“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

1.  Thailand Post resumes international delivery services

June 10, 2020
Thailand Post has resumed four main international delivery services after lockdowns in some international destinations have been eased, reports The Nation Thailand.

The services are EMS World, e-Packet, Courier Post and Logistpost World.

According to a Thailand Post statement (June 8), EMS World will now serve 29 destinations, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US.

The e-Packet service has resumed for Bhutan, China, South Korea, Russia and Singapore.

Courier Post has restarted services to as many as 107 destinations, including the UK, the US, South Korea, Japan and China.

Logispost World will serve 31 destinations, including Australia, China, Italy and Japan.



2.  Summer at the Network, watch out for the heatstroke!

At the height of the health crisis, the Association of Mayors of France had estimated that the postal presence had been undermined. At the same time, the number of tours having been reduced, the anger of elected officials was growing!

Suddenly, by discovering Philippe Wahl's commitment to leave all post offices open during the summer period, we have the feeling that La Poste wishes to increase efforts to satisfy local communities. While the 2020-2022 territorial postal presence contract authorizes certain closings during the summer, La Poste agrees to keep the offices open and even strengthen its presence by organizing 200 seasonal service points. The latter will provide essential services in tourist, rural and mountain communities.

By announcing the creation of 2000 summer jobs, La Poste is making the buzz and wants to demonstrate that it is an actor in the general desire for economic recovery. But these jobs alone will not ensure this new organization properly!

FO Com will ensure that the initiatives of our CEO are not carried out to the detriment of all postal workers in the Network and that each agent can benefit from his summer holidays which, after this period of crisis, will be more than necessary!

3.  Nationwide 5,000. DHL Packstation opened in Düsseldorf

June 08, 2020
The expansion of the packing station network and the development of further automated solutions is part of a multi-year digitization program

·       Another milestone on the way to 7,000 packing stations in early 2021
Massive packing station expansion part of a comprehensive digitization program
·       Customers particularly appreciate DHL Packstation for contactless parcel receipt and delivery in the corona crisis
DHL is building the packing station network ever closer and today has 5,000 in Germany. DHL Packstation started up. The Mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas Geisel, the Commercial Director of the University Clinic, Ekkehard Zimmer, and Holger Bartels, Head of the Multichannel Sales Post &Paket Deutschland division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, officially inaugurated the new Packstation on the premises of the University Clinic Düsseldorf. The expansion of the packing station network and the development of further automated solutions is part of a multi-year digitization program that the Deutsche Post DHL Group presented in March this year. The company invests extensively in new digital services and substantial improvements to existing solutions in the mail and parcel area,

At the 5,000th Packstation in Düsseldorf's Moorenstrasse is now available for DHL customers to pick up and send their DHL parcels. The capacity of the new machine includes 12 modules with 101 compartments. There are already over 40 packing stations in Düsseldorf.

"Especially in times of the corona pandemic, the Packstation is a very useful invention. The contact between the parcel carrier and the recipient is therefore superfluous, a possible source of infection is eliminated. And at the same time the Packstation is a great alternative to delivery, especially for working people. Nice that Germany's 5000th Packstation has now been set up in Düsseldorf on the site of the university clinic, "said Thomas Geisel.

Ekkehard Zimmer was pleased that the Packstation fulfilled another wish of the employees: "Especially in the difficult times of the corona pandemic, it is a great help for hospital staff if they can send and receive parcels near the work place. As the board of directors, we are always committed to project proposals from the workforce, because such service offerings also make the Düsseldorf University Hospital workplace even more attractive. "

"In the course of the growing online trade, the Packstation has become an integral part of many people's lives and has proven to be a particularly popular and secure form of contactless receiving and sending of parcels, especially in the current corona crisis," explained Holger Bartels. Since the beginning of the crisis in March 2020, a disproportionately large number of new customers have registered for the Packstation. In addition, customers would use the option of sending returns and pre-franked shipments contactlessly via the Packstation. Holger Bartels emphasized that DHL is adhering to the plan to install around 7,000 DHL Packstations nationwide by the beginning of 2021, both for the people in the city and in the country.

DHL introduced the Packstation service in 2003 as the first company in the German market and operates a nationwide unique Packstation network with 5,000 machines with a total of around 500,000 compartments. The Packstation is particularly popular because it is easy to use and available around the clock. 

In addition, it is located in central places of daily life, so that customers can conveniently combine the receipt and delivery of parcels, for example with the way to work or grocery shopping.

Registration for the free Packstation service is possible at  www.dhl.de/packstation . New customers need the DHL Paket App to receive shipments at the Packstation , which conveniently bundles all services related to the DHL Paket. No prior registration is required for sending parcels and parcels to the packing station.




4.  Posti to install new mail sorting machines this autumn

June 08, 2020

Finnish postal service provider Posti will install new mail sorting machines later this year, after plans were delayed due to COVID-19.
The new sorting machines will be located in Oulu, which will receive one machine, and in Helsinki, which will receive two machines. They will be installed in the third quarter of this year or the first quarter of 2021 at the latest.

Posti also plans to install new sorting machines in Tampere and Kuopio at a later date.

The new machines will complement the network of six similar machines which Posti says will together cover all of Finland’s mail sorting needs.

Sami Reponen, production director, postal services, Posti, said, “The sorting machine quickly sorts items into the delivery order, which means that the deliverer doesn’t have to sort the items according to the mail recipient’s address to the same degree as today.”



5. All post offices open in France this summer

June 05, 2020
France’s 7,700 post offices will stay open this summer, with an additional 200 seasonal service points, creating 2,000 seasonal jobs. 

All of France’s post offices will stay open throughout July and August, national postal service La Poste announced yesterday (June 4), and available services will increase.  
Post offices in France’s postal network have the right to close in summertime, although they have decided not to this year. 

In a press release La Poste stated: “The objective of this unique measure established for summer 2020, is to respond to a double objective: contribute to the attraction of tourist areas and to help professionals, artisans, shopkeepers and self-employed professionals in picking up the local economy.”

To this end, 200 new summer service points will be opened in tourist zones in France, creating 2,000 new jobs.

Extra services for summer 
La Poste also plans to make more cash available to help stimulate the economy. It said: “Practically all of our cash machines will be operational all summer long”, especially in tourist areas, and communes in which there is only one post office cash machine available.

The amount of cash that can be withdrawn from cash machines will also rise from €350 in a 7-day period to €500 for holders of post office current accounts and savings accounts. 

Summer post office jobs
The 2,000 jobs that will be created by these measures are aimed at students in the middle of their university studies. 

Recruitment will begin after mid-June throughout France. Applications can be made at www.laposterecrute.fr.


UPS has announced a series of facility expansions to its healthcare-dedicated warehouse and distribution network in key global markets.

This includes new GDP-compliant space opening in Central and Eastern Europe and additional cold chain space coming online near its UPS Worldport facility in Louisville.

The company is planning up to 1.5 million sq. ft. of cGMP distribution space for Coronavirus-related shipments, and a new facility in Shanghai.

“UPS Healthcare continues to build out a global distribution infrastructure that demonstrates our commitment to the healthcare industry,” said Wes Wheeler, UPS Healthcare president. “We will continue to innovate and expand our quality systems throughout our expanded network to further support more complex pharmaceutical and lab testing requirements.”

As part of these ongoing facility enhancements, the company has committed to building additional cooler space (2-8 degrees Celsius), and freezer space (minus-20 degrees to minus-80 degrees Celsius) in its new GMP facility in Louisville. UPS Healthcare is also expanding its GDP facility space in Hungary, and GMP space in the United Kingdom through its Polar Speed subsidiary where it operates a dispensing pharmacy that serves more than 20,000 patients daily. The new GMP warehouse and transportation hub will be located in the Midlands, UK, to further facilitate its clients’ growth needs.

“More of our customers are turning to UPS Healthcare to meet their complex demands for critical products,” said Wheeler. “Our network and logistics expertise make us second to no one, and we will continue to be market leaders as we deliver on our commitment to ‘Quality Focused. Patient Driven.’ service.”

1.  Beyond the curve. Officers resume duties following pandemic service

June 09, 2020
Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan has established COVID-19 Response Command, a group within the Postal Service that will help ensure the organization takes a comprehensive approach to its response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The group is led by Kristin Seaver, who has stepped away from her regular duties as chief information officer to serve as incident commander.

COVID-19 Response Command covers four key areas, each led by a USPS officer:
·       Employee response: Simon Storey, employee resource management vice president
·       Operational continuity: Joshua Colin, acting processing and maintenance operations vice president
·       Business continuity: Mark Guilfoil, supply management vice president
·       Customer continuity: Steve Monteith, marketing vice president

Janice Walker, corporate communications vice president, coordinates all communications related to COVID-19 Response Command, while David Ellis, managing counsel, coordinates all legal concerns on behalf of the general counsel’s office.

While COVID-19 Response Command is active, other executives and managers will handle the duties of the officers involved with the group.

Scott Bombaugh, engineering systems vice president, will serve as acting chief information officer; Jeffrey Becker, international operations executive director; will serve as acting processing and maintenance operations vice president; Linda DeCarlo, safety manager, will serve as acting employee resource management vice president; and Karen Pompanella, commercial products and services manager, will serve as acting supply management vice president.

2.  syndicom welcomes CorradoPardini's election to the Post Board of Directors

June 08, 2020 
The General Meeting of the Post Group elected the Bern trade unionist CorradoPardini as a new employee representative on the Board of Directors (VR) of the Post. syndicom is pleased that the Post employees are represented by a competent personality and their preferred candidate on the board of directors of the Post Group.

With the election of old National Councilor CorradoPardini, Swiss Post's general assembly followed syndicom's nomination. The election proposal was made at the request of the Presidiums of the post of syndicom, which CorradoPardini had nominated from a shortlist as the most suitable candidate. CorradoPardini is a long-standing member of syndicom and president of the Bern trade union federation. He meets all the requirements for this demanding mandate: proven political and trade union experience at the highest level. He has repeatedly demonstrated his trade union stance. As an old member of the National Council, he also has the necessary feeling for the political processes in Bundesbern, where he has made a name for himself as an advocate of a strong public service.

syndicom is pleased with the choice of CorradoPardini and is convinced that with him a competent personality and a real employee representative will represent the interests of the employees on the Board of Directors of Swiss Post. He will take over this vacancy in the Swiss Post VR immediately. syndicom thanks CorradoPardini for being involved in the services of the postal workers and for their well-being.


3.  Australia Post elevates Munro Farmer to CIO

June 05, 2020

After John Cox moves into a broader executive role.


Australia Post has quietly elevated Munro Farmer into the role of chief information officer after John Cox moved up to a new executive position.

The changes occurred in March, when Cox - who had been CIO since August 2016 - assumed the new role of executive general manager for transformation and enablement.

That allowed Farmer - a long-time CIO with freight companies including Australian Air Express and StarTrack, and AusPost since 2014 - to take on the CIO role.

For the past six years, Farmer has been general manager of technology, parcel & eCommerce services at Australia Post.

“Munro has been instrumental in leading Australia Post’s technology strategy and architecture, and has played a key role in modernising many of our core delivery systems to improve the experience we deliver for our customers,” an Australia Post spokesperson told iTnews.

Around the same time as the CIO change, Australia Post paused or stopped an undisclosed number of IT projects as part of its response to the coronavirus pandemic, letting go of some of its IT contractor workforce in the process.

Post's spokesperson did not respond to questions about whether the CIO change was part of a broader restructure of IT, the size of the IT organisation, and to what extent the organisation might be reworking its IT or digital strategies post-COVID.

“With the ever-changing landscape of information technology, Australia Post is constantly looking to evolve its IT strategy and capability to adapt to the current environment and remain at the forefront of innovative digital strategy, planning and execution," the spokesperson said.

Farmer’s reporting line into the AusPost executive is via Cox, who still retains headline responsibility for technology, in addition to assuming control of a range of other functions.
Australia Post’s website states that Cox “is accountable for strategy, technology, communications, government relations and data science, as well as the company’s transformation office.”

The transformation office is focused on modernising Post’s systems and digitising services, investing in areas such as infrastructure and automation, telco transformation and data and analytics.

It is partway through a major network transformation that will improve connectivity to 4000 sites.

The company completed work at 1000 of the 4000 sites last week, a “major milestone” in the project that was marked online by Farmer and others.

On the data science front, it is understood the team is exploring technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, predictive modelling and robotics to improve safety, customer experiences and commercial outcomes.

A use case for AI being applied to commercial data was revealed by AusPost at a Salesforce event in March, otherwise the organisation has not discussed its plans nor achievements to date in any great depth.

4.  PostNord Group AB divest Logistic portfolio in Norrköping

June 05,2020
PostNord Group AB (PostNord) has signed an agreement with Barings Core Fund Sweden Holding AB (Barings) for a sale and leaseback regarding a portfolio of logistics properties in Norrköping.


In 2019, PostNord Group decided to increase its focus on its core business, Letter and Parcel operations and related logistics services. In line with this decision, PostNord has of today completed a sale and leaseback deal regarding properties occupied by PostNord TPL AB, a third-party logistics provider.

The properties comprise 122,000 sq m and the underlying agreed property value is SEK 960 million. New owner from July 1, 2020 will be Barings, one of the world’s largest diversified real estate investment managers, through the Barings European Core Property Fund (BECPF).

The new owner acquires the property companies Kardinalmärket 1 AB and KB Sveterm, including existing leases contracts from 1 July 2020. The existing tenant, PostNord TPL AB, is the market leader on the Swedish 3 PL market, occupying over 600,000 sq m of warehouse space in Norrköping, Helsingborg, Malmö, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Ljungby and Jönköping.

The buyer, Barings, has invested in a range of sectors in Sweden, including office, retail and residential properties, for example Härolden 44 on Fleminggatan 7 in Stockholm, Gyllenstjärna 36,​​Åhléns City in Malmö and residential development regarding 25,000 sq.m. in Bromsten. In addition to this, the current portfolio includes investments in the other Nordic countries as well as the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Benelux.

CBRE and Linklaters AB have been advising PostNord.


Source : https://www.postnord.com/media/postnord-press-releases/2020