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CGHS Guidelines: Cards are valid in all over country, No requirement of registration to collect indented medicines etc. (Click here to view the signed PDF)
Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Department of Health & Family Welfare
Directorate General of CGHS
No: Z 15025/DIR/CGHS. Reg.WC/Complaints/2019
545-A Nirman Bhawan, New Deihi
Dated the 21st June, 2019
Subject: Reiteration of guidelines regarding 'No-requirement of Registration to Collect Indented medicines and other Issues·

With reference to the above mentioned matter the undersigned is to state it is learnt that some CGHS Wellness Centres are Insisting on registration before collecting the Indented medicines. It is hereby reiterated to all the Chief Medical Officers i/c and other Staff members of CGHS Wellness Centres that there is no need for registration at the counter to collect Indented Medicines. The CGHS in charge and other staff are hereby instructed not to deviate from the guidelines issued by this Ministry/Directorate from time to time.
It is also reiterated that CGHS Cards are valid in all CGHS wellness Centres in the country for consultation, issue and indent of Medicines including the Life Saving Medicines. Similarly, CGHS beneficiaries can be referred for consultation at hospitals empanelled under CGHS from any CGHS Wellness Centres and endorsement of advice of Specialist of empanelled hospital should also be made at any CGHS Wellness Centre.
Additional Directors of CGHS Cities/Zones are advised to ensure strict compliance of these guidelines and compliance of the guidelines issued by this Ministry/Directorate from time to time.

(Dr Atul Prakash)
Director, CGHS