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World Postal News

No 53-2020

Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector

1.  Delta appoints new regional management team.
July 02, 2020.

2.  Post Indonesia Collaborates with insurance company - Asuransi Asei Indonesia guarantees shipping protection.  July 02, 2020.

3.  Post Office Pension Scheme members – watch out for online seminar. July 01, 2020.


4.  German federal government stimulus package roll out: Deutsche Post and DHL pass on VAT reduction to customers. June 30, 2020.

5.  PostNord and SwipBox to pilot parcel locker network in Sweden. June 29, 2020. 



1.  Delta appoints new regional management team

July 02, 2020
Delta Cargo has appointed Gonzalo Hernandez (pictured) into the role of general manager cargo sales, Asia Pacific, effective immediately.

Hernandez succeeds Eric Anderson, who has returned to Atlanta, US, to become director of cargo strategy, alliances and technology.

Hernandez will be based in Seoul, South Korea, and will oversee Delta’s cargo sales functions for Japan and throughout Southeast Asia, including the company’s joint venture partnership with Korean Air.

Hernandez joined Delta Cargo in 2009, following Delta’s merger with Northwest Airlines, and he has steadily climbed the ranks since.

Jonathan Corbi, who is based in Atlanta, US, will temporarily take up Hernandez’s previous role of general manager for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI), effective immediately.

Eric Wilson, managing director of global sales, Delta Cargo, commented: “Hernandez, Anderson and Corbi bring a wealth of experience to their new roles, having all worked in the business for a number of years.

“I’d like to thank them for their commitment to Delta Cargo and look forward to the business growing further under their leadership.”


2.  Post Indonesia Collaborates with insurance company - Asuransi Asei Indonesia guarantees shipping protection

July 02, 2020
PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) cooperates with PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia in an effort to provide protection for some risk of faithfulness such as; project logistics delivery, courier and retail logistics, e-commerce and Special Precious Metal Valuable Goods. The signing of the collaboration was carried out by the Commercial Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Charles Sitorus with the President Director of PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia Erickson Mangunsong at the Office of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Jakarta (2/7/2020).

In this case, packages that are late, damaged or lost through PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) will get protection from PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia. This was also done as a form of distribution channel distribution for PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia for Marine Cargo Insurance products.

This collaboration is supported by protection services through an integrated system by PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia with the entire network of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) and connected to PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia Jakarta Branch.

Commercial Director of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Charles Sitorus said that the collaboration carried out with PT Asuransi Asei Indonesia is expected to exploit the potential of each company, especially for PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) which is always committed to continuously improving quality so that it can always provide the best best for all Indonesian people.


3.  Post Office Pension Scheme members – watch out for online seminar

July 01,2020
Key information for all members of the Post Office Pension Plan (Defined Contribution Scheme) will be made available in an online seminar broadcast next Wednesday (8th July) and the Wednesday after (15th). 

“It would be advantageous if members of the scheme can tune in on either day– it’s the same content and both broadcasts are scheduled for 1pm,” says CWU assistant secretary Andy Furey.

“And it’s going to be recorded, so members can view the information update later if they are unable to watch it live.”

The seminars follow last month’s launch of a regular Post Office pensions newsletter and a recently established new governance committee – both of which aim to ensure all members have full and up-to-date information about their occupational pensions.

 “We’re strongly committed to full transparency and this is an area where the Post Office has worked positively with the CWU – as well as with our colleagues from the Unite union and Scottish Widows,” Andy explains.

“So please spread the word among your fellow members, and let’s try to make sure everyone gets this important information.” 

This initiative is designed to increase awareness and knowledge as our pension in the future is so vital to all.



4.  German federal government stimulus package roll out: Deutsche Post and DHL pass on VAT reduction to customers

June 30, 2020
Numerous domestic and international products such as Packsets, Plusbriefe and ExpressEasy will become cheaper for private customers.

·       Numerous domestic and international products such as Packsets, Plusbriefe and ExpressEasy to become cheaper for private customers
·       VAT reduction also applies to business-customer products subject to VAT
·       No change for universal postal services such as standard letter mail and private-customer parcels, which are VAT-exempt by law 
·       Posters in postal retail outlets inform customers of price adjustments



Deutsche Post and DHL are to pass on the temporary VAT reduction that forms part of the German government's stimulus package to its customers, whereby value-added tax (VAT) in Germany will be reduced from 19% to 16% for the regular rate and from 7% to 5% for the reduced rate for the period July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. The price of numerous domestic and international products and services will fall accordingly, impacting for example postal and parcel products such as Plusbriefe and Packsets as well as the ExpressEasy product for private customers, which is available in selected retail outlets and via DHL's online franking service. The VAT reduction will also apply to business-customer products which are subject to VAT, including letter mail communication, as well as parcel, dialogue marketing and Express products. The reduction in VAT will, however, have no impact on universal postal services such as individual letter mail items and parcels up to 10kg (without additional services). These products are categorized as universal postal services covering basic postal needs and as such are exempt from VAT by law.

Customers will be informed about the temporary price adjustments to postal services via posters in postal retail outlets. However, the most commonly requested products in postal retail outlets are traditional universal postal services - and as such exempt from VAT. These products will not be subject to any change in price. In light of this, customers will not require to purchase top-up stamps following the introduction of the VAT reduction measure as it will not impact postage rates for these products. 

Customers who frank their shipments will also remain unaffected by the VAT reduction as transport franking charges via IT franking and franking machine are always processed as a net charge, with VAT invoiced separately.



5.  PostNord and SwipBox to pilot parcel locker network in Sweden

June 29, 2020 
After the summer, PostNord Sweden will be testing SwipBox Infinity parcel lockers as part of a pilot in Stockholm. This means that the SwipBox Infinity solution has reached every part of Scandinavia.

Helena Sjöberg, Last Mile Business Developer at PostNord commented: “As the parcel lockers are Bluetooth operated, the parcel lockers’ compartments are opened with PostNord apps on the couriers’ and end users’ phones. We experience huge demand for new last mile solutions and that is why we are happy to start trialling this new concept.Parcel lockers are a good complement to our existing delivery options (PUDOs and home deliveries), and we’re excited to see the feedback from the market.”

SwipBox has developed the app-operated parcel lockers that run on batteries and are very easy to install as there is no need for an external electricity source or an internet connection.

Allan Kaczmarek, Founder of SwipBox, said: “We are happy to present this new last mile network to PostNord and the Swedish people, and we have no doubts that the intuitive solution will increase the convenience for the shoppers in Sweden. I’m also very proud to announce that with this collaboration, we are now represented in all of Scandinavia with our SwipBox Infinity solution.”

PostNord Sweden will own and run the parcel network pilot in Sweden, meaning that PostNord during the pilot is the only courier delivering parcels through the parcel lockers.
Evaluation will be done throughout the pilot and if the pilot is successful more parcel lockers will be rolled out.

The new parcel locker technology has already been tested in Denmark, Norway and now Sweden.

SwipBox is a software company with a hardware solution that enables infrastructural innovation. With intelligent parcel lockers in more than 60 countries and deep networks in selected countries, SwipBox aims at increasing the convenience for end users. The highly intuitive SwipBox parcel lockers are designed and produced in Denmark and ensure ease of use for logistics providers and end users alike. From IT system integration with leading e-retailers to development of user interfaces, SwipBox creates solutions that match the needs of the user and the market.

No 54-2020

Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector

1.  PostNL completes sale of Nexive’s business to Mutares.
July 02, 2020.

2.  Posti returns the parcels to the senders if there’s no transport connection to the country of destination.July 01, 2020.

3.  UPS &Estafeta make it easier for small businesses in Mexico to go global.June 30, 2020.

4.  Australia Post teams up with bitcoin.June 29, 2020.

5.  Job Security –Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier (RSMC).

June 29, 2020.

1.  PostNL completes sale of Nexive’s business to Mutares

July 02, 2020
Transaction underpins strategic focus on core markets.

PostNL today announced it has successfully completed the sale of its Nexive business to Mutares. Nexive is the number-two mail and parcels provider in Italy. As previously announced, PostNL is obtaining a minority interest of 20% in the entity acquiring the Nexive business.


This transaction allows Nexive to further develop its business and to build its position in the Italian mail and parcels market. For PostNL, the completion of the sale of the majority stake in Nexive underpins its strategy of focusing on its core markets in the Benelux region, supporting its transformation into an e-commerce logistics and postal service provider.

Nexive provides mail services to 80% of Italian households, and provides parcel services to the entire Italian market. It’s the second largest player in the Italian mail market and aspires to be the smart challenger, offering customers the best balance between service, quality and price. It achieves this ambition by focusing on customer interaction and by further strengthening its network.



2.     Posti returns the parcels to the senders if there’s no transport connection to the country of destination

July 01, 2020
Delivery connections to some countries are closed at the moment because of the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, Posti hasn’t been able to deliver some of the parcels to their country of destination. Posti will automatically return parcels to their senders if there’s currently no transport connection to the parcel’s country of destination and it looks like a connection there will not be opened in the near future. Most of these parcels that are now to be returned were destined to countries outside of Europe. Posti will start returning the parcels to the senders on June 1st. A special tag will be attached to the parcels to inform the customer that the mail transport connection to the destination country is closed because of the coronavirus epidemic.

You can find up to date, country-specific information regarding the delivery of letter and parcel items on our website. If the destination country is on our list, the parcel will be delivered there in the next possible delivery.

Refunding of the delivery costs
A customer whose parcel cannot be shipped to the country of destination has a right to a refunding of the postage fee. You can apply for compensation for the postage fee and transportation charge by filling out the compensation form on Posti’s website.


3.  UPS &Estafetamake it easier for small businesses in Mexico to go global

June 30, 2020
·       Commercial agreement combines Estafeta’s 160 service points in Mexico with UPS’s globally integrated 220 country network
·       Exporters in Mexico can now reach customers in the United States within one business day
UPS (NYSE:UPS) and Estafeta Mexicana, S.A. de C.V. today announced a commercial agreement between the two brands to provide Mexican businesses with international shipping services to help them reach more than 220 countries and territories around the world. The agreement will also make it possible for Mexican companies to reach their customers in the U.S. within one business day.

“Resilience is a key quality for nimble businesses looking for opportunities that will come as economies around the world stage their recoveries,” said Nando Cesarone, president for UPS International. “The future is about nimble networks and strategic partnerships. The timely collaboration leverages UPS’s smart global logistics network and Estafeta’s established presence in Mexico. As the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement comes into force to simplify trade for a refreshed North American trade block, we stand ready as growth partners to further streamline established supply chains – and open up new cross-border opportunities. We are making it easier for small and medium-sized businesses in Mexico to reach their targets in high-growth international markets.”

The collaboration includes more than 160 Estafeta service points, where businesses can easily link up with UPS’s worldwide network through a connection to UPS’s global air hub in Louisville, Kentucky. New or current exporters will be able to reach the U.S. market in one day while taking advantage of the benefits of the new USMCA (T-MEC) trade agreement, which reduces the time, cost and complexity involved in cross-border trade, especially for key industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and high-tech. The Estafeta locations include those in Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey and Queretaro, territories that in the last few years have been a launching point for Mexican exporters.

“The partnership we are building with UPS takes on greater relevance in a very complicated global economic environment. For Mexico, the viability of SMEs is critical. They are innovative, agile and job-generating. Now, more than ever, Mexican entrepreneurs need logistics support that adapts to their needs and capabilities. It is very important that during this time of strong e-commerce growth, they have access to specialized logistics solutions to expand their products to international markets competitively and to help them join the future of business.” said Ingo Babrikowski, managing director for Estafeta.

Customers are expected to gain:

Competitive, reliable time-in-transit: Direct connections increase speed to market, a competitive advantage for critical industries with production lines involving a high need for control such as the aerospace and automotive industries.


Benefits of the USMCA (T-MEC) agreement: The updated trade agreement will simplify how companies ship goods throughout North America, enabling easier entry into their neighbors’ markets and increased demand for cross border solutions.


Improved capabilities for e-commerce: For e-tailers, being able to offer fast, visible and reliable cross-border deliveries encourages return customers. This partnership allows entrepreneurs in Mexico to connect with their international customers and their vendors faster.




4.  Australia Post teams up with bitcoin

June 29, 2020
Australians can now pay for bitcoin at more than 3,500 national post offices. The new servicelaunched by Bitcoin.com.au is aimed at promoting cryptocurrencies to mainstream audiences, alongside established businesses and organisations.

On June 24, 2020, the firm Bitcoin.com.au announced a partnership with the local Australia Post.

Essentially, each branch member will accept EFTPOS payments and Australian dollars for crypto-asset purchases stemming from Bitcoin.com.au and the Post Billpay service.

Purchases will be facilitated by Bitcoin.com.au, a firm that is already working with 1,500 retail stores in the country. This collaboration is due to a partnership with Blueshyft and it also gives Australians the ability to acquire BTC.

“This is a major milestone for digital currency in Australia and around the world. It proves that there are established businesses and organisations that want to learn about new technologies by doing, and not by blocking,” Holger Arians, CEO of Bitcoin.com.au said during the announcement.
Adding BTC support to over 3,500 Australia Post stores across the country will add more accessibility to those living in the country.

“Australia Post has for a long time played an important role in the community to make services accessible to all,” Susan Nicholson, Australia Post’s Head of Business & Government Financial Services stressed. Nicholson further said:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been becoming quite popular in Australia, as the Australia Post stores’ latest service follows the recent partnership between Coca-Cola Amatil and Centrapay. Thanks to this collaboration over 2,000 Coca-Cola brand vending machines in Australia and New Zealand accept bitcoin (BTC) for purchases.



5.  Job Security –Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier (RSMC)

June 29, 2020
At a time when many workers are losing job security protections, CUPW has been successful in securing job security for RSMCs! CUPW was clear from the outset, to both the Arbitrator and the Corporation, that this was one of our key demands for RSMCs for this round of bargaining.

With the Pay Equity decision, RSMCs were no longer a “competitive advantage” and we had concerns about contracting out and layoffs. We also had concerns about other CPC projects such as sequenced mail that could result in layoffs.

Article 23 of the RSMC Collective Agreement, which expired on December 31, 2017, only provided recall rights for 12 months, with 2 weeks notice of lay-off, and the laid off employee could use their seniority to obtain a vacant route only in the original installation.  This was not protection!!

New Job Security Protection - Article 23

Currently, about 6000 Route Holders and Permanent Relief Employees are now protected from lay-off. Everyone else will enter into this protection as they achieve their 5th year of continuous employment with Canada Post.

This means, should there be more employees in an installation than routes or PRE positions, the most junior person in the installation will be declared surplus. The surplus employee may be required to accept a comparable vacant route or position within a 75 km radius of her or his former installation. Until this happens, they may be required to work on various routes for daily relief assignments on routes within a 50 km radius of their former installation.

There are several provisions for each scenario with protections for seniority, vehicle protection (should the route assigned require a different type and size vehicle) and the right to return should a route become available in his or her former location, should they have been required to accept another route within a 75 km radius. 

Should there be no vacant routes or PRE positions within the 75 km radius, the surplus employee would continue to receive their pay for either the full year of protection, or until a route or position becomes available.

The new language also introduces the concept of routes over or under 30 hours/week, and an RSMC cannot be forced permanently onto a route that is not comparable to their former route or position.

Should they be assigned to a route that is not comparable, they will receive either the higher of the value of the route or position of the work being performed, or the value of the route or position held prior to being declared surplus. 

For daily relief assignments, the employee will be paid the higher of the value of the route or position of the work being performed, or the value of the route or position held prior to being declared surplus.

Outside the 50/75 Km Radius

Should the surplus employee choose to apply for a vacant route or PRE position outside of the maximum 75 km radius, they would be awarded that route, and the Corporate relocation policy would apply to provide assistance with the cost of the move.

The Corporation could also, after consultation with the Union, offer a departure incentive by seniority to the employees within the postal installation where the surplus was declared.
An employee who refuses the assignments shall be laid-off and their name placed on a recall list.

Recall Rights

The amended Article 23 still has the recall rights provision. After the 12 month period of guaranteed pay (unless you refuse daily assignments or a permanent route or position), the surplus employee will be laid off and their name will then be placed on the recall list for a vacant route in their former postal installation.  The recall list remains in effect for 12 months. 

While this protection is not as absolute as Article 53 of the Urban Bargaining Unit, it is still a step forward for RSMCs! 

Still More To Achieve

While we know that this is a step in the right direction for RSMCs; we still have a long way to go to achieve true equality!

Source : https://www.cupw.ca/en/job-security-rsmc