“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

  Department called FNPO & NFPE to discuss strike Demands - out come of the meeting.

Dear all
Today's meeting was chaired by  DG Post and the latter Secretary also joined. DG expressed that due to MoC online meeting with all HOCs and told them that PM is having a positive view about the Department of Posts and there is no proposal of corporatisation and agreed to give it same reply in minutes also. SG FNPO and GS NAPEc submitted the following letters and demanded a reply in today's minutes and DG Posts agreed to do so. In other demands also expressed willingness to resolve soon what is under their purview.
So after receipt of the minutes of today's meeting only then can take a decision..plz wait and till such time please go ahead with asper's PJCA program. 

B.Sivakumar SG FNPO
And affiliated General Secretaries