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No 13-2019

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Shipping parcels: How DHL could use Themes for London boat deliveries. February 13, 2019.

Social Activities at La Poste: FO Com continues its commitment! February 12, 2019.

PTT to launch drone delivery for Turkey. February 12, 2019.

bpost Antwerp sorting centre roofs now covered with 10,000m² of ENGIE solar panels. February 12, 2019.

SingPost announces immediate measures to improve service quality. February 11, 2019.
Shipping parcels: How DHL could use Themes for London boat deliveries
February 13, 2019

With urban deliveries on the rise, logistics companies are looking at ways to minimise their environmental impact as much as possible. For DHL, moving parcels by boat is providing a promising way to do so in Amsterdam and Venice – and the company is hoping to eventually export the model to London, according to company executives.

Ronald Leunisse, MD of DHL Express Netherlands, said the company is looking at ways to solve the challenge of increasing numbers of people living in cities and ordering more and more online. As this puts increasing pressure on traffic levels in the city and increases pollution, regulators have been looking at introducing low emission zones and other initiatives to try and curb the environmental impact.

Across the country, DHL has nine major hubs in total, but is increasingly moving from delivering to customers directly from these hubs to installing locations in the city from which it can make zero emission deliveries.

The company showcased its “floating city hub” concept to media at an event in the Netherlands. DHL loads the boat with goods from the service centre before it travels around the canals of Amsterdam, with bikes and electric vehicles meeting it at key hubs to carry the goods for the last mile.

Bikes are a particularly efficient delivery mechanism, Leunisse says. They can always take the shortest route and have no parking problems, meaning they are almost twice as productive as vehicles in city centres.

According to Ricky Van Soest, Go Green specialist at DHL Express Netherlands, the company is also moving the boat to electric propulsion, which he hopes to happen at the end of the year.

Van Soest says the Netherlands is the leading market for the company in these sorts of green delivery initiatives. Part of this advantage has been geographical – bikes have always been particularly common in the Netherlands due to its generally flat terrain. The country’s government has also been especially active in regulating in this way.

While the model is most suited to cities with wide-reaching networks of canals such as Amsterdam or Venice, John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, said the company is looking at moving material up the London’s River Thames in the same way. Again, it would support this with bikes and vans.

In Amsterdam, the company has had a licence to use its boat since 1997. Pearson said there are more regulatory barriers in London but in general authorities are supportive; anything that reduces congestion is welcome.

Where this boat-based model is less applicable, DHL is looking at other options, with some of its hubs more akin to a traditional fixed warehouse. But even this model is being pushed.

“If we are in the city centre anyway, why not use that for the first mile?” says Leunisse.

The company is piloting a retail function for these warehouses, with a store sells DHL goods and services to customers while vehicles operate from the back.

The company is also in discussions with Ford, which has presented a concept for driverless vehicles, says Van Soest.

Whether these models make it out of the Netherlands will of course depend on their success there. But if the concept can be proven it may not be long before we see electricity-powered DHL ships moving up the Thames.

Source : https://edelivery.net/2019/02

Social Activities at La Poste: FO Com continues its commitment!

February 12, 2019
On February 7, 2019, the 1st COGAS (Orientation and Management Board of the Social Activities of La Poste) of the term 2019-2022 was held.

For the 7 th time, FO Com assume responsibility for one of the two Vice-Presidency, key position in the shared management of Social Activities at La Poste.

 FO Com has reaffirmed its ambitions and claims:

Social activities for all postal workers and at the height of their expectations in the fields of holidays and recreation, help with catering, help with parenting and solidarity,
Improving the knowledge of the social offer and access to this easy offer,
Budgets up to these two requirements,
The need to protect the budget of non-catering social activities. It would be inconceivable that the increasing evolution of the budget restoration is at the expense of other social activities,
His historical attachment to associations, cooperators and mutuals. On them lie the foundations of the social economy, the principles of which guide the action of our organization in terms of social policy.

Although the resources granted by La Poste to social activities can not constitute a deferred salary, they nevertheless remain a substantial boost in a context of serious social and political crisis. It is the responsibility of La Poste to ensure the continuity of its stated policy and social ambition. FO Com will be particularly vigilant!

Source : http://www.focom-laposte.fr

PTT to launch drone delivery for Turkey
February 12, 2019

Turkey’s state-run postal service PTT aims to launch a drone delivery system in 2019, its head said according to Turkish news source Yeni Şafak.

“We hope that the drone deliveries will start this year,” PTT Director General Kenan Bozgeyik told Anadolu Agency.

Bozgeyik said PTT had also launched a project to set up a network of automatic lockers and parcel machines aimed at overcoming inflexibility in the delivery process.
He said customers would simply enter an access code to open one of the lockers at the movable terminals called “Cargomat”.

A number of such terminals have been set up in the capital Ankara, with more Cargomats expected in Istanbul and Izmir, Bozgeyik said.

Source : https://postandparcel.info/100316/news/post

bpost Antwerp sorting centre roofs now covered with 10,000m² of ENGIE solar panels
February 12, 2019
bpost has set itself the goal of cutting its CO₂ emissions by at least 20% by 2030.

Federal minister Philippe De Backer, Flemish energy minister Lydia Peeters, bpost CEO Koen Van Gerven and ENGIE Fabricom CEO Mark Dirckx today officially inaugurated the solar panel system on the roof of bpost’s sorting centre in Antwerp. It is the fourth sorting centre to run on solar energy. With these initiatives bpost aims to retain its title of “world’s greenest postal operator”, while ENGIE continues its mission to turn Belgium into a role model in energy efficiency. bpost will also switch more than half of its fleet to electric vehicles by 2030. In some cities, including Antwerp, bpost already uses the “Colibus”, a new 100% electric vehicle especially designed for the parcels market.

The 3,700 photovoltaic panels were installed by ENGIE Fabricom and have a capacity of 1 MWh. With the new system in Antwerp, bpost now has solar panels covering a total surface area of 33,000 m² on various buildings in Belgium, which clearly makes it one of the leading solar energy producers in Belgium.

As the energy transition leader, ENGIE has invested heavily in energy efficiency for many years. ENGIE is not only the biggest green power producer in the country, it also ensures that its customers are able to produce green energy locally. To date, ENGIE has installed more than 900,000 solar panels, of which 12,460 for bpost on the roofs of the sorting centres in Ghent, Liege, Charleroi and Antwerp. The four systems have a total capacity of 3.2 MW, the equivalent of the annual consumption of around 900 households, and should generate CO₂ emissions savings of more than 1,200 tons per year. ENGIE has financed the investment through the third-party investors structure and will supply green energy at an economical price. Ownership of the systems will be transferred to bpost after 10 years. ENGIE Fabricom is also responsible for maintenance of the solar panels.

Since 2007, bpost has cut its CO₂ emissions by almost 40%. And the company’s efforts to visibly reduce its ecological footprint have not gone unnoticed. IPC, the international
network of postal operators, recently named bpost the “world’s greenest postal operator” for the sixth consecutive year.

-20% CO₂ emissions, thanks to the switch to an electric fleet
In addition, bpost remains conscious of the impact of the increasing use by Belgian consumers of online stores, which leads to a growing number of parcel deliveries. To handle this growth in an ecologically responsible way and retain its position in the leading group of the most sustainable players, bpost has set new CO₂ reduction targets for 2030.

As one of Belgium’s leading companies, bpost wishes to play a pioneer role and has set itself the goal of reducing CO₂ emissions from its activities by at least 20% by 2030. This target has been approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, ensuring that bpost is in line with Paris’ climate targets.

To achieve this goal, bpost will replace 50% of its diesel vehicles with electric alternatives by 2030. Some 600 new electric vans will be deployed across Belgium by 2022, which will increase to more than 3,400 by 2030.

Presentation of the new Colibus, 100% electric and ergonomic parcel delivery
bpost runs Belgium’s biggest electric fleet and broadens it with the Colibus, a first for the Belgian parcel market. The Colibus is a 100% electric vehicle especially designed for the parcels market. It will replace the medium-sized diesel vans in urban areas. The vehicle can carry more than 100 parcels.

bpost is the first postal operator in Europe to use the Colibus, after a 10-month pilot. In addition to the new Colibus and the electric vans, bpost also has 2,652 electric bikes and 324 electric trikes.

Koen Van Gerven, bpost CEO, says: “With its activities and as one of Belgium’s biggest employers, bpost plays an important role in the society. So we are more determined than ever to set the right example by minimising the CO₂ emissions of our activities.

In that respect, the solar panel system that we have inaugurated today at our sorting centre in Antwerp is without doubt a major step in the right direction, as is the increasing use of electric vehicles to deliver letters and parcels to our customers. Sustainable logistics has been a top priority for bpost for years and that will continue in the future.”

Mark Dirckx, ENGIE Fabricom CEO, says: “The system we inaugurate at bpost today illustrates the ambition of ENGIE to contribute to a harmonious development with local and ever-greener energy. We believe more than ever in the potential of solar energy and the projects we develop with our B2B customers encourage us to further expand these activities. As an energy transition leader, we are very well placed to offer the best solutions, adapted to the needs of our customers, as we do for bpost today.”

Source : https://corporate.bpost.be/media/press-releases/2019

SingPost announces immediate measures to improve service quality

February 11, 2019

Singapore Post Limited (SingPost) has announced immediate measures to improve service quality following a S$100,000 (US$73,600) penalty imposed by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for missing its Quality of Service standards in 2017.

Paul Coutts, group chief executive officer, said, “We deeply apologize to our customers for our service failures. We have heard their complaints and feedback; we feel their frustrations and seek to win back their trust.

“The immediate measures we are announcing will address the most pressing issues and provide improvement in service quality over the next three to six months.”

A fundamental review of SingPost’s mail operations is underway to raise reliability and service standards, and to meet the demands of the evolving postal landscape over the years ahead.

Changes in the postal landscape are driven by the rapid rise of e-commerce that has injected large volumes into the traditional mail infrastructure because of cheaper postage. This has raised the postman’s workload with a significant rise in package deliveries being made to doorsteps, over and above the delivery of mail to letter boxes. During the seasonal
and well-being.

SingPost is working with government agencies and the Union of Telecoms Employees of Singapore (UTES) to upgrade the skill-set of its postal workers and significantly expand its workforce to meet the requirements of rising e-commerce volumes.

Other improvements to service quality include:

• Increasing the postal delivery workforce by hiring an additional 100 postmen and    redeploying 35 mail-drop drivers to become full-time postmen;

• Enhancing postmen’s remuneration with incentives for successful deliveries of trackable items to the doorstep. Launched on February 1, 2019, this will be part of a broader salary structure review to ensure remuneration is better aligned with the requirements of the job and the industry as a whole; • Reducing missed deliveries by extending mail delivery

slots to weekday evenings and on Saturdays, with overtime pay for postmen who volunteer for these after-hours slots;

• Improving parcel collection experience by increasing the number of dedicated counters and staff at post offices for parcel collection. Since the start of the year, volunteers from SingPost’s corporate office have been helping out on weekends;

• Focusing the postal service on core mail delivery by reducing non-core mail businesses such as advertisement mail to improve service levels on core mail delivery.

Coutts said, “These are the first steps currently taken to address our customers’ immediate pain points and to rebuild the trust we have lost. Please bear with us as we look into longer-term measures that address other issues that customers have raised.

“We will continue to explore harnessing new technology and infrastructure to enhance our delivery process – and most importantly, investing in the welfare of our workforce.

“SingPost has been Singapore’s national postal service provider for 160 years. We are part of the community with a national duty to Singapore and the people of Singapore. This is the core of our business, and 160 years on, it will continue to be our commitment to the community, and to Singapore.” 

Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news/delivery
No 14-2019

Formulated by UNI AproPost and Logistics Sector

Alibaba's Cainiao to Team With Russian Post for Same-Day Delivery of AliExpress in Russia. February 14, 2019.

CORREOS donates 1,205 computer equipment and 300 mobile phones to different NGOs, Foundations, Associations and educational centers. February 12, 2019.

Royal Mail delivers tracked returns for Australian online shoppers. February 11, 2019.

UPS Launches Women’s Economic Empowerment Partnership With USAID. February 7, 2019.

Field Negotiating Committee Meets at NPMHU Headquarters. February 6, 2019.

Alibaba's Cainiao to Team With Russian Post for Same-Day Delivery of AliExpress in Russia

February 14, 2019

Cainiao, Alibaba Group Holdings' logistics unit, will join hands with the Russian national postal operator to offer same-day delivery of China-made goods in Moscow among other big Russian cities.

Cainiao and Russian Post signed a strategic partnership under which the Russian partner will provide  warehousing, sorting and transportation for AliExpress e-commerce merchants, China Securities Journal reported yesterday. Russian Post will increase manpower to ensure the timely delivery of goods.

The new deal will help Chinese merchants do better in export business and bring convenience to Russian and global consumers, said Wang Lin, Cainiao's president.
Before this, Hangzhou-based Cainiao cut the length of China-Russia delivery from 70 days to around 10 days.

Founded in 2013, Cainiao has over 100 global partners, including Spain's Correos, Britain's Royal Mail, Singapore Post, and Sweden's PostNord.

Source: https://www.yicaiglobal.com/news

CORREOS donates 1,205 computer equipment and 300 mobile phones to different NGOs, Foundations, Associations and educational centers

February 12, 2019

CORREOS has delivered today a total of 1,205 computers and 300 mobile phones to various NGOs and educational centers spread throughout the Spanish geography. This is the ninth edition of this charitable initiative that, on this occasion, favors more than 90 entities or centers in practically all of the autonomous communities. This initiative is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions carried out by the postal company.

Before delivery, CORREOS submits the computers to an examination of their status and functioning that enables them to use them. Then, the people in charge of Technology carry out the distribution of the computers among the entities that have previously communicated their interest to the postal company.

Since this solidarity program was launched, started in 2008 and consolidated since 2013, CORREOS has donated more than 3,455 computers that have benefited more than 170 solidarity foundations and educational centers.

Seven territorial zones, 90 solidarity projects
In Zone 1 (includes Galicia, Asturias, Castilla León -except Soria-) COREOS has distributed 240 computers -9 of them portable-, and 12 printers to centers and associations such as AFFOU -Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Association- or the Food Banks from Ávila, Palencia, Ponferrada, Segovia and Zamora; while in Zone 2 (Basque Country, Navarra, La Rioja, Cantabria, Aragón and Soria) 62 teams have been delivered and in Zone 3 (Barcelona, ​​Girona, Lleida and Tarragona), a total of 128 -of which 11 they are portable –
and 1 printer, which in both cases has gone to schools, mostly, and also to some social association.

The bulk of the donation has occurred in Zone 4 (Madrid, Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura), with a total of 409 teams -5 of them portable-, two printers and two cannons distributed to primary schools and institutes and organizations , such as the Asperger Association Madrid, AUTRADES - Regional Association of Affected Autism and other Developmental Disorders - or the Humana Spes Foundation.

In Zone 5 (Valencian Community, Murcia and the Balearic Islands) 153 computers -6 laptops-, 1 projector, 300 mobile phones and 2 tablets have been donated to different educational centers and also to elderly people and associations such as the Family of People with Alzheimer's Disease. -AFAL- of Cartagena (Murcia) or the Socio-Cultural Athenaeum Viento del Pueblo de Orihuela (Alicante). In Zone 6 (Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla), 178 computers and 2 printers have been delivered to organizations such as Aspanies Plena Inclusión de Melilla or the Prison Volunteer Association of Granada. Canarian associations, such as ADEPSI, dedicated to the labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities, have been recipients of these donations that in Zone 7 (Canary Islands) have been of 35 computers.

Source: https://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/info_corporativa

Royal Mail delivers tracked returns for Australian online shoppers
 February 11, 2019
New research by Royal Mail has revealed that 30% of Australian online shoppers make purchases from UK sites, spending an average of A$70 (US$50/£39) a month.

The key reasons that Australian shoppers cited for shopping on UK sites were availability, a love of UK brands and price. The research revealed that 76% of Australian shoppers will buy products from the UK if they can’t find them locally; 46% seek out items that are only on sale in the UK; and 59% do so because they love British brands.

More than eight in 10 (81%) Australian shoppers use digital marketplaces, compared with 68% in the UK, with eBay the leading destination, followed by Gumtree and Amazon.

Online shoppers in Australia are looking for inspiration as well as value for money but the delivery experience is also of crucial importance. Three quarters (75%) consider delivery ratings influential when shopping on digital marketplaces, compared with 58% in the UK.

The report showed that 12% of Australian online shoppers have returned an item purchased from a UK site and 73% said they would track every item they order if the service was available. Almost three quarters (74%) said they would be unlikely to shop with a retailer following a difficult return experience, compared with the international average of 66%. Three quarters of Australian online shoppers consider it important to be able to track a return to a retailer.

In light of this research, Royal Mail International has developed a new tracked returns service in Australia to give customers confidence and provide peace of mind, alongside giving retailers greater visibility of their stock.

Royal Mail will set retailers up on a secure returns portal, which the retailer then brands and directs its customers to via a web link. Customers can access the returns site and once they have entered their details, they receive a confirmation email.

The email contains a link to download the returns label with instructions on how to post the return item. The returns package is then delivered using a tracked service provided by Australia Post to an in-country hub for transportation back to the UK. When returned items arrive in the UK, they are delivered to the designated ‘returns’ address via Royal Mail’s tracked domestic network.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail said, “Australia is an attractive market for exporters. The country has high internet penetration, widespread use of English as a main language and a high potential for international e-commerce sales.

“For UK businesses wanting to grow internationally, it’s important to understand the distinct shopping habits of consumers in different countries. At Royal Mail, we have experience delivering into 230 countries and territories worldwide.

“Retailers that tune into the different ways in which consumers shop across the globe are likely to be more successful on an international scale.”

Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news/e-commerce

UPS Launches Women’s Economic Empowerment Partnership With USAID

February 7, 2019
As part of White House’s W-GDP, UPS-USAID agreement encourages and empowers women to engage in global trade

UPS® (NYSE: UPS), a global logistics provider, at a White House event today announced a collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote women’s economic empowerment and to improve women entrepreneurs’ ability to export. The UPS-USAID efforts are part of the White House’s Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP) that officially launched today.

UPS and USAID formalized their collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by David Abney, UPS Chairman and CEO, and Mark Green, USAID Administrator.

“UPS is proud to be a partner in the White House’s W-GDP initiative. As a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, UPS is committing our resources and expertise to empower more women to engage in global trade,” said UPS Chairman and CEO, David Abney. “In the rapidly evolving world economy, we know that investing in women is not only the right thing to do—it’s a smart business decision, too.”

Together, UPS and USAID seek to empower women entrepreneurs around the world through three primary objectives in alignment with the W-GDP:

Providing training and workforce development, such as workshops and webinars across different regions to increase women entrepreneurs’ understanding of supply-chain processes, customs regulations, international trade agreements and related export opportunities.
Promoting entrepreneurship by assisting women in identifying market-access opportunities in their countries and regions, and tapping into high-demand industries that fit their entrepreneurial skills and circumstances.
Creating an enabling environment by identifying and addressing regulatory barriers that disproportionately hinder women exporters.

UPS has already committed resources to several initiatives that aim to empower women entrepreneurs. One year ago, UPS and the UPS Foundation launched the Women Exporters Program, a global effort to enable women-owned businesses to strengthen their skills in order to be able to export around the globe.

In June 2018, the UPS Foundation formally inaugurated a partnership with the International Trade Centre’s SheTrades Initiative, which helps to connect women entrepreneurs with buyers around the world. UPS helps train those women to simply and efficiently ship their products.

Finally, UPS is proud to serve on the board of WEConnect International. Through the company’s supplier diversity strategy, UPS spent over $600 million in 2018 with certified women-owned businesses, and the company plans to expand those efforts outside of the U.S. over the next five years.

Source : https://www.pressroom.ups.com/pressroom 

Field Negotiating Committee Meets at NPMHU Headquarters

February 6, 2019

With formal negotiations between the NPMHU and the Postal Service over the terms of the 2019 National Agreement scheduled to begin in June 2019, preparations for bargaining are moving forward in the National Office.  One critical aspect of those preparations is now underway, as the Field Negotiating Committee is meeting in the NPMHU's National Headquarters February 4-8, 2019.

During those meetings, hundreds of potential bargaining proposals — previously submitted by members, stewards, officers, and Local Unions across the country — are being reviewed and analyzed by the Committee.

Source : https://www.npmhu.org/media/news