answered to the Spanish crown in colonial times, explained Vanesa Piesciorovski president of Correo Oficial de la República Argentina SA, commonly referred to as Correo Argentino. “Many things have changed in two and a half centuries, but what has remained in our country is the strategic role of the Post as a fully state-owned enterprise,” she said. Since the pandemic, it has become clear that, beyond delivering letters and packages, the Post is uniquely positioned to carry out key government initiatives that help to connect not just urban centres, but the farthest reaches of one the world’s largest nations, to provide financial access to regions where banks do not operate, to become, in a sense, a government centre for the residents of Argentina. “The pandemic had enormous consequences globally, and in our country,” Piesciorovski said. “However, for our company, it represented a huge opportunity to raise awareness on the enormous value of our work. The density of our network, the widespread national presence, the logistical capacity, and the commitment of our workers made the difference.