“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
No 53 -2019

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

DHL builds 500 Packstations at Lidl stores. July 05, 2019.
UK Mail achieves 43% growth in hybrid mail. July 03, 2019.

Globelogistics, Inc. rolls out new name: Asendia USA .
July 02, 2019.

Applications open for Australia Post Community Grants.
July 01, 2019.

Korea Post Workers Union to strike if dangerous working conditions continue. July 01, 2019.

DHL builds 500 Packstations at Lidl stores

July 05, 2019
Deutsche Post DHL Group and Lidl have partnered up to make shopping more convenient. As a result of the partnership, about 500 DHL Packstations will be built at Lidl stores in Germany later this year.
DHL and Lidl not only say the “future-oriented cooperation” enables their customers to shop even more conveniently, they also say it shows that online and offline shopping don’t have to be a contradiction.

Picking up Lidl-shop.de orders in the supermarket
With the approximately 500 DHL Packstations that will be built at Lidl stores across Germany, the supermarket customers can receive and send DHL parcels while shopping for groceries. In the Rhein-Neckar area, both partners are also testing the integration of pick-up options for shipments from the online shop of Lidl in around 80 branches of the famous grocer.

In the press release, the two parties state that their cooperation is one of the largest strategic partnerships of DHL with the retail sector. “The partnership will benefit all sides, and especially our customers, as 500 more DHL Packstations are built in easy-to-reach and attractive locations”, Martin Linde, sales manager of DHL Group’s German mail and parcel division, explains. He says the automated packing stations are becoming more and more popular, as they are easy to use and available 24/7.

3,700 DHL Packstations in Germany
The Deutsche Post DHL Group currently operates a network of 3,700 DHL Packstations and around 27,000 sales outlets. Over twelve million DHL customers in Germany have registered for the Packstation service.

Source : https://ecommercenews.eu

UK Mail achieves 43% growth in hybrid mail

July 03, 2019

UK Mail has announced double digit hybrid mail growth, peaking at 43% on the busiest trading period, with volume growth coming from businesses of all sizes across a wide range of markets including the Public Sector.

Responding to this increasing demand, UK Mail is expanding its digital offering with the launch of new services to support customers on their digital transformation journey.

Scanning and Archiving is a new service that allows customers to have all of their paper records, such as inbound mail and stored documents, digitised. UK Mail uses industry best digital scanning technology to process then upload paper records to a cloud based digital portal allowing convenient access for future document management. The portal operates in a highly secure and resilient ISO27001 environment, so Businesses can rest assured that their information is safe and secure helping comply with GDPR requirements.

The company also launched an eBilling service, allowing businesses to replace the paper invoices sent to customers with manageable electronic documents providing cost savings of up to 75%. This is an automated process and removes the need to manually print and send invoices. Both the business and its customers gain access to an online portal where current and historic invoices are saved. With all documents in one secure place, customers have the flexibility to search, sort and download invoices at their convenience.

Andy Barber, Managing Director UK Mail Digital, says: “The market for Mail is changing and we’re seeing this play out in the growth of our Hybrid Mail services. This increase in digital volumes is only going to continue and we want to make sure we’re offering a range of services, complementing our traditional mail offering, to meet our customers’ needs and help them manage their mail in a future-proof way.”

Chris Mangham, Chief Operating Officer, says: “Digital services are an important part of our overall Mail product portfolio and the continued investment highlights our commitment in driving and developing the Mail market.”

UK Mail provides a range of inbound and outbound services for businesses of all sizes across both the private and public sector.  During the 2019 peak month of March the Digital side of the UK Mail business produced 15 tonnes of printed material, 100% of which met customer SLAs.

Source : https://postandparcel.info/107602/news/e-commerce

Globelogistics, Inc. rolls out new name: Asendia USA

July 02, 2019

Asendia Holding AG, an international mail partnership between La Poste and Swiss Post and Globegistics, Inc have been working together over the past several months with a goal to become fully integrated as Asendia USA by the end of 2019.

In February, 2018, Asendia Holding AG announced the acquisition of Globegistics, Inc., further strengthening Asendia’s position in North America (Asendia USA) as a provider for international e-commerce and mail solutions.

Initially, Globegistics, a leading global e-commerce and mail solutions and Asendia USA continued to operate as independent entities.

The combination of Asendia USA and Globegistics provides online retailers and other businesses sending mail or parcels internationally with nationwide access and combined synergies in six major gateway processing centres, including Miami, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Notable facility changes over the past several months include:
In October 2018, Asendia USA and Globegistics together opened a brand new 14,000 square foot facility in San Francisco, CA. This location offers online retailers and other businesses in the Pacific Northwest the convenience to ship mail and parcels globally.
In January 2019, Globegistics and Asendia USA merged into combined facilities in both Elk Grove Village, IL (Chicago area) and Bell, CA (Los Angeles area)

Executive Appointment
Also Rob DiVincenzo, President & CEO of Globegistics, will join Asendia USA’s Management team as CEO.  Michael Hastings, Asendia USA’s outgoing CEO, and one of the original owners of the company since its founding in 1986 as Brokers Worldwide, will remain as Asendia USA Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors of Asendia USA.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with so many talented people who work at Asendia USA and Globegistics,” said Rob DiVincenzo. “Michael has left behind a well-established dynamic company that has always excelled in the US market. Thanks to his leadership, Asendia USA is positioned well to be the market leader in US outbound cross-border parcel and mail distribution. Our talented team has been working closely together to provide a seamless transition to one US entity. Our US footprint (6 operating centers), postal ownership, global commercial relationships, and new technology platform, Asendia One, will provide our current and future customers with a delivery experience that no other US company can provide.”

“As CEO of Asendia USA (formerly Brokers Worldwide) since 1986, our ambition has been to remain true to our values of Trust, Friendliness, and Ease of Use,” said Michael Hastings. “Moving into my new position with Asendia USA, I could not be more confident that we will continue to live those values with Rob DiVincenzo taking over the role of CEO. With Rob’s experience, values, and leadership ability combined with the exceptional teams from both companies, our customers and employees can expect a seamless transition.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info/107587/news/e-commerce

Applications open for Australia Post Community Grants

July 01, 2019
Not-for-profit community organisations are invited to apply for a 2019 Australia Post Community Grant, with funding of up to $10,000 available to each recipient.

The initiative aims to support projects and services that address locally identified needs that strengthen social connections and reduce barriers to participating in community life.

Speaking on the launch of the program, Australia Post Executive General Manager Community and Consumer, Nicole Sheffield said it was another way for Australia Post to help communities thrive and prosper.

“Through this program, we’re funding projects that bring people together to address local needs.”

“With so much change to the way we live, work and shop, it’s more important than ever that we have strong, vibrant local communities where people can connect to shape our shared future,” said Ms Sheffield.

The 2019 Australia Post Community Grants will support initiatives that:
Help people connect with each other through group activities (e.g. volunteering programs, civic engagement and environmental activities);
Reduce barriers to participation in community life (e.g. transport, ability to pay, or access to community spaces); and/or
Develop skills and leadership capability to strengthen community networks.

The launch of the 2019 Community Grants program follows the completion of this year’s Australia Post Workforce Grants which saw over 400 recipients receive $500 each towards community projects across Australia as nominated by Australia Post’s local staff members.

The Workforce Community Grants program recognised the dedication of Australia Post staff to their local communities and provides an opportunity for them to nominate a community project or organisation close to their heart, with funds going to workshops, events, training, equipment, supplies, excursions and camps, as well as computers and internet access all enabling better community connectedness in their local area.

Eligible community organisations can apply for an Australia Post Community Grant for up to $10,000 via www.auspost.com.au/grants. Applications close on Sunday 4 August and all applicants will be notified of the outcome in October 2019.


Source : https://newsroom.auspost.com.au/article

Korea Post Workers Union to strike if dangerous working conditions continue

July 01, 2019

The Korea Postal Workers Union (KPWU) has announced plans to strike on July 9 if management continues to renege on promises to fix hazardous conditions facing postal employees, according to local media reports.

Korea Post has not hired the 1,000 new employees mandated by the collective bargaining agreement and has failed to take other necessary safety measures, UNI Global Union reported. This delay has had dangerous consequences, including the death of postman Kang Gil-Sik on June 20 from cerebral hemorrhaging after enduring long hours of overwork. He is the ninth postman to die from work-related causes in 2019.

Brother Lee Dong-Ho, KPWU president, said at the funeral service for Kang, “We will not accept death from overwork any longer, and we ask Korea Post be responsible. We will fight until our demands are met.”

The KPWU has demanded that Korea Post to hire 1,000 postal workers as agreed in the union contract and implement a genuine five-day working week so that workers can rest over the weekend. According to UNI Global Union, if Korea Post does not accept these demands, KPWU will hold a struggle rally on July 6 and the workers will strike from July 9 onward.

“This situation is as infuriating as it is tragic,” said Cornelia Broos, head of UNI Post&Logistics. “Korea Post must take action now to remedy life-threatening problems, and we fully stand with the KPWU as it fights for the safety of postal employees.”

The KPWU lodged a complaint with Korea’s Labor Commission on June 25, which initiated a mediation process between the union and Korea Post’s management. Unfortunately, no agreement was reached and a last attempt is scheduled for July 1. The KPWU and the Korea Post management had earlier signed an agreement in January 2018 to implement measures such as a de facto five-day working week and to hire more workers to address the overwhelming workload faced by postmen. The two parties had also formed a joint committee in June 2018 to develop measures to prevent deaths and industrial accidents in the workplace.

Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news
No 54 -2019

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Greater address accuracy is key to curbing delivery sector emissions, says Posttag. July 04, 2019.

AusPost enters wine distribution alliance. July 03, 2019

Denise Koopmans and Thomas Bucher appointed to Swiss Post’s Board of Directors. July 02, 2019.

Purolator announces C$1bn investment to deliver the future. July 02, 2019.

APWU President Dimondstein Speaks about Postal Banking on The Working Life Podcast. July 01, 2019.

Greater address accuracy is key to curbing delivery sector emissions, says Posttag

July 04, 2019
PostTag, the destination data engine, have announced the findings from its analysis of the environmental impact of address inaccuracy on the UK’s delivery sector.

PostTag says that incorporating its pinpoint address accuracy would save van drivers in Great Britain from pumping 262 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, equivalent to the annual emissions of more than 56,000 passenger vehicles.

Last week the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming – committing to a net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. However, with the UK already on track to fall short of meeting its next carbon dioxide budget, drastic action must be taken now if the government hopes to make a change.

Transport has become the worst carbon dioxide offender – it accounted for more than a third of all emissions in the UK in 2018. While car miles stayed broadly the same in the year ending September 2018, van traffic in Great Britain jumped more than 4% to 52.2 billion miles. For the last few years, van traffic has been the fastest growing traffic type thanks largely to the surge in online shopping.

PostTag’s analysis of UK deliveries shows drivers are on the road for an extra two and a half hours each week because they cannot find the correct delivery address. Half of UK postal addresses are off the mark on a standard sat nav by almost the length of a football pitch. This has contributed to the 13 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide produced by van traffic each year.

PostTag is confident that its system can reduce van miles by a minimum of 2% by getting drivers to the right front door first time – preventing 262 million kilograms of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere every single year.

Paul Yewman, CEO of PostTag, said: “PostTag technology can dramatically cut delivery miles by guiding drivers to the correct address – saving them from driving around in circles when their GPS lets them down. Our minimum 2% savings on total van miles will slash carbon emissions by 262 million kilograms each year.

“The UK postal system is good but not great and this means that delivery drivers are driving thousands of unnecessary miles every day. While talk heats up of autonomous deliveries to reduce carbon emissions, without precise address data drones and driverless car deliveries cannot be implemented.

“It is crystal clear that not enough is being done to drive emissions down and transport is the biggest contributor. If the government wants to meet this new target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, dramatic changes must be made now.

James Robbins, CIO, ArrowXL, said: “Environmental responsibility and unparalleled customer service are at the top of our agenda.  Delays to deliveries are often caused by an inability to immediately find the right property. This can add to our carbon emission and cause inconvenience to customers.

“Both are unacceptable to us. Our partnership with PostTag gives us access to market leading address data to increase driver efficiency whilst reducing CO2 ensuring our teams don’t waste time and miles.

“This pinpoint accuracy will ensure even happier customers and significantly reduce our carbon footprint helping us to play our part in supporting the UK’s target of meeting its net-zero target for greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.”

Thorsten Runge, Logistics industry leader and founder of Thorsten Runge Consult, said: “If the Government hopes to meet its net zero carbon target by 2050, drastic action needs to be taken now – especially among the delivery industry.

“While it’s welcome news that more fleets are ‘going green’ to curb their environmental footprint, electric vehicles don’t go far enough. Improving efficiency among drivers is key.

“For example, if a global delivery firm was able to replace 10% of its 63,000 delivery vans around the world with vehicles that were 20% more environmentally friendly, that would only make the fleet 2% greener. Now if all delivery drivers in the fleet were able to access accurate destination data – saving them thousands of wasted miles – it would have a greater and immediate impact, improving efficiency by 5%. It’s a no brainer.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info/107812/news/e-commerce

AusPost enters wine distribution alliance

July 03, 2019

Digital Wine Ventures has partnered with Australia Post to launch WINEDEPOT, a vertically integrated trading and logistics platform that aims to service Australia’s multi-billion-dollar wine industry.

The platform is reported to allow orders to be fulfilled from inventory reserves held in ’depots’ servicing key markets to significantly reduce delivery times, freight costs and opportunity for breakages.

Australia Post Head of Growth Products, Paul Hersbach, is positive about the partnership and sees the potential for WINEDEPOT to transform the existing wine supply chain.

“Our partnership with WINEDEPOT provides the wine industry with a specialised distribution service that will not only save money but also improve the consumer delivery experience,” he said. “We believe that it will help many wine businesses increase their online sales as they place their inventory closer to the end consumers and offer same day evening delivery as a standard service.”

Under the agreement, WINEDEPOT will establish its four ‘depots’ within Australia Post’s existing distribution centres located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

“Each depot will hold a very broad range of suppliers inventory on consignment, which can be accessed by a range of sales channels,” said Digital Wine Ventures CEO, Dean Taylor.

“As orders are processed through our platform they are routed to the depot closest to the delivery address where they are picked, packed (by bottle or case) and drop-shipped to the end customer. Depots are then automatically replenished on a bi-weekly basis from WINEDEPOT’s regional bulk storage facilities on behalf of suppliers.

“Being located within Australia Post’s distribution centres will allow orders to flow directly into Fulfillio, Australia Post’s fulfilment system, avoiding the typical need for collection, transfer and sortation. This further reduces handling costs and delivery times.

“With the arrival of Amazon, every Australian consumer will soon expect fast and free delivery. Any business not offering the same will simply lose market share. WINEDEPOT will provide the wine industry the infrastructure to allow that calibre of service level to be provided viable,” he said.

Taylor expects WINEDEPOT will leverage the learnings from the Australia Post partnership to establish a working model that it can use in other countries.

“Australia produces $6 billion of wine each year,” he said. “However it’s just small part of the $300-plus billion global wine market. We believe that our platform has the potential to release an enormous amount of value not just here but globally. Partnering with existing carriers and/or 3PL logistics companies like we have with Australia Post in other key wine markets makes a lot of sense.”

Source : http://www.trailermag.com.au/news/article

Denise Koopmans and Thomas Bucher appointed to Swiss Post’s Board of Directors

July 02, 2019
The Extraordinary General Meeting of Swiss Post, held on 2 July 2019, appointed Denise Koopmans and Thomas Bucher as members of the Swiss Post Board of Directors. They replace Marco Durrer and Myriam Meyer, who did not stand for reappointment this spring. Denise Koopmans possesses extensive experience in the fields of IT technology and digitization, while Thomas Bucher brings his expertise in finance and accounting to the Board of Directors.

Marco Durrer and Myriam Meyer did not stand for reappointment at Swiss Post’s Ordinary General Meeting in April 2019. Following the appointment of Denise Koopmans and Thomas Bucher, Swiss Post’s Board of Directors is now at full strength again. The two new members of the Swiss Post Board of Directors are both highly regarded business leaders who possess substantial expertise in the fields of IT and law as well as economics and finance and have an excellent network of contacts internationally:

Denise Koopmans, born in 1962, has broad-based, international operative experience in digitization and in developing business models. As CEO, she has worked in various business areas and countries, including at Wolters Kluwer, Lexisnexis Group und Altran Technologies. Denise Koopmans is an experienced member of the Board of Directors with mandates in Finland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She has been a member of the Swiss Data Alliance’s Expert Committee since 2017. She holds a Master’s degree in law from Erasmus University in Rotterdam and a postgraduate degree from Harvard Business

School. An IDP-certified director at INSEAD, Denise Koopmans is a Dutch citizen and lives in Erlenbach in Canton Zurich. She speaks Dutch, German, French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Thomas Bucher, born in 1966, studied economics at the University of St. Gallen and graduated from the International Executive Program INSEAD in Fontainebleau and Singapore. Thomas Bucher has been CFO and a member of Alpiq AG’s Executive Board since 2015. He was Group CFO and Executive Board member of Gategroup AG from 2008 to 2014. Prior to that he held various positions from 1992 to 2008 at Ciba Specialty Chemicals in Switzerland and South Africa. Thomas Bucher is 53 years old and a Swiss citizen. He lives in Feusisberg, Canton Schwyz, and speaks German, English and French. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Tareno AG since 2011. He has gained extensive international experience of finance in various industries.

Source : https://www.post.ch/en/about-us/media/press-releases/2019

Purolator announces C$1bn investment to deliver the future

July 02, 2019

Courier company Purolator, part of the Canada Post Corporation, has announced plans to invest more than C$1bn (US$763m) through a five-year ‘delivering the future growth and innovation’ strategy.

Purolator’s investment plan is focused on four key areas: transforming its network and fleet; accelerating the digital experience for its customers; creating the safest and best place to work; and driving growth for businesses of all sizes throughout North America and globally.

“[This] announcement is one of the most ambitious in our company’s history and will future-proof our business,” said John Ferguson, president and CEO, Purolator. “Purolator has experienced record growth over the past three years. We picked up and delivered over one-quarter of a billion packages in 2018 and we expect our growth trajectory to continue.

“We have consistently evolved over our 60 years to stay one step ahead of change and this investment will solidify our position to deliver the future for generations to come, creating opportunities at home, across North America and around the world for businesses, consumers and employees.”

The company will invest C$330m (US$251m) in a new 430,000ft2 (40,000m2) national super hub set on 60 acres in Toronto, which is due to open in 2021. The facility will triple capacity and include world-class automation to help more customers get even more packages to their destinations quickly, safely and reliably. The new national super hub will provide flexibility for growth and will be scalable to optimize customer delivery during peak periods. It will be built to leading environmental standards, following the Toronto Green Standards program.

The company’s investment plans will also see the creation of more jobs; 2,500 new jobs have been created over the past three years, an increase in its workforce of 20%. The company is making investments in employee training, learning and development, and diversity and inclusion.

In 2019 and 2020, more than 1,000 new vehicles with advanced technology will be introduced across Canada to improve delivery performance and safety. Purolator will continue to advance sustainability throughout its operations, including maintaining its position as the express courier company with the largest green fleet in Canada. It plans to roll out its first wave of fully electric vehicles in 2020 to complement its hybrid electric fleet.

The company is also adding more consumer access points across Canada and enhancing its retail network. This includes upgrading high-traffic stores in large urban centers, expanding its Mobile Quick Stop service – which acts as retail outlets on wheels – and piloting new last-mile pickup and delivery options for consumers offering more flexibility and choice.

According to Purolator, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is projected to be the province’s fastest-growing region, with 50% of Ontario’s population by 2026. Purolator operates the most extensive courier network in the region and the company’s investments will build on its leading capabilities to provide businesses and consumers with even more delivery and pickup options. They include a C$8.5m (US$6.5m), 110,000ft2 (1,000m2) state-of-the-art GTA terminal in North York, set to open in September 2019, which will add up to 135 delivery routes and 200 jobs, and the expansion of its Mobile Quick Stop service, more than doubling the number of trucks in the region.

Purolator is also piloting electric cargo bikes and urban self-serve parcel lockers in Toronto’s downtown core, making package delivery and pickup more efficient and convenient.

Additional regional expansions will be announced across Canada over the next 12 months.

Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news

APWU President Dimondstein Speaks about Postal Banking on The Working Life Podcast

July 01, 2019
President Mark Dimondstein appeared on the June 26 episode of writer and labor strategist Jonathan Tasini’s The Working Life Podcast, discussing the Campaign for Postal Banking.

President Dimondstein discussed the need for pilot tests for services such as payroll check cashing, low-fee and no-fee debit cards, ATMs, bill payments, and electronic money transfers – all of which the Postal Service has a right to offer under the law. He also touched on the need for these services in unbanked and underbanked rural communities.

“Postal banking, and all sorts of other enhanced services, should be part of any business plan the Postal Service does come up with,” President Dimondstein said. “As we have pointed out, it’s not called the United States Postal Business. It’s called the United States Postal Service.” 

Source : https://www.postaltimes.com/postalnews