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Clarification regarding financial assistance to GDS Employees infected with Covid-19.
File No.20-08/2020-W&S 
Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts (Welfare & Sports Section) 

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi — 110 001. 
Date: 28.07.2020 
All Heads of Circle 
Subject : Clarification regarding financial assistance to GDS Employees infected with Covid-19. 
Kerala Circle raised following query with reference to Directorate's letter No. 20-08/2020-WL&Sp dated 21.07.2020 on the above mentioned subject and sought clarification on the following : 

i. Whether an amount of Rs. 20000/- can be given to all CiDSs affected by Covid-19 as afinancial assistance or we have to sanction according to the bill amount with Rs.20000/- as the ceiling. 

ii. In Kerala, Govt. Hospitals are providing treatment for Covid-19 at minimal cost/free of cost.In that scenario, how to give financial assistance to those GDSs affected by the pandemic? 

2. With reference to above queries, following is stated : 

i & ii. As per letter No. 20-08/2020-W&S dated 21.07.2020, if GDS Employee infected with Covid 19, the Heads of Circle are delegated with the power to sanction an amount of Its. 20,000/- or as per actual bill submitted by concerned GDS Employee, whichever is less. If no expenditure incurred in treatment of Covid 19, then no financial assistance may be granted. 

(Daisy Barla) Director(WL &Sp) 

Copy to: Assistant Director (Welfare), 0/0 CPMG, Kerala Circle, Thiruvananthapuram — 695033