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Guidelines of Holiday Homes – DoP Orders 12.3.2019

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Delegation of Powers, Eligibility for booking, priority in booking, rent for holiday homes, List of items for Suites, Crockery and Utensils

Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(Welfare & Sports Section)

Dak Bhawdn, Sansad M&rE,
New Delhi-110001
Dated: 12.03 .2019
No. 1 – 1/2077 -WL/Sports

All Heads of Postal Circle

Subject: Guidelines of Holiday Home.

Madam / Sir,
The undersigned is directed to forward herewith the guidelines of Holiday Home for information, guidance and compliance.

2. The Scheme is approved by Member (Planning & HRD).

(Daisy Barla)
Guidelines for Holiday Homes


To establish clear guidelines for short stay use of holiday homes by employees of Department of Posts and other verified persons primarily for tourism.

II. Definitions:

i. Applicant Departmental Employees Serving.
ii. Family means spouse/dependent family member of Government servant.
iii. Guest means persons other than mentioned at sub para (ii) above.

iv. Booking means granting permission to applicants/visitors vide Confirmation Slip by Circle for occupying rooms/suites of holiday homes for specified period subject to authentication of personal details appearing in Confirmation Slip by administrative office of the applicants.

III. Broad Criteria:

Holiday homes have been established throughout the country fot the benefit of the Postal Employees. The broad Principle, within the framework of which Department of Posts may establish Holiday Homes are as below:

i. Holiday Homes may be set up in suitable hill stations or sea-side resorts or other pleasant surroundings or where popular demand exists.

ii. Priority would be given to States where there is no Holiday Home.

iii. Buildings for Holiday Home may be hired from any available source i,e. Defence, Civil, Municipal or private at suitable sites or made available from any surplus Postal buildings / space. Necessary alterations may be effected to set up the Holiday Home.

iv.The Rent where applicable for hiring buildings for Holiday homes should be approved by the Fair Rent Assessment Committee of the Circles and all the formalities and rules will be observed as in the case of hiring accommodation for offices.

v. The head of Circles could also consider construction of Holiday Departmental land and send proposals to the Postal directorate for the cost of construction from welfare fund.

vi The Holiday home should have normally minimum of four suites, minimum of four families at a time.

vii. Each suite should have furniture, utensils, crockery, etc. at the scale indicated in the annexure and the total cost of the same should not exceed Rs.50,000/- as a one time expenditure.

viii. The Holiday Home may have a common room with various facilities, including essential equipment such as utensils, furniture, recreation facilities for Indoor games etc. The total cost of furniture etc. for the common room should not exceed Rs.70,000/- as a one time expenditure.

ix. Expenditure on petty replacements, electricity and water should not normally exceed Rs.5000/- per month for a Holiday Home with four suites.

x. Expenditure on holiday home would have to be made from Welfare Funds available with the Circle. In case additional funds are required by the Circles on expenditure on holiday homes, the same should be taken up with the Directorate accordingly.

xl. Current/recurring expenditure on renovation/maintenance/repairing would have to be made from welfare funds available with the circle. In case additional funds are required, the same should be taken up with the Directorate accordingly.

IV. Delegation of powers to Heads of circles for opening of Holiday Homes on the following terms and conditions:

i. These delegated powers shall be exercised with the approval of the Head of the Circle for the Circle as a whole. These powers will not be delegated further to any other authority including the Postmaster General and Head of Region.

ii. The location for opening the Holiday Homes may be identified according to the all India importance of the place vis-a-vis tourists’ interest, importance, and requirements of the Staff of the Department as a whole and likely occupancy of the facility.

iii. As soon as the locations and building/space is identified for opening the Holiday Homes a detailed proposal may be sent to the Directorate (Welfare and Sports Section) indicating the factors as mentioned in (ii) above. As holiday home becomes operational information regarding its location, full address along with telephone number, controlling officer, weather conditions, approach, surrounding etc. be given to the Directorate for circulation to all circles and uploaded on the Departments website.

iv. The actual accommodation should be easily approachable and in a prominent place of the city. The security needs of the place as well as of visiting staff may be kept in view.

v. Generally not more than one holiday home should be opened in one city/town. However, where considered necessary more suites could be added to an existing holiday home.

vi. Where it is necessary to hire the accommodation for Holiday Home, the Head of Circles may exercise the financial powers as have been delegated vide Circular No. 2-l12001-Wel/sports dated26.04.2002 subject to the same terms and conditions as laid down in the OM No. 6-t4187-Fincoord (Vol. V) dated 26.03.2001 for Item 7(b) (vi) for hiring accommodation for office-cum-residence. The rent should be invariably approved by the ‘Fair Rent Assessment Committee’ of the Circle and all the formalities and rules that are required to be observed as in the case of hiring accommodation for office-cum-residence should be complied with.

vii.Current/recurring the expenditure in connection with establishment of Holiday homes may be met from Circle Welfare Fund. There will however, be no special allotment of fund to the Circle on this account from Postal Services Staff Welfare Fund.

viii. These powers are delegated to the extent of existing infrastructure and no new building would be constructed unless the funds are specially allotted for the purpose for Directorate.

ix. No operational / Post Office building would be converted into a Holiday home without personal approval of the Head of Circle who will ensure that the accommodation in question is not likely to be required for operational needs in the next 3 years.

x.The Holiday home should be provided with a caretaker, for which no additional posts would be created and no additional staff would be given. This may be done by diversion of an existing post, where possible or by outsourcing as per rules on the subject.

xi. All other conditions such as period and rules of occupancy, rent charged, facilities to be provided etc will continue to be the same as at present and as amended from time to time.

xii. The concurrence of the Internal Financial advisor and Circle welfare Board should also be obtained before opening a Holiday Home.

V. Eligibility for Booking:

All applicants mentioned at Para II will be eligible for holiday homes for themselves and their spouse/dependent family members and guests.

VI. Priority in Booking:
Booking will be made through automated online system (if online facility is available) primarily on ‘first-come first-serve’ basis subject to fulfillment of prescribed eligibility, time limit and payment of booking charges, etc.

VII. Rent for Holiday Home:

Rent to be charged from occupants of the Holiday Homes (for one suite) would be as indicated below:-

(i) Basic pay upto Rs35.400 l- (7’n Pay Commission) Rs. 401- per Day.

(ii) Basic pay exceeding Rs.35,400 l-(7th Pay Commission) Rs. 100/- per Day.

List of items for four suites of Holiday Home

1. Bed(s)
2. Mattress(es)
3. Mattress cover
4. Cotton Mattress
5. Bed Sheets
6. Pillows
7. Pillow covers
8. Bed covers
9. Coat hangers
10. Blankets
12.Gentre table
13.2 bedside chairs
I4. Floor covering
15. Chest of drawers and/or cupboard
16. Heater
17.Bedside tables and soft reading lights
18. Towels. 1 bath towel one hand towels per guest
19. Dressing Table
22.Wall clock

Crockery & Utensils

1. Cooker
2. Gas stove
3. Tea set
4. Set of Crockery
5. Cutlery
6. Plastic buckets
7. Plastic Mugs
8. Plastic Jugs
9. Kitchen Towels
10. Stainless steel tea spoons
11.Belan and Chakla
12.Karchis steel
13. Patila Steel
l4. Masaladani
15. Parat Steel
16. Karahi
17.Frying Pan and cookware
18. Tawa
19.Steel Plates for rice
20. Chopping Board
21.Serving Spoons
22.Soup Bowls
23.Steel Bowls
25. Knife set
26. Glass
27. Liquid soap

Apart from the above items, Circles may include other items as per requirement with the permission of Heads of Circle.