“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Stay against redeployment of 45 PAs from Hyderabad GPO.Click here to read
Dear colleagues,. 
In Telangana circle based on adhoc norms workload of Hyderabad GPO assessed and ordered for 45 PAs redeployment. This is quite injustice and NAPEc CHQ filed case against redeployment orders. Before that the NFPE filed case and failed to explain reasons before Hon'ble CAT Hyderabad.. With the guaidence of Sri D.Kishanrao sir and Sri B.Gurudas sir filed case and succeeded . If we don't stop this type of unilateral administration acts PAN India has to suffer. I can proudly say that our union is committed for working class. 
Sivaji Vasireddy, 
GS NAPE, Group C