“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
No 92 -2018

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Canada Post tables significant offer to quickly resolve negotiations and clear backlogs with holiday rush coming. November 14, 2018.

DHL’s New Investor Will Help Customers Achieve More Accurate Decision Making In Their Supply Chains.
November 12, 2018.

Royal Mail Quality Of Service. November 9, 2018.

Post Office – 1st December Day of Action – Join us!  November 9, 2018.
Mail Goes Digital with Informed Delivery Bridging the Gap Between Physical Mail and Email. November 08, 2018.

Canada Post tables significant offer to quickly resolve negotiations and clear backlogs with holiday rush coming

November 14, 2018 
Canada Post has tabled a significant offer with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) to bring resolution to negotiations as union strikes have created an urgent situation that could significantly impact Canadians and the Canadian retail economy this holiday season.

Responding to the union's concerns with a significant time-limited offer with signing bonus to quickly bring negotiations and rotating strikes to a close

On the heels of a third unsuccessful round of mediation, Canada Post is taking the extraordinary step of offering employees a time-limited four-year offer worth approximately $650 million which includes the following highlights:
pay increases of 2% a year plus a signing bonus of up to $1,000.
new job security for employees, including rural and suburban employees, many of which have never had it before.
to reinforce our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, a new $10 million Health and Safety fund to pay for joint initiatives to accelerate making the corporation a model organization in safety. On the handling of mail, we propose to send the matter back to Arbitrator Burkett, who is one hearing day away from addressing it. This is on top of numerous measures we've proposed to work with the union to better manage employee workload and adjust routes annually for volume changes.
On equality, we will go beyond the recently announced 25% increase in pay and improvements to benefits for rural and suburban employees from the pay equity ruling with a new proposal to pay for overtime, job security and a move to one uniform for all delivery employees.  We've also defined processes to work together to develop a new compensation model for rural and suburban employees.

This measure is to ensure we can reach a just-in-time resolution and deliver for Canadians ahead of the holiday rush. It therefore expires on Saturday, November 17 at 11:59 p.m.  The time limit is necessary as this offer is only affordable if we can clear the backlogs caused by the union's strike activity and effectively deliver the quickly arriving massive Black Friday & Cyber Monday volumes.

Strikes creating record-level backlogs

As of this morning at our Gateway parcel processing plant in Toronto, we surpassed 260 trailers of parcels and packets waiting to be unloaded. Union picket lines came down in this city late this morning, but the resulting backlog is beyond any previous record of backlogged trailers, with more expected today after two days of missed customer pickups due to the strike. Our previous high was reached last Black Friday/Cyber Monday with 220 trailers. Clearing the backlog will be much more difficult this time with the shut-downs and the unions not allowing any overtime to be worked by employees. The Vancouver plant is still struggling to keep up with over 100 trailers backlogged after union strikes throughout the weekend.
Without the ability to quickly recover at our facilities, our customers – big and small – are also getting backed up as we are not able to accept our normal trailer volumes. The backlogs are also extending to international mail and parcels entering the country.  As a result, we have been forced to advise international posts, including the United States Postal Service, that we are unable to accept incoming items until further notice. We are working to help clear backlogs at Seattle airport and LAX.
The strikes are now into their fourth week and have touched virtually every Canada Post facility and every Canadian address so far.

Canadian retail economy at risk if more than half of Canada's holiday parcel capacity is compromised

If we are unable to clear the backlog and resume normal operations quickly, the large incoming holiday parcel volumes will severely compromise our ability to deliver the quickly approaching Black Friday and Cyber Monday rush which begins the holiday rush.
Canada Post delivers the bulk of Canada's online shopping and we are entering the busiest six weeks of the year. Canada Post delivers two-thirds of Canadian's online shopping. Twenty five percent of that parcel volume comes in November and December from 200,000 small businesses and 11,000 medium-to-large retailers. With our size and network, there is no other shipping option available for the majority of our customers, especially at this time of year. Without a quick return to normal operations, backlogs will rapidly increase and cause significant impacts to the Canadian retail economy, especially to smaller retailers.

Canadian charities still rely on holiday fundraising mailings

Canadian charities and not-for-profits still use the mail for major fundraising activities at this time of year and will be impacted without a quick return to normal operations. According to Imagine Canada, donations solicited through the mail remain a top fundraising tool for charities, outpacing payroll deductions and telephone solicitation. With an estimated $5 billion in charitable contributions occurring in the last six weeks of the year, charities and not-for profits ramp up their mailings during the holiday period. That means 42% of mail volume in the not-for-profit sector occurs during the holiday season. Without a quick return to normal operations, these fundraising and new donor acquisition efforts could be significantly hampered this year. 

Bringing resolution to negotiations

After 11 months of negotiations and more than three weeks of continued strike activity, Canada Post is making this significant effort to resolve matters and focus on delivering the important holiday rush for Canadians and Canadian retailers.

Source : https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/blogs/announcements

DHL’s New Investor Will Help Customers Achieve More Accurate Decision Making In Their Supply Chains

November 12, 2018
Deutsche Post DHL Group has announced an equity commitment of US$21 million by Columbia Capital into Resilience360, DHL’s cloud-based supply chain risk management solution.
Columbia Capital’s team will take an active role in pursuing organic and inorganic growth opportunities for the R360 platform, which allows businesses to visualise, track and manage risk in their global end-to-end supply chain operations.
“Resilience360 is a key part of DHL’s value proposition. By bringing in Columbia Capital, we have the opportunity to significantly enhance its capabilities, particularly in data analytics and accelerate the growth of the platform and provide an even better service offering to our customers,” explains Katja Busch, DHL’s Chief Commercial Officer. “Supply chain risk management is more important than ever to our customers and aiding global supply chains to be more resilient is a critical part of our business. The investment reflects our commitment to helping the industry manage risks beyond the DHL network.”
“Supply chain technology and analytics have huge potential to increase supply chain efficiency and create value,” says John Siegel, a partner at Columbia Capital. “We spent significant time meeting with many companies that are addressing this opportunity and believe that Resilience360 has very unique capabilities and potential.”
Columbia Capital, a Washington, DC-based venture capital group, has a long history of investing in and scaling high growth and disruptive technology companies.
The investment is being made through a holding company, Rising Tide Digital, which will be led by David Northington as Chairman, David Shillingford as CEO and Chris Arroyo as CFO/COO. Northington and Arroyo led the successful scaling and exit of another Columbia Capital-backed technology company, Cloud Sherpas, which was acquired by Accenture in 2015. Shillingford previously held leadership roles at Verisk Analytics, a global data analytics company.

“The investment allows us to continue making product development our top priority and to grow the business faster in collaboration with DHL’s business units around the globe,” asserts Tobias Larsson, who will continue to lead Resilience360 as CEO. “We will be able to apply more advanced analytics to the vast quantities of data that Resilience360 now collects to develop predictive and proscriptive insights that will help customers achieve faster and more accurate decision making in their supply chains and better prepare and respond to potential disruptions.”
Resilience360 will remain an integral part of the DHL service offering and continue to cooperate closely with the different DHL business units on agile sales and customer centric product development.
Resilience360 offers end-to-end supply chain risk management. The platform alerts customers about supply chain incidents globally and risks to their global supply chain in almost real time. The platform helps companies handle an ever-changing world by assessing the impact of natural disasters, changing regulatory environments, and other supply chain risks. With Resilience360, businesses can visualize their supply chains end-to-end, use machine learning capabilities to detect early warnings of incidents that can disrupt their supply chain and it will allow customers to preemptively respond and minimize business interruption. The recent addition of the Resilience360 mobile app extended the platform with anytime, anywhere access for customers.

Source : https://postandparcel.info/98904/news

Royal Mail Quality Of Service

November 9, 2018
Royal Mail’s latest Quality of Service report reveals that it has exceeded its regulatory Second Class target in the first half of the 2018-19 financial year1, delivering 98.7 per cent of mail within three working days against a target of 98.5 per cent. 98.6 per cent of Second Class mail was delivered within three working days, for the second quarter of the year
Royal Mail delivered 91.8 per cent of First Class mail the next working day against a target of 93 per cent over the six months leading to 23 September 2018. 91.3 per cent of First Class mail was delivered the next working day in the second quarter of the year
The results are published today in the latest Royal Mail Quality of Service report. It reports progress towards the regulated Quality of Service targets, which are measured over the full 12 month period
Royal Mail’s Quality of Service report for the first half of the 2018-2019 financial year 1 reveals it has exceeded its regulatory Second Class mail target of 98.5 per cent. The Company delivered 98.7 per cent of this mail within three working days over this period, according to independent research2. 98.6 per cent of Second Class mail was delivered within three working days, for the second quarter of the year.
Royal Mail delivered 91.8 per cent of First Class mail the next working day against a target of 93 per cent over the six months leading to 23 September 2018. 91.3 per cent of First Class mail was delivered the next working day in the second quarter of the year.
Royal Mail is the only UK mail delivery company required to publish Quality of Service performance against delivery targets every quarter and has one of the highest Quality of Service specifications of any major European country3.
Shane O'Riordain, Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs, Royal Mail said: “Royal Mail operates under some of the most demanding Quality of Service standards in the whole of Europe. It’s disappointing that our performance is not where it should be. We remain focused on delivering high levels of customer satisfaction to our customers while introducing more innovation into our post and parcel delivery services.”
Royal Mail’s Quality of Service is measured by Kantar TNS, an independent market research company2.
Source : https://www.royalmailgroup.com/en/press-centre/press-releases
Post Office – 1st December Day of Action – Join us!
November 9, 2018
Saturday December 1st will see protests in cities and towns all over the UK, as the CWU leads a nationwide Day of Action in defence of the UK’s Post Office network.

Speaking at a lively central London launch yesterday, general secretary Dave Ward pointed out that the Post Office bosses’ announcement of the the ‘franchising’ of 74 Crown offices to retailer WH Smith, impacting on some 7-800 jobs, marked a change in their strategy from “managed decline to terminal decline.
“And that’s what we’re facing unless we can force a change of direction,” he told the audience of CWU branch and regional officers, explaining two key reasons for the root causes of this crisis.
Firstly, he sharply criticised “the wrong decision to separate the Post Office from Royal Mail” and reminded people that “no other government in the world has done this.”
And then he turned his fire on the individuals running the company, slamming “senior managers, who get paid large amounts of money and, rather than improve things, they smash them up.”
In the forthcoming campaign, “we need the whole union to get behind this campaign, win as much political support as possible and get out and about among local communities too – fighting as hard as we can to stop as many of these franchises and closures as we can,” Dave urged.
But as well as waging this defensive battle, our general secretary added that the union must also be at the spearhead of fighting for a positive future for our post office network, waging and winning the battle of ideas and setting out our own vision.
Andy Furey, CWU assistant secretary, thanked branches for attending the launch and made the point that, as well as defending the Crown network, our campaign must also focus on the need to support sub-post offices and postmasters as well – among whom the CWU has several hundred members.
“Although the 74 under-threat Crowns are the focal points at this time, there are around 11,500 sub-post offices across the UK and our Royal Mail members deliver and collect form them every day,” he pointed out.
“When Labour comes to power, they will re-merge the Post Office and Royal Mail in public ownership – but we have to make sure that there is a Post Office and so this campaign has to succeed.”
Concluding his speech, Andy urged members: “Let’s be upbeat.

“It’s a struggle – it’s tough – but we ‘ain’t gonna roll over.”
A ‘Q&A’ session followed, with dozens of contributions, questions and enthusiastic suggestions and then the event broke into regional planning groups.
The second half of the launch heard reports back from every region of the union, each one explaining the situation within their own patch and setting out their respective 1st December Day of Action plans.
All workplace reps are being asked to take the Save Our Post Office petition around their respective units, and where under-threat Crowns are located in high streets and city or town centres, it was suggested that local shops could be asked to display our campaign posters.
In London, activists will focus on several under-threat Crowns, particularly the high-profile Trafalgar Square office, while city-centre actions are also to take place Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh.
December 1st protests are planned for Aberdeen, Crawley, Nottingham, Chester, Basingstoke, York, and Bristol – with further events in other localities being discussed and organised as well.
CWU head of comms Chris Webb, who is helping to co-ordinate the activities, said: “There are going to be lots of different December 1st events and activities and please keep checking on all the union’s media channels for the latest updates, take the petition round at work if you can, and get in touch with your branch and region for further news.
“Yesterday was a really positive launch – now let’s all work together to make Action Day December 1st happen.”

Source : https://www.cwu.org/news
Mail Goes Digital with Informed Delivery
Bridging the Gap Between Physical Mail and Email

November 08, 2018
Whether it is a card from Grandma, a bill, or a special surprise package, the U.S. Postal Service has a feature that allows you to see what is coming to your mailbox — anytime, anywhere — even while traveling. Informed Delivery is on the cutting edge of communication trends by helping people manage their mail and make the most of it. So before you head over the river or through the woods for holiday time this year, be sure to sign up and see for yourself.
Participating users can digitally preview their mail through email notification, online dashboard or mobile app. Users also have the ability to interact with digital content, such as special offers and related links, directly from Informed Delivery notifications.
Signing up is easy. Simply go to informeddelivery.usps.com and follow the prompts for verification. This process provides security measures to keep your mail and physical address private.

Starting early 2019, the Postal Service expects to begin offering an additional Informed Delivery option that will allow customers to sign for deliveries for some packages with an electronic signature. This enhancement will add convenience for customers who aren’t always home to sign for their deliveries.
Best of all, Informed Delivery is free, with no cost to sign up and no additional charges for any of the added enhancements of this valuable tool. More than 13 million users already enjoy the benefits and rewards this feature every day.
All postage stamps are available for purchase at Post Offices locations, online at usps.com and by toll-free phone order at 1-800 STAMP-24.
The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

Source : http://about.usps.com/news/national-releases/2018

No 93 -2018

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

PSBC to Cooperate with Banks and Enterprises of Power China. November 15, 2018.

CORREOS increases the usual route of its transport
networks for this campaign by 17,000 km/day. November 14, 2018.

POSTNORD AB To Make 3d Printing Of Manufacturing Parts More Accessible. November 14, 2018.

UPS begins construction on delivery center in Tuscany. November 13, 2018.

NPMHU, APWU and USPS Come Together for Historic RI 399 Training. November 9, 2018.

PSBC to Cooperate with Banks and Enterprises of Power China

November 15, 2018
Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) convened a symposium on banks and enterprises in the construction industry in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, on October 18, 2018.
Related enterprises of Power Construction Corporation of China (Power China) were invited to attend the event.
Power China is one of the eight largest construction enterprises in China. Its business focuses on conserving water, power and other infrastructure construction. Power China Road Bridge Group Co., Ltd is a professional platform under China Power, which is responsible for infrastructure investment and construction. It deals with investment, planning, survey, design, consultation, supervision, construction, operation and other business.
At the symposium, leaders of related departments of Power China and China Road Bridge Group introduced the development of their national business as well as the key projects of China Road Bridge Group. They said that the PSBC has strong advantages in finance and coverage, which meets the business needs of Power China.
Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth communication, focusing on the business approval process and key points. They reached initial consensus on risk preferences.
Power China and China Road Bridge Group would provide lists of key projects for the PSBC, interlink cooperation for their branches, and establish a general-branch liaison mechanism between banks and enterprises. The Strategic Customer Department of the PSBC would further carry out business convergence and promotion work.
At this symposium, the two sides were confident of future cooperation and would jointly contribute to the project implementation. The PSBC would establish a nationwide reserve project library, actively support high-quality enterprises and key regional companies on condition of  controllable risk, rationally allocate credit resources, and provide financial services for customers, such as liquidity loans, guarantees, trade financing, investment banking and financial management, etc. 

Source : http://english.chinapost.com.cn

CORREOS increases the usual route of its transport networks for this campaign by 17,000 km / day

November 14, 2018
The postal and parcel company has opened 107 new routes that increase by 13% the distance covered daily by the usual local and provincial transport networks
CORREOS has reinforced its fleet of vehicles this year with the incorporation of 650 motorcycles and 524 vans, of which 40 of them are electric vans.

CORREOS is prepared to face the period of maximum activity of the year as is the interval between Black Friday and the Three Kings, going through Cyber ​​Monday and Father Christmas, and deploys the greatest logistical reinforcement of the last years.
The postal and parcel company has increased transport networks with the opening of more than 100 new routes that represent an increase of 17,000 km / day, 13% more than the distance covered daily by the usual local and provincial transport networks.
Specifically, CORREOS has reinforced the transport routes with local and provincial destinations by 18% by opening 96 routes for a period of two months, from November 15 to January 15. The collection routes of large customers have also been reinforced with the creation of 11 new routes for the same period.
All this logistics infrastructure serves to manage the total volume of packages that, according to forecasts, will grow by 34% in the month of November and 25% in December with respect to last year, due to the impact of the big days of the reductions of online commerce and at the height of the Christmas campaign.
The postal and parcel company has also reinforced, throughout this year, its fleet of vehicles with the incorporation of 650 motorcycles and 524 vans of which 40 of them are electric vans.
The incorporation of new technologies and the improvement of the information systems is another of the bases of the preparation of CORREOS to face the points of activity. In 2018, the "TAURO" application was implemented to optimize the distribution tasks as well as a balanced scorecard that will allow us to know the estimated packages that will arrive at each delivery unit and plan the necessary resources.
Finally, CORREOS has more than 4,500 CityPaq devices, the parcel terminals located in subway and subway stations, shopping centers, gas stations ... as well as those located in companies and even in neighborhood communities, with the aim that there will always be one near the customer and be able to pick up their purchases without depending on schedules.

Source : https://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site

POSTNORD AB To Make 3d Printing Of Manufacturing Parts More Accessible

November 14, 2018
PostNord AB have announced their partnership with GKN Powder Metallurgy, an innovation development partner of the manufacturing industry. This collaboration will make the 3D printing of parts in manufacturing a more open and accessible market.

“Metal 3D printing offers tangible benefits to manufacturers who implement the technology, with significant bottom-line benefits,” says Ylva Ekborn, CEO PostNord Str√•lfors Group.

With new development within 3D printing, it is now possible for companies to explore opportunities in 3D production and take advantage of the possibilities with new and advanced technologies.

“This collaboration only scratches the surface of what’s possible as manufacturers explore new ways to capitalize on advancements in technology and new logistics strategies to gain a competitive edge,” says Ylva Ekborn.
3D printing empowers global manufacturers to optimise their part supply chain with streamlined logistics that make it easy and fast to get parts where they need to go in the Nordic region, which will reduce time-to-market by up to 48 hours.

The partnership between PostNord AB and GKN Powder Metallurgy is a first step to make logistics more effective and to improve lead-times for manufacturers.

“We’re joining forces with PostNord AB because we see an opportunity to improve the manufacturing supply chain, particularly in the Nordic region,” says Peter Oberparleiter, CEO of GKN Powder Metallurgy. “This partnership will offer an incredible benefit to our customers by reducing part turnaround by nearly two business days which is critical for the customers PostNord serves.  Our metal 3D printing technology is disrupting the traditional manufacturing industry by greatly reducing manufacturing lead-times with the capability of producing more complex products. Collaborating with PostNord AB bridges the logistics gap we see in the marketplace and ensures that printed parts get to manufacturers efficiently and on time. That is the first step before establishing additive manufacturing linked to the GKN Powder Metallurgy print network.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info/98916/news/post

UPS begins construction on delivery center in Tuscany

November  13, 2018
UPS has started the construction of a new parcel sorting and delivery center in the industrial area of Prato, Italy.
The new structure is located in a key region of Italian entrepreneurship in which there are a large number of small and medium-sized companies.
The center – which will have an operating area of 8,000m² (86,000ft²) – will open by the end of 2019 and will replace the current structure in nearby Calenzano. The new center will unite the services of UPS packages and supply chains into a single structure and manage deliveries and withdrawals in the provinces of Arezzo, Florence, Pistoia and Prato.
In line with the sustainability goals of UPS, the new building will be equipped with photovoltaic panels and charging stations for electric vehicles.
Karl Haberkorn, country manager, UPS Italy, said, “Tuscany is one of the main exporting regions of Italy, with companies operating in the manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion and luxury sectors, which bring Made in Italy to the world.
 “Many of these companies are small businesses and this new structure will allow us to connect our customers more efficiently to export opportunities through UPS’s intelligent and global logistics network.
“UPS is at the service of Italian companies for over thirty years, last year we increased our volumes from Italy by over 15% and companies in Tuscany are an important part of this growth.”
The new facility is part of the US$2bn multi-year European investment plan, which aims to modernize and expand the UPS network across the continent. The investments included in this program include the recent announcement of a €130m (US$146m) facility in Eindhoven, Netherlands; the opening of a £120m (US$154m) London hub in the UK; and the construction of a US$100m hub in Paris, France.

UPS has been operating in Italy since 1987. The company currently has 21 operating facilities in Italy and serves five airports: Ancona-Falconara, Bergamo-Orio al Serio, Bologna, Rome-Ciampino and Venice.

Source : https://www.postalandparceltechnologyinternational.com/news/logistics

NPMHU, APWU and USPS Come Together for Historic RI-399 Training

November  9, 2018
November 8-9, 2018 – Over 150 mail handlers who serve on their respective Local Dispute Resolution Committees (LDRC) gathered in Las Vegas, NV with an equal number of their USPS and APWU counterparts for the first gathering of two joint training sessions conducted by the members of the National Dispute Resolution Committee (NDRC) on the newly signed Updated MOU on RI-399 Dispute Resolution Procedures.  The MOU was issued in June 2018.
This historic MOU comes 26 years after the original Dispute Resolution Procedures (DRP) were issued in 1992 and marks an important milestone in the history of RI-399 and

the process for addressing jurisdictional disputes between the NPMHU-represented mail handlers and APWU-represented clerks.
Members of the NDRC plan to conduct five joint sessions in total, training over 1,500 LDRC members across the country.  The parties are optimistic that the training will help ensure proper implementation of the Updated RI399 procedures.

Source : https://www.postaltimes.com/postalnews