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Intimating regarding COVID19 Patient at BD Directorate

Government of India 
Ministry of Communications 
Department of Posts 
Dak Bhavan, 
Sensed Marg 
New Delhi-118901 
Dated: 12.06.2020 
Sub: - Intimating regarding COVID-I9 patient - Reg. 
        It is informed that Shri Ajay Kathuria, Inspector of Posts posted in BD Directorate, 50 Floor of Dak Bhawan has been tested positive for COVID-19. He attended the office last on 05. June, 2020 (Friday). Two more officials from BD Directorate have been asked to get their COVED test done.
2. As per the SoP dated 045 lune, 2020 issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Copy enclosed), the people/ officers who came imo contact with him will be categorised into high and low risk contacts. The high-risk exposure contacts are advised to go for self-quarantine / isolation, for a period of 14 days from the date of contact i.e. upto 20-06-2020. The low-risk exposure contacts shall continue to work and closely monitor their health for next 14 days. They are also directed to inform this office immediately, if they develop COVID symptoms and get their tests done. For the definition of high-risk and low-risk exposure contact, kindly refer to Para-5 (iii)—"Management of Contacts" of SoP dated 04. lune, 2020 issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
3. GA section is directed to conduct a thorough sanitization exercise on 5th Floor of Dak Bhawan and the floor be sealed for 48 hours. The 5th Floor will be opened on Monday at 0800AM
This issues with the approval of competent authority. 
Assistant Dr General
1. Sr. PPS to Secretary (Posts) 
2. PS to DG(PS) 
3. PPS to Addl. DG/ All Members (PSB)/ AS&FA/ Secretary (PSB) 
4. CGM BD— It is requested to initiate contact tracing and other necessary actions should be taken as per the guidelines of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. 
5. ADO (GA)/ Section Officer (GA) 
6. All staff of Dak Bhawm. 
7. Office/ Notice Board