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Lockdown, Day 82: Delhi to get Centre support

Over the past week, cases in India have been rising at a steady rate, pushing the subcontinent's total tally well past 3,00,000. India's curve seems to be refusing to flatten, with the nation reporting 11,929 cases and 311 deaths in the past 24 hours.

Nowhere is India's sticky situation more evident than in the nation's capital, with cases spiralling out of control, crossing the 35,000 mark even as the Home Minister held a meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today, promising a slew of measures - from increased testing to makeshift beds and manpower to deal with the virus.

Here are the latest updates from today:

    253 new cases in Andhra Pradesh, cases reach 4,841.
    207 new cases in Assam, tally now up to 3,900.
    186 new cases in Odisha, total now 3,909.
    131 new cases in Rajasthan, state counter now at 12,532.
    67 new cases in Chhattisgarh, state count now 1,512.
    45 new cases in Tripura, total now 1,046.
    18 new cases in Puducherry take UT's tally to 194.
    Six new cases in Himachal Pradesh, tally now 508.


    Maharashtra caps testing prices at Rs 2,200.
    Delhi to set up 20,000 beds in the next week.
    Centre to send Delhi 500 railway coaches to cover bed shortage.
    Some states to implement fines for not wearning masks in public.

892 deaths in Brazil in 24 hours, as case count crosses 8,50,000.
700 dead in America in the last 24 hours.
66 new cases in China, highest since April.
34 new cases in South Korea.