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7 Steps of Timeline of finalizing the pension case as prescribed in CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972
Timeline of finalizing the pension cases

1.Rule-58 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972Undertake the work of preparation of pension paper by the HOO.One year before the date of retirement on superannuation or on the date on which he proceeds on leave preparatory to retirement.
2.Rule-59 of CCS Pension Rules, 1972Timelines for completion of two stages of preparation of paper.Not later than eight months prior to the date of retirement
3Rule-59 of ccs (Pension) Rules, 1972Forwarding Form-5 to retiring govt. servant of superannuation advising him to submit the form duly completed in all respect.Not later than six months prior to the date of his retirement
4Rule-59 (A) of ccs (Pension) Rules, 1972Forwarding Form-5 to the retiring govt. servant other than superannuation Should be forwarded before retirement but after the approval of such retirement by the competent authority or the retirement has become effective.
5Rule-60 of ccs (Pension) Rules, 1972Completion of pension papers by HOO.
i) Superannuation: Completion of Part-I of Form-7 by HOO.Not later than four months before the retirement
ii) other than superannuationWithin 3 months after submission of Form-5 by the Govt. servant.
6Rule-61 of ccs (Pension) Rules, 1972Forwarding of pension papers to Accou nts Officer by HOO.
i) SuperannuationNot later than four months
ii) other than superannuationNot later than three months after the date of submission of Form-5

7Rule-65 of ccs (Pension} Rules, 1972Authorisation of pension and gratuity by the Accounts Officer of PAO.One month in advance of the date of retirement of the Govt. servant.