“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

24 POINT CHARTER OF DEMANDS Submitted by Postal Joint Council of Action vide their letter dated 15-07-2019 and replyies of the Department .
1)Settle all the problems arisen out of implementation of C.S.I., R.I.C.T/IPPB/CBS and Postman delivery mobile App & CIS
Reply : CBS has been rolled out in 23749 Post Offices and working smoothly. (FS Dn.)
It is submitted that IPPB mobile App and IPPB Finance are working fine and currently there is no issue. (IPPB)
2)Implement all positive recommendations of Sh. Kamlesh Chandra Committee report and grant Civil servant Status to GDS.
Reply : Following approved recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee report have been implemented.
TRCA and Allowances.
Enhancement of GDS Gratuity
Service Discharge Benefits
Social Security Benefits
180 days Maternity Leave to female GDS
Composite Allowqance
Cash Conveyance Allowance
Combined Duty Allowance
Risk and Hardship Allowance
Issuance of Identity cards
Voluntary Discharge Scheme
Limited Transfer facility
5 days Emergency Leave
Following residual recommendations are under examination:
Children Education Facilitation Allowance
Accumulation & Encashment of paid leave maximum to 180 days
Enhancement of monthly subscription and insurance cover of EDGIS.
Following recommendations not agreed to by the Government.
Enhancement of paid leave from 20 to 30 days
Time bound promotion on completion of 12, 24 and 36 years of engagement.
Composite allowance to ABPM in X, Y and Z Class cites. Enhancement of working hours to 8 hours.
Discharge on last day of the month on which GDS attains the age of 65 years.
All single handed Branch Post Offices to be double handed.
With regard to grant civil servant status to GDS:
The Supreme Court has observed vide orders dated 22-4-1977 in case titled UoI Vs P.K. Rajamma etc. that the GDSs are holder of a Civil post but outside the regular  civil services. Hence, they can not be treated as regular employees. Moreover, in a recent common order dated 17-11-2016 of Hon’ble CAT Principle Bench Delhi in OAs No. 749/2015, 3540/2015 & 613/2015 filed by GDS, the Hon’ble CAT rejected the claim of GDS, THE Hon’ble CAT rejected the claim of GDS for parity with regular civil servant. This issue is also sub-judice in Delhi High Court. Recently, Supreme Court has observed vide order dated 15-3-2019 in case titled UoI Vs /Gurusewak Singh & Ors in Civil Appeal No. 3150/2019 that a Gramin Dak Sevaks is not an ‘employee’ under the 1972 act. (GDS Section)
3)Fill up all vacant posts in all cadres of Deptt. Of post i.e. PA/SA, Postmen, Mail Guard, Mailmen, MMS MTS, GDS, Postal Acctts., P.A. Admn. Offices. P.A. SBCO & Civil wing etc. within a time frame and separate identity of all cadres.
Reply : All vacant posts of GDS are being filled up through online GDS engagement process and 2nd Cycle of GDS online engagement process is going on. (GDS section)
Recruitment process of PA and SA is done by SSC through a Centralised Examination. Recruitment process of 5205 and 3295 posts of Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant for the year 2015 and 2016 respectively has been completed. 2395 and 3880 vacancies of PA/SA for the years 2017 and 2018 respectively have been intimated to SSC. (SPB-I Section)
4)Withdraw NPS and Guarantee minimum pension 50% of last pay drawn
Reply : The issue of NPS is beyond the scope of Deptt. Of Posts. (PE-I Section)
5)Membership verification of G.D.S. and declaration of result of regular employees membership conducted in 2015.
Reply : The title regarding membership verification of GDS is under submission. Result of regular employees’ membership conducted in 2015 has been declared and circulated vide letter No. 13-01-2015-SR dated 19-7-2019. (SR Section)
6)Implementation of orders of payment of revised wages and arrears in the casual, Part time, Contingent employees & daily rated mazdoors as per 6th and 7th CPC and regularize services of casual labourers.
Reply : The policy of Casual Labourers is already in existence which is in line with the instructions issued by Department of Personnel and Training. Furthermore, regularization of Casual Labourers is done as per the provision of MTS Recruitment Rules, 2018.(SPN Dn.)
Necessary orders/Instructions for payment of revised wages and arrears to the Casual Labour/Part time casual labour/workers engaged on contingency basis, stand issued vide this Directorate OM No. 2-53/2011-Pcc dated 22-1-2015, 17-6-2016 and OM No. 7-10/2016-PCC dated 31-3-12017. (PCC)
7)Implement cadre restructuring for left out categories i.e. RMS, MMS, Postman/MTS, PACO, PASBCO, Postal Accounts and Civil Wing etc.
Reply : The cadre restructuring proposal of RMS, SBCO and CO/RO is currently under examination in consultation with D/o Expenditure, Ministry of Finance. Cadre Restructuring of MMS is also under examination. However, Cadre Restructuring of Postman/MTS is not under examination at present (PE-I Section)
For civil wing employees, the file is under submission. (Civl wing)
8)Stop privatization, corporatization and out sourcing in Postal Services.
No reply.
9)Scrap Bench Mark in MCAP.
Reply : Nodal Ministry for MACP is DoP & T. Hence, the issue is not our purview of this Department. (PE-I Section)
10)Implement 5 days week in Postal and RMS.
Reply : In this era of competition, various government and non-government organizations are trying to provide public services 24 x 7. The objective of this initiative is to provide services to the public in their free time/Sundays/holidays and thus earn more revenue for their organization. As far as Department of posts in concerned, the mails business of India Posts face a tough competition from private courier service providers mushroomed in the country. These companies are providing their services on all the seven days of the week to the customer. As such, it is a challenge for us to hold our existing customers, tap new customers and ensure that the DoP customers does not switch over to the private players to avail the necessary services. In the above scenario, it will not be in the interest of the Department to implement 5 days week in the Post Offices. However, being the Nodal Division, Esst Branch may decide the working days of post offices as per the working norms. (PO Division)
11)Enhancement of higher pay scales to those categories whose minimum qualification has been enhance e.g. Postman, Mail Guard
Reply : Pay Scales or postmen, Mail Guards etc. have been prescribed as per the guidelines of DOP & T. They are not linked to educational qualification but are with reference to the job profile. (SPN Division)
No such recommendations were made by the 7th CPC, the Apex body to examine the pay scales, and further, no such proposal is pending with this PC Cell. (PCC).
12)Grant of pension to the promoted GDS based on Supreme Court Judgment in SLP no. © 13042/2014
Reply : Judgment of Supreme Court in the matter of SLP No. (c) 13042/2014 is still awaited as the Apex Court has reserved its decision in the matter. (PE-I).
13)Withdraw orders of enhancement of cash conveyance limit without security
Reply : It is intimated that the line limits have been revised vide PO Division letters number 24-3/2012-PO dated 1-10-2018 in view of raising demands of cash supply after emergence of India post payment Bank. However, the line limits revised and fixed so are the maximum limits and can be curtailed by the Head of Circles on the basis of discussions with the local Police Authority depending upon the law and order situation of that particular place. Further, the arrangement of armed squad, if needed be, is to be done by Divisional level coordinating  with the local police authority.
In view of the above, there is no requirement to withdraw the orders of enhancement of cash conveyance limits. (PO)
14)Implementation High Court and Supreme Court decisions in C/W MACP, RTP and others.
Reply : Nodal Ministry for MACP is DoP & T. Hence, the issue is out of purview of this Department (PE-1)
15)Cash less treatment under CGHS and allotment of adequate fund under head MR & T.A.
Reply : issue of cashless treatment facility for serving central govt. employees under CGHS as applicable in case of CGHS pensioners, demanded by unions needs to be taken up with Nodal Ministry i.e. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for which a detailed proposal is required from the union. W.r.t. allotment of adequate fund under MR and T.A., it is informed that Medical section of Estt. Division does not deal with it. (PE-I).
16)Retention of Civil Wing in the Deptt. Of post
Reply : Post in B, C and below of Civil, Electrical & Architectural wings are already with DoP. For Gr. A Posts, DoT is the cadre controlling authority (Civil wing)
17)Holding of Deptt. Council Meetings and periodical meetings at all levels.
Reply : With regard to RC (JCM), necessary instructions have already been issued vide OM No. 06-03/2017-SR dated 20-8-2019.
The instructions regarding departmental council will be issued in next phase.
Vide OM No. 02-02/2019-SR dated 20-8-2019, necessary instructions regarding periodical meeting of recognized service associations in Department of posts have already been issued. The matter is under process. (SR Section)
18)Stop trade union victimization and in the name of unscientific targets.
Reply : No such activities are being carried out by FS Division. (FS Dn.)
19)Provide 40 percent SCF quota promotion in AAO cadre and amend RR incorporating the modifications demanded by AIPAEA
20)Status of audit to SBCO.
Reply : PJCA has not submitted this item in detail.
21)Restore Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accounts and OSA to RMS/MMS Staff.
Reply : Grant of Special Allowance to PO & RMS Accountant is under examination by the Committee constituted for the issue. OSA to RMS/MMS staff is also under examination by the Department. (pe-i)
22)All NSH and I.C. Speed post hubs should be under the administrative control of RMS and All L-2 Mail offices should be identified as I.C. Speed post hubs and as parcel hubs.
Reply : It is intimated that normally NSH/ICH/L1/L2 offices are placed under administrative control of RMS units. However, in case of exceptional circumstances due to administrative or operational reasons, NSH/ICH/L1/L2 are placed under administrative control of Postal Dn. For example NSH Imphal is in the administration control of Postal Dn.
Nomenclature of L2 offices were made with approval of Secretary (P) at the time of implementation of Mail Network Optimization Project (MNOP). No suitable reason is observed to change the names of L2 office into IC Hubs. (mo).
23)Permission to all staff of Circle Office, Postmaster Cadre, SBCO, Postal Accounts and RMS/MMS Staff to appear in Departmental Examination for promotion to PSS Group B.
No reply.
24)Improper functioning of Separte (Nodal) Parcel Delivery in India Post vis-à-vis heavy expenditure and undue harassment to the postman Delivery staff.
Reply : It is informed that a meeting with the representatives of National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE). Federation of National Postal Organisation (FNPO) and Bhartiya Postal Employees Federation (BPEF) was held at Dak Bhawan, New Delhi on 20-6-2019 under the Chairmanship of Member (O). In that meeting, Parcel Hub matters, Staff matters and NDCs matters were already discussed and minutes of said meeting has already been sent to Secretaries General of aforesaid Federations vide letter dated 2-7-2019.
Department has decided to implement Nodal mechanized delivery of parcels from identified delivery offices and hubs in Metros, State capitals and identified Tier II & Tier III cities. Nodal delivery mechanism provides for centralized delivery of parcels from a location to the delivery area covering delivery pincodes of more than one delivery post offices instead of present practice of sending the parcels to their respective delivery Pos. All the existing NDCs and new NDCs have been selected for upgradation/establishment. NDSs at few places including Delhi and Mumbai have already been successfully implemented under PNOP. With the implementation of NDCs, the delivery percentage has increased from 68% to 85% in D+O as presented by Delhi Circle during HOC at Srinagar. Also the standardization of equipment and layout have resulted in much more comfort for staff and increased productivity at Parcel Hubs and NDCs. (Parcel Dte.)

24 POINT CHARTER OF DEMANDS Submitted by Postal Joint Council of Action vide their letter dated 15-07-2019