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Grant of special paid leave for GDS employees going for Covid -19 treatment / home quarantine- SG FNPO sent letter to Chairman Postal Services Board.

Ref:No.4/NUGDS/FNPO/2020                                                  Dtd.20/07/2020
Shri.Pradipta Kumar Bisoi                                                                                       
The Chairman,
Postal Services Board,
New Delhi- 110001.

Respected Sir,
            Sub: Grant of special paid leave for GDS employees going for
      Coved -19 treatment / home quarantine.
                                                                                          This regarding the GDS working during this Covid-19 period without any amenities, facilities. The GS NUGDS has addressed a letter to some Heads of the circles and the copy of the same is sent to my Federation the same is enclosed for your kind reference. Therefore my Federation to bring to your notice the following facts and request for appropriate directions to the concerned.

1.    It is fact that the Government of India declared the Postal service is essential service. This service includes the GDS who manage the POs in the interior villages of the country and thus without the service of the GDS the postal service cannot render its service to every house of the country.
2.    The Postal service has stood firmly during this hour of crisis and renders services such as AEPS transactions, opening of IPPB accounts, delivery of medicines, medical equipment, and food products to the needy people. The Postal department disbursed many DBT payments and crore of rupees has been paid at the doorstep of the needy and aged ones by way of effecting EMO payments.
3.    Behind all such services the services of the GDS are remarkable. During the entire lock down the roster system cannot be applied to the GDS, the reduced work hours cannot be applied to the Branch Post offices. Since lock down in the entire country the transport is crippled, literally there is no transport facility. The GDS putting aside this hardship, braving the threat of Corona worked normally, hundred percent and reached every house to render service. Thus the role of GDS in ensuring postal service during this Pandemic is remarkable.
4.    Now in all over the country it is reported that many GDS are infected during the course of their duty in the department as they daily come directly come in contact with the public and provided the space constraints and unawareness among the many villagers it is practically difficult to maintain the social distance. It is reported that many GDS tested positive, admitted to various hospitals, many are on home quarantine for the one or the reason.
5.    In many cases even the GDS is not infected, if the PA/SPM of a particular office is tested positive, the GDS of that office being the primary contact forced to go on home quarantine.
6.    At present there is no direction from the department regarding the kind of leave that is to be granted to the GDS when they are infected or sent on home quarantine. Where ever such incidents are reported the DHs are directing the GDS to apply LWA and to go on home quarantine or treatment as the case may be.
7.    The department very well knows the salary structure of the GDS. Such poorly paid are made to apply LWA in case of infection or home quarantine it is nothing but pushing the GDS and his family to starvation.
8.    The infection or home quarantine is not self committed mistake of any GDS. It is happened in the course of rendering essential service to the customers. Hence it is the responsibility of the department to grant paid leave for such period so that the GDS and their families will not starve.
My Federation requests to treat this as a special case and issue directions to grant special leave or paid leave for Covid-19 cases of GDS. This is the social responsibility of the department in protecting the persons who rendered service putting their lives at risk.
I again request to treat this as special case and cause necessary action. 
In anticipation of early reply
Thanking you,
                                                                                                              Yours sincerely
Secretary General
Copy to:
1] The CPMG Kerala Circle Tiruvanathapuram Kerala for information
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