“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
The following 7 PLI patches were deployed in McCamish Production on 17.02.2020 night importantly Mobile & email updation.

It is requested  that kindly check the functionalities and share your valuable feedback in the attached template.
Surrender Changes in case of Reduced paid upSurrender value on revised sum assured was not calculated correctly ,in case of reduced paid-up policies. In this patch, this issue has been fixed
Billing method Change Sys Admin casesAfter approving the Billing method change requests, at present the requests are being moved  to  SysAdmin Queue. FSI has intimated that eff-date was not passed in correct format .This issue has been fixed in this patch.
Suspense maintenance access control though submit and no suspense button submit..Suspense maintenance Nobtn- submit option can be added to a group of users. Then the system will hide the “submit menu” on Suspense Maintenance screen. For this group, User can only view the suspense details.. By adding “suspense maintenance” menu to a group of users , those users can view and modify the details as the submit button is available
surrender quote Paid up value + Bonus value is not correctWhile generating surrender quote , the values in respect of  “Paid-up value+ bonus “was shown wrongly. Also rounding of figures was not done This issue has been fixed in this patch.
User creation issue fix for PLI Directorate UserThis patch was raised to fix the User creation issue fix for PLI Directorate User. The issue of creation a new PLI Directorate level user and changing of existing CO user to PLI directorate level user (without any queues) have been fixed in this patch.
Death claim Nominee address issue fix for claim handler & Approval stagesAfter approving Death claim, requests were moving to SysAdmin queue. If nominee/appointee details are not available in death claim request processing, Post approval of request it moves to system admin stage. In this patch,  if the nominee /appointee details are missing , a message  will be displayed  to key in those details in UI so that end user need to provide the details at DE or claim handler stage. This will prevent the request to move the Sys admin post approval.
Updation of mobile and Email ID“customer update enable”  functionality is to be added to a group so that the users belonging to that group can update the Mobile number and E-mail id directly in policy search option. Policy Search> CustomerId>Communication address