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instructions to DDOs for Jeevan Pramaan Updation by CEPT-HRMS

The following are the solution to the common issues raised by the DDOs in Jeevan Pramaan updation. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

1. While uploading the data through bulk upload, please ensure that the following date format is used *Date format : ‘YYYY-MM-DD* to avoid errors.

2. Please note that only Hyphen ‘–‘ is to be used while uploading data.

3. For ‘Aadhaar not updated’ cases, please maintain the Aadhaar number validity as 31-12-9999 then upload again.

4. For ‘duplicate aadhaar error’ cases, Please find the pensioner IDs based on aadhaar number and delimit the aadhaar number from the inappropriate ID if it is within the same Division. Else please raise a SD ticket.

5. For ‘duplicate aadhaar error’ cases wherein same pensioner is drawing family pension and service pension, it is advised that the case has to be handled manually, i.e. necessary entries have to be posted in IT9090 and the 'tick' mark in IT0003 to be removed after satisfying that the case is genuine in all aspects. It is further reiterated that it is the responsibility of the DDO to ensure and record the submission of the ‘life-certificate’ of the pensioner concerned and process the case, thereafter.

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