“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Ex G.S NUR & Circle Secretary U.P circle secretary  J P Chaturvedi passed away.

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After hearing J.P. Chaturbediji death I am very shocked.

In 1996 at Kolkata conference he was elected as Asst GS along with me (2nd time ).

In 1998 Lucknow Conference he was elected as Deputy GS.

That time Govt introduced RSA Rules. Accordingly the Retired persons were not permitted to hold the office bearers post of the union. As per direction of Late GKP CWC decided to hand over the GS charge to Chaturbedi ji. He was taken charge as GS.

Next AIC at Tirupati I proposed Thegarajan name as GS. All circles accepted except UP and Kerala. Bihar decided as neutral.  But Thegarajan clearly stated that he wouldn't accept the GS Post in the intetest of organisation. Chaturbedi continued. Thegarajan elected as Deputy GS. The list had been preapered by me with the consultation of GKP.

Next AIC at Patna 2002.

Some veteran leaders opposed the name of Thegarajan . I proposed his name as GS and Chaturbedi as President. Chaturbedi ji supported me. Lastly Thegarajan elected as GS. Chaturbedi ji as president and myself as AGS.

Some problems came at next AIC at Bangalore 2004. All circles opposed Chaturbedi ji and they proposed my name as President. GKP also supported this proposal. Because Chaturbedi ji was not participate ed the All India one day Strike called by Federation.

This time Thegarajan clearly stated that he would not continue if Chaturbedi ji was not president.

I also accepted the proposal of Thegarajan. All circles lastly accepted Thegarajan proposal.

Chaturbedi ji again elected as president of Union till retirement.

He was proposed my name as Deputy GS at Gauhati Conference.

I and Thegarajan worked with him unitedly. During his period as CS UP 2nd position in all over India according memberships after Tamilnadu.

After retirement we were very touched and expressed greetings during festivals.

Very good gentleman. I visited UP circle so many times during his period.

Pray to God to bless him.

Deepak-- Chief adviser CHQ