“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
. Deputy chair Jackie Lloyd was appointed NZ Post acting chair.

Earlier this year, NZ Post hiked the price to send letters as it saw post volumes continue to drop. At the time, NZ Post mail general manager Matt Geor said New Zealand has one of the highest rates of letter volume decline in the world.

In the last few years 55 processing centres have been consolidated into three large ones, and automated processing technology has been introduced to sort the mail.

NZ Post had responded to the decline in mail with a mix of "technology, service charges, delivery methods and price adjustments" over the last five years.

NZ Post is also closing Post Shops as it splits services with Kiwibank. NZ Post's strategy is to shift towards having postal service counters in supermarkets and convenience stores, rather than standalone Post Shops.
Source : https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/115047817
No 68 -2019

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Royal Mail union to launch strike ballot over workers' rights.  August 22, 2019.

Australia Post continues transformation, delivering record revenues boosted by eCommerce. August 22, 2019.
UPS & ChannelAdvisor Simplify Global Shipping And E-Commerce For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses. August 21, 2019.

The US Postal Service wants to ‘cluster’ subdivision mailboxes — and developers aren’t happy.August 21, 2019.
DHL Supply Chain opens logistics distribution center in Victoria. August 20, 2019.

BPOST Group CEO to step down in 2020.August 19, 2019.

Royal Mail union to launch strike ballot over workers' rights

August 22, 2019

More than 100,000 Royal Mail workers are expected to vote on whether to strike over grievances about job security, an alleged culture of bullying, and the terms and conditions of their employment.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) will begin balloting its members from 24 September unless an agreement can be reached before then, with the result expected in early October.

Relations between Royal Mail and the union have deteriorated amid disagreement over the implementation of the four pillars agreement, a deal reached between the two parties last year.

The union has said a culture of bullying in the workplace had not been tackled since the agreement, with local CWU officers being disciplined.

The deputy general secretary, Terry Pullinger, told a CWU meeting that members should get ready for the “fight of your lives”.

The CWU said Royal Mail bosses were “following their own agenda that will have long-term detrimental effects on our members’ terms and conditions of employment, job security and the future of Royal Mail Group as a whole.”

The four pillars agreement was one of the final acts of the former chief executive, Moya Greene, covering pay rises, pension proposals and moves to reduce working hours from 39 to 35 a week by 2022, subject to productivity improvements.

The CWU said that labour relations have worsened since Greene was succeeded by Rico Back, who courted controversy when he picked up a £6m “golden hello” for taking over at the company.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: “We have not received formal notification of a ballot from CWU. We are disappointed that they have set out a ballot timetable while discussions are ongoing.

“We are committed to open and constructive engagement with the CWU. We all want a successful and sustainable company that provides good quality jobs, fairness in workloads, and continues delivering the universal service.”

Royal Mail executives are understood to be hopeful that they can coax the CWU back into talks aimed at averting a strike.
In the meantime, walkouts are now running at more than one a week, including small, rural offices not noted for militancy, a CWU source said.

The union has also voiced concern about the company’s decision to move its Parcelforce business to a separate legal entity.

Parcelforce has previously attracted criticism over the employment conditions faced by drivers, some of whom claimed they were charged £250 a day if they were off sick.

Source : https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/aug/22

Australia Post continues transformation, delivering record revenues boosted by eCommerce
August 22, 2019
Australia Post today announced for FY19 record group revenue of $6,990 million, up two per cent, and a profit before tax of $41 million.

This full year profit result is in line with that achieved three years ago, although masks the significant transformation from a letter business to a growing delivery and services organisation.

Australia Post earned over $4,774 million in Parcels & Services revenue in FY19, representing 68 per cent of total revenue. The letters business now accounts for just 32 per cent of total revenue at $2,216 million, impacted by falling letter volumes. The business has changed from primarily providing a community service to operating in a highly competitive market.

In FY19 the business achieved several significant milestones as the strategy progressed and transformation continued. Domestic parcels grew 9.2 per cent to $3,181 million, confirming Australia Post’s eCommerce leadership position. The international parcel business grew 15.7 per cent to $586 million, underpinned by the successful consolidation of the global ecommerce business APG[1]. Financial Services and Identity Services generated over $500 million revenue. 

“This year we saw record domestic and international parcel revenue as more and more customers are choosing Australia Post as their preferred partner to deliver their ecommerce ambitions,” said Australia Post Group Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Christine Holgate.

“We also signed the historic Bank@Post community agreements this year, first with Commonwealth Bank, NAB and Westpac, and now more than 70 financial institutions have signed on. The Community Representation contribution will enable customers to continue to conduct essential banking transactions in 3,500 Post Offices across Australia using the Bank@Post service.”

Other highlights for the financial year included:
Continued investment program across the operational network – invested $424 million including $300 million CAPEX in robotics and automation and 1000 electric delivery vehicles purchased to support the growing ecommerce market, offering significant safety and environmental benefits
Increased investments were funded from improved operating cashflows, cash grew $36 million
Customer Net Promoter Score up 3 points to 20.5 – a standout performance compared to other logistics operators and retailers
Secured an agreement with important post office licensees – providing increased payments for parcels and financial services, in addition to upgraded technology.
Strong customer uptake of alternate delivery options – more than 90 million parcels delivered via the Post Office network and increasing use of 24/7 Parcel Lockers in 350 locations and growing
Full acquisition of Aramex Global Solutions, now known as AP Global, completed in December 2018 contributing $78 million in additional revenue and giving Australia Post full control of its international commercial arm.
Disposal of 10 per cent stake in Aramex parent for $228 million, reducing exposure to risk

However, this financial year, letter revenues declined almost 9 per cent to $2,216 million and losses from this business increased to $192 million. Fixed costs to operate the letter business continue to rise with increasing delivery points, although there has been no increase to the Basic Postage Rate in over three years, when Australia Post delivered 822 million more letters.

The losses in the letters business were after receiving the benefit from posties who are now carrying over 40 per cent of parcels. This significantly contributed to the $250 million of additional efficiency savings the group achieved in the year, which supported Australia Post remaining profitable.

“It is important letter pricing is addressed responsibly to ensure essential community post services are protected. Without an increase to the Basic Postage Rate, Australia Post will no longer be able to afford to fully subsidise the losses from the important post business, which would risk the closure of community post offices and a reduction in services,” Ms Holgate added.

“Australia Post is absolutely committed to honouring our community obligations and appreciates the essential role we play in communities, but urgent help is required.”
Once again, this year Australia Post either met or exceeded all of the prescribed performance standards that underpin the community service obligations and contributed $1,300 million in taxes and dividends to the Federal Government including $42 million in cash dividend payments.

Australia Post has forecast that although Group revenue will grow in FY20, there will be continued pressure on profitability due to the ongoing impact of letter losses.

“As a business it is critically important we remain focussed on growth opportunities – to do this we must continue to adapt and evolve to support our changing customer requirements. This includes opening the largest parcel processing facility in the Southern Hemisphere in late 2019, as well as launching new customer innovations, while we continue to keep a tight internal focus on costs.” Ms Holgate said.

Source : https://newsroom.auspost.com.au/article

UPS & ChannelAdvisor Simplify Global Shipping And E-Commerce For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

August 21, 2019
UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced today that ChannelAdvisor Corporation (NYSE: ECOM), a leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce solutions, now offers its services to thousands of small and medium-sized business (SMB) e-commerce customers at a discounted rate as part of UPS’s Customer Technology Program.

With ChannelAdvisor, brands and retailers can manage, optimize, and fulfill their merchandise sales on more than 130 marketplaces globally, including Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping Actions, and Walmart.

Through its robust and comprehensive suite of automation and analytics tools, ChannelAdvisor helps brands and retailers streamline their operations to achieve cost-saving efficiencies while meeting consumer expectations for fulfillment.

ChannelAdvisor becomes the latest business to join the UPS Customer Technology Program, or CTP. The UPS offering helps pre-screened, qualified small and medium-sized businesses purchase hardware, software, peripherals, such as printers, and packaging solutions at a discount from vendors that also work with UPS. This helps SMBs that are UPS customers better compete by gaining efficiencies and reducing costs.

“Our relationship with ChannelAdvisor gives customers of all sizes, who are shipping internationally or domestically, access to a powerful platform to help them grow their businesses and succeed,” said Bill Smith, Marketing Vice President, UPS. “It provides a great opportunity to combine the tools our business customers need to cost-effectively drive their operations forward, while continuing to provide convenience, choice, and control to their consumers.”

Additionally, ChannelAdvisor is a UPS Ready® certified solution, meaning business customers can easily manage order fulfillment to U.S. and international consumers, print UPS shipping and return labels, monitor shipping costs and more, all directly on the ChannelAdvisor platform.

“We’re excited to collaborate with UPS, a best-in-class e-commerce delivery expert,” says Paul Colucci, Vice President, North America Sales and Global Business Development at ChannelAdvisor. “By combining the strengths and expertise of both companies, we can offer brands and retailers a competitive edge in the global arena where shipping and logistics are critical to e-commerce success. Powered by the strategic alliance between ChannelAdvisor and UPS, global e-commerce expansion is within reach for businesses eager to elevate their brand’s online presence across multiple marketplaces.”

ChannelAdvisor joins 35 other vendors in UPS’s Customer Technology Program, which, since its 2003 inception, has helped small and medium-sized customers grow. To learn more about CTP, visit: www.ups.com/ctp.

Source : https://www.pressroom.ups.com/pressroom

The US Postal Service wants to ‘cluster’ subdivision mailboxes — and developers aren’t happy

August 21, 2019
Mailboxes for future subdivision houses will become extinct if a U.S. Postal Service mandate for clustered mailboxes remains.

“As we all know, we’ve had mail delivered to our houses since it was established by Benjamin Franklin, and that is now changing,” said Kevin Woodward, president of the Rutherford County Home Builders Association, which opposes the mandate from postal officials. “In my humble opinion, they have missed the prominent principle of business, and that’s to satisfy the end user.”

Although Woodward and other association members want curbside delivery to remain for new houses, USPS official Sandy Alsman said the “centralized delivery” requirement will save money.

Source : https://www.postaltimes.com/postalnews

DHL Supply Chain opens logistics distribution center in Victoria

August 20, 2019

DHL Supply Chain and toy maker Mattel have strengthened their partnership with the opening of a new dedicated logistics distribution center in Truganina, Victoria, Australia.

The 25,690m2 (276,500ft2) warehouse features an automated labeling and sortation system that will increase efficiencies in Mattel’s supply chain, will consolidate operations from two existing sites in Melbourne, and will consist of additional dock space for inbound goods and outbound truck loading space.

The new distribution center will combine the activities of receiving product from Mattel factories, storing, picking and packing, and distributing to Mattel’s customers throughout Australia, including large volumes each year for Christmas season. In addition, the facility will provide services for repacking of Mattel products for promotions and in-store displays.

“What we have managed to achieve throughout our partnership since 2016 underscores the value that we bring by driving operational excellence and cost optimization, while simultaneously ensuring that our supply chain practices remain sustainable and environmentally friendly,” commented Saul Resnick, CEO, DHL Supply Chain Australia & New Zealand.

“With the upcoming distribution center and the partnership renewal, we are thrilled to strengthen our collaboration with Mattel. Moving forward, we will continue to provide our supply chain expertise in every aspect possible to support Mattel’s growth,” concluded Resnick.

DHL and Mattel also intend to keep the new warehouse functions eco-friendly with sustainable green practices and energy efficient technology. The facility is fitted with a 100kW solar panel system and LED lights.

Paul Faulkner, vice president and country manager, Australia & New Zealand, Mattel, commented, “We are excited about our long-term partnership with DHL, we’re delighted to work with a partner that not only understands our business and markets, but also has the capability to provide strategic warehousing options to deliver a seamless customer experience.

“Supply chain is a massive part of how we connect to our consumer, and DHL enables us to efficiently have the right product at the right place at the right time,” he added.

Source : https://www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com/news/logistics

BPOST Group CEO to step down in 2020

August 19, 2019

Koen Van Gerven, bpost group CEO, has informed the Board of Directors of his decision not to be a candidate for the renewal of his group CEO mandate. His current mandate ends on 26 February 2020.

Koen Van Gerven said: “A lot of hard work has been delivered over the past years with the entire team. We’ve successfully tackled multiple challenges and the company knows where it’s heading. The vision, strategy and plans are clear, and their execution has begun.

Recent results have shown that the group is armed with a strong ambition and the right people to respond to the changes of  a digitalizing world. The first green shoots of our strategy roll-out are present, but we still have a long way to go.

Therefore, bpost needs a CEO who can guarantee continuity in our transformation journey for the full term of the six year mandate.”

François Cornelis, Chairman of bpost’s Board of Directors, praises the CEO for his work : “Over the past six years, Koen has led the group through a significant transformation of its activities with courage and commitment. He has maintained  the company’s societal role in Belgium, reacted appropriately to the changing market and launched new products and services in order to guarantee the sustainable growth of the company. On behalf of the Board, I would like to offer him my sincere thanks for the work done and to  wish him all the best in his future projects.

Koen Van Gerven joined bpost in 2006 as Director Retail & Financial Services, a role in which he led the important reorganisation of the post offices. He was Chairman of the Board of bpost bank before his appointment as CIO in 2009. He was part of the team that prepared the successful IPO of the company in June 2013. In February 2014, he was appointed to the role of bpost group CEO. Koen Van Gerven will continue to lead the group until the end of his current mandate.

The Board of Directors has requested François Cornelis, Chairman of the Board, to launch the recruitment process for a new CEO.

Source : https://postandparcel.info/112626/newsPOSTAL NEWS
No 67 -2019

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Do you know Véligo? August 22, 2019.

Starship Technologies to expand its university delivery service. August 21, 2019.

Australia Post to make verification easier and faster.
August 19, 2019.

Quick pickup services for online purchases are in great demand. August 16, 2019.

Battling to keep up mail volumes, NZ Post appoints new chairperson. August 16, 2019.    
Do you know Véligo?

August 22, 2019

Véligo is a new service of La Poste which will initially concern 54 offices in the Paris region. The idea is to offer a long-term rental of electric assistance bicycles (VAE), via the company FLUOW, created to operate the Delegation of Public Service, of which La Poste holds 51%.

After periods of testing at two sites in the Paris region, the official opening of the Véligo service is scheduled for 10 October 2019 in Ile de France. The Postmen will give the bicycles to the customers after explanations on the functioning, contradictory verification of the state of the material and signature of the delivery order. In the opposite direction, they will receive the VAE in return, after a new check of the state of the equipment with signaling of possible damages and signature of the return slip for the customer.

Force Ouvrière will remain vigilant on the organizational impact of this new service, especially as its implementation is carried out at constant strength! A balance sheet at six months is planned.

Source : http://www.focom-laposte.fr/breves

Starship Technologies to expand its university delivery service

August 21, 2019

Starship Technologies, the autonomous restaurant and grocery delivery service, has announced that it has raised $40 million in Series A funding.

The company, which has just become the first to complete 100,000 commercial deliveries, also announced that it plans to expand its service to 100 university campuses in the next 24 months.

Delivery robots arrived this week at the University of Pittsburgh. Purdue University, Indiana is launching on 9 September with more following shortly.

With the closing of this Series A funding round, Starship has now raised a total of $85 million. The company will use the new funding to rapidly expand its services to more university campuses. The round was led by Morpheus Ventures with participation from prior investors including Shasta Ventures, Matrix Partners, MetaPlanet Holdings and others, as well as new investors including TDK Ventures, Qu Ventures and others.

“We’ve evaluated the autonomous tech market segment around the world, and Starship is miles ahead of others in bringing advanced technology valued by real paying customers,” said Nicolas Sauvage, Managing Director of TDK Ventures. “Starship’s machine learning, computer vision, and sensor fusion is the most advanced we’ve seen in autonomous robotic delivery. We look forward to contributing to the success of Starship in this important and emerging space.”

“This new investment will see Starship expand onto more campuses as we head towards a goal of offering our service to over one million students,” said Lex Bayer, CEO of Starship Technologies. “An entire generation of university students are growing up in a world where they expect to receive a delivery from a robot after a few taps on their smartphone. The reception to our service both on campuses and in neighbourhoods has been phenomenal. Our customers appreciate how we make their lives easier and give them back the gift of time.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info/112660/news

Australia Post to make verification easier and faster

August 19, 2019

Australia Post has launched a new employment screening service – Workforce Verification - that is set to offer employers a streamlined and efficient verification solution.

With background employment screens such as police checks becoming increasingly mandatory, cumbersome screening processes can unfortunately create friction in recruitment and onboarding, leading to candidate dropout and stretching HR processes.

Workforce Verification is a service that will navigate these obstacles in a thorough yet efficient way by being able to conduct a range of screens, including identity, police and visa checks in one interface.

Real-time visibility status of all candidate and existing employee cheeks will also help streamline reporting and ongoing compliance.

The Workforce Verification platform allows core ready-to-work check requirements such as police and Visa checks, but with a roadmap for more sophisticated identity, qualification and integrity checks to be added to the platform in future.

Australia Post Head of Product - Identity Services Christian Seely said that the new offering was a game-changer for HR professionals, streamlining the process, reducing administration costs, and reducing candidate dropout and improving the overall experience.

“Already a trusted leader in identity services and employment screening, and one of Australia’s most trusted brands, Australia Post’s new solution will verify employees faster and more efficiently through an easy to use low touch platform,” he said.

“We know the importance of businesses and government agencies knowing who they are hiring – and the strength of our offering is the flexibility to offer a dual online and in-store process, leveraging our extensive network of post offices.

Australia Post has already signed on nine customers, and with many more in the pipeline, is set to expand the service in coming months.

The new platform further positions Australia Post as a significant participant in the identity services and employment screening space and shows its ability to meet customer needs.

Source : https://newsroom.auspost.com.au/article

Quick pickup services for online purchases are in great demand

August 16, 2019
Verkkokauppa.com will move its pickup warehouse in Vantaa from Tuupakka to Posti’s larger warehouse premises in Voutila on August 15, 2019. The company’s pickup warehouse located next to the Jätkäsaari outlet will remain open as usual. Buyers can visit the pickup warehouse to quickly pick up large products—such as home appliances—that have been paid for in advance, immediately after payment has been made and without having to deal with the heavy traffic in central Helsinki.

“In accordance with its strategy, the company is seeking growth in the coming years, and the move to the new premises in Voutila lays a solid foundation for this growth. Moving to modern and well-functioning premises was necessary in order to ensure that our product range can be developed systematically and that the customer experience remains at a high level,” says Panu Porkka, CEO at Verkkokauppa.com. 

“Being able to create a quick and optimized service was important for us. We therefore prioritized speed in the planning of the new pickup warehouse. After the customer has paid for the product via the online store, they can immediately pick it up from the Posti warehouse. Being able to quickly buy and pick up a new home appliance is especially important in situations where an essential home appliance has stopped working. The replacement for a broken refrigerator can be bought on the Verkkokauppa.com website, and the new refrigerator can be picked up immediately from the Posti warehouse. Warehouse personnel will also assist customers in loading the purchases into their vehicles,” says Miika Heinonen, Logistics Director at Verkkokauppa.com.

Posti’s pickup warehouse acts as an extension of the physical store – 363 days a year
While Finnish online shoppers’ expectations for how they can receive their purchases grow rapidly, the seasonal nature of e-commerce requires flexibility from warehouse premises and the related services.

“Our goal is that, as Finnish companies, Verkkokauppa.com and Posti will offer easier, more diverse and more flexible delivery methods that meet the expectations of Finnish consumers. Our pickup warehouse is open seven days a week, almost every day of the year. In addition, we can deliver e-commerce parcels on the day the order was placed. We are also able to meet the needs of Verkkokauppa.com’s growth in terms of space,” says Jouko Lehtonen, Director, Contract Logistics at Posti.

According to Heinonen, the new premises make it easier for Verkkokauppa.com to cope with the seasonal nature of the business: the warehouse premises and the number of personnel working there can be flexibly adjusted based on the products and the season. Posti acts as an extension of the physical store for the company.

“Buying has moved online, and now our customers outside Helsinki can receive their purchases much more quickly and easily than before. It will no longer be necessary to drive to central Helsinki. Instead, customers can pick up their new freezer or bicycle from a location right next to Ring Road III. This makes our customers’ everyday lives run smoother and helps save valuable time. Another great benefit is that all of Posti’s services are 100% carbon neutral. Together, we can promote a more sustainable way of doing e-commerce.”

Verkkokauppa.com has been a Posti customer since 1998. Verkkokauppa.com will continue its operations in the Jätkäsaari district of Helsinki, where the company’s megastore, pickup point and 24h kiosk are located.

Source : https://www.posti.com/en/media/media-news/2019

Battling to keep up mail volumes, NZ Post appoints new chairperson

August 16, 2019

The chairperson of the Provincial Growth Fund independent advisory panel has been named as the new chair of NZ Post, which is under pressure from one of the world's highest rates of decline in letter volumes.

A former businessman now mostly involved in corporate governance, Rodger Finlay has been appointed to the role from next week - August 21 - to April 30, 2022.

"Mr Finlay is a capable and experienced chair, who will bring strong governance and senior commercial experience to the NZ Post Board at a time of significant challenge to its business models," said Associate Minister for State Owned Enterprises Shane Jones.

"He also brings skills that are relevant to NZ Post's role as the majority owner of Kiwibank."

He will retire from his role as a governor on the board of Radio New Zealand as soon as possible, Jones said.

He has previously chaired NZ Oil and Gas and been a director of Public Trust, and NZ Thoroughbred Racing.

"Shareholding ministers are confident Mr Finlay can help guide NZ Post through the changing mail environment while ensuring a high standard of service is maintained, especially in the regions," said Jones

Former NZ Post chairperson