“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Joint Circle Conference of NAPE Gr-C,NUPE PM&MTS and NUGDS : Rajastan Circle.

Joint circle conference of NAPE c,  postmen and MTS,  NUGDS of Rajastan held at Sri Rajaram ashram,  Shikarpura,  Jodhpur from 13/7/2018 to 15/7/2018 under the chairmanship of Dr Bhagawan Ram NAPE c circle president.  

Open session held at 4pm on 13/7/18. Sri Sivaji Vasireddy,  GS NAPE c innagurated the conference and addresses the gathering.  

On 14/7/18 subjects committee meeting held and discussed about the issues like CSI,  RICT,  MACP/RTP court cases,  Cadre restructuring, GDS committee, GDS strike,  IPPB and five days a week. Sri Gulam Rabbani,  CHQ president of NUPE PM&MTS also attended as guest and addresses the meeting.  

On 15/7/18 election of office bearers completed unanimously.  Sri Hari Singh Mahala,  OA Jhujhunu DO,  Dr Bhagawan Ram,  OA,  Jodhpur DO and Sri Syam Sundar Sharna,  Bikaner were elected as Circle president,  Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively.  Sri Jwala singh and Sri Radhe Shyam were again elected as CS Piv and CS NUGDS.  

The CHQ conveys best wishes to the newly elected office bearers of Rajastan Circle.  

Team of Jodhpur division has made excellent arrangements to the delegates and guests. 

Sivaji Vasireddy,  GS Nape C,  CHQ