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What is the procedure to register with the CGHS?

One can get a CGHS card made from the office of Additional Director of
the City. Forms can be downloaded from CGHS Website. They are also
available in the office of Additional Director of city (Additional Director
Headquarter in case of Delhi).
Documents required:
1. Application in prescribed format
2. Proof of residence
3. Proof of stay of dependents
4. Proof of age of son
5. Disability certificate, if any in case of sons aged 25 & above,
who would otherwise cease to be a beneficiary.
6. Individual passport size photos of eligible familymembers
7. Surrender Certificate of CGHS Card while in service ( only in
those cases where CGHS Card was issued while in service)
8. Attested copies of PPO & Last Pay Certificate
9. Draft for required amount towards CGHS contribution – in the
name of ‘P.A.O., CGHS New Delhi’ in Delhi and in the name of
‘Additional Director, CGHS’ of the city.
In case PPO is not ready for any reason, there is option to get a provisional
card on the basis of Last Pay Certificate. The data uploaded in the data
base and a print out is issued on the same day for immediate use. Plastic
cards are sent to the Wellness Centres and the beneficiaries collect the
cards from there. The plastic card numbers are displayed on the notice
board of the Wellness Centre for the information of the beneficiaries.
SMS is sent to the mobile number of the beneficiaries reminding them to
collect their plastic cards.
Serving employees:-
Serving employees submit the forms in prescribed format enclosing
photos of eligible family members and submit to the Ministry/
Department/ Office, where he/ she is employed. The application form
shall be forwarded by the Ministry/ Office /Department to the office of
Additional Director CGHS of city for preparation of card. The plastic cards
are distributed through the Wellness Centres as in case of pensioners.
SMS is sent in case of serving employees also.

My wife and I are both central Government employees and have
dependant brothers / sisters and parents. Can we make separate cards
and include family members?

Yes. If both husband and wife are in central Govt. service, spouse has the
choice to make his/ her parents and brothers/sisters as dependants in her
However if only one person i.e. either husband or wife are in service than
he/she has the choice to make either his/her parents or his/her parents –
in-law as dependants in his/her card.

Can dependent in-laws be included under family members for CGHS

A lady Government servant will be given a choice to include either her
parents or parents –in-law for the purpose of availing the benefits under
CGHS subject to the condition of dependence and residence , etc., being

Are step-children allowed CGHS facilities?

Yes. if they are dependent on card holder and other conditions being
fulfilled as in case of dependant sons and daughters

Who is defined as a ‘Person with disability’?

A ‘person with disability’ as defined in ‘The Persons with Disabilities
(Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act,
1995’ as, a person suffering from not less than forty percent (40%) of any
disability (as given below), certified by a medical authority. “Medical
authority” means any hospital or institution specified for the purposes of
this Act by notification by the appropriate Government. A disability
certificate from Medical Board of a Government Hospital is required to
be submitted in CGHS with application form to continue availing
facilities for disabled dependant.
Disability means blindness, low vision, leprosy-cured, hearing
impairment, locomotor disability, mental retardation, mental illness. For
the exact definition of each disability please refer to ‘The Persons with
Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full
Participation) Act, 1995’ chapter 1, section 2a. to 2z.

What is the grace period for getting CGHS card for availing treatment
facility/ reimbursement for indoor treatment by pensioners immediately
after retirement?

Pensioners are permitted period of three months from the date of
superannuation to obtain a CGHS pensioner Card for consideration of
reimbursement for the treatment taken during grace period , subject to the
condition that Application complete with all documents and requisite CGHS
subscription is submitted to the office of Additional Director during the
fourth month after retirement for issue of CGHS pensioner card. In case ,
CGHS pensioner card is not made in the 4th month after retirement , no
reimbursement for the expenditure

Are the family members of Central Government Servant not residing with
him eligible for CGHS facilities?

Family members who are wholly dependent upon the Central Government
employee are normally expected to reside with the primary card holder.
However, during a visit to another CGHS covered city they are eligible for
CGHS facilities on the basis of individual Plastic Card issued to the dependent family member.

What is the role of a beneficiary in providing information regarding
any change in data regarding his card?

It is the responsibility of the beneficiary to provide information to CGHS
authorities regarding any changes required in the beneficiary database
especially related to death, marriage, earning status (see dependency
criteria) of any card holder in the family.

Who is responsible for deletion of the names of ineligible dependents?

It is the responsibility of various departments/offices forwarding the
application for CGHS card to ensure that the names of only genuine and
eligible persons are included in the CGHS token cards.
It is the responsibility of the employees concerned to apply for a deletion of
the name of the dependent from the CGHS card, when the ward is no more
entitled to the benefit under the scheme for example a son /daughter
getting married, son attaining age of 25 or the son getting employed.

Who is competent to delete name of sons who have
crossed age of 25 years from CGHS Card?

CMO i/c of Wellness Centre is competent to delete the name of son aged
25 yrs and above. Computer software does not allow sons aged 25 and
above to avail medical facilities and automatically blocks their ID .