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F. No.: CEO/B&A/109(48)/200828435-89
Dated: 02.04.2019

With the concurrence of the Finance Department, GNCTD, to the rates approved by the Election Commission of India, vide U.O. No. DSF-V /296 dated 25-03-2019 and DSF-V/343 dated 29-03-2019, the rates of remuneration to be paid to the staff deployed on Election Duty for the General Election to LokSabha-2019 are as under :-

Sl. No.
Designation of Officers/ Officials
Minimum Rate of remuneration
Section Officer
Rs. 5000/- lumpsum
Master Trainer
Rs. 2000/- lumpsum
Presiding Officer / Counting Supervisor / Reception Supervisor
350/- per day or part thereof
Polling Officers/ Counting Asstt./ Reception Assistant
150/- per day or part thereof
150/- per day or part thereof
Packed Lunch and/ or Light Refreshment
150/- per day or part thereof
Video Surveillance Team, Video Viewing Team, Accounting Team, Expenditure Monitoring Control Room and Call Center Staffs, Medis Certification and Monitoring Committee, Flying Squads, Static Surveillance Team, Expenditure Monitoring Cell
Class-I/II (Rs. 1200/- lumpsum)
Class-III (Rs. 1000/- lumpsum)
Class-IV (Rs. 200/- per day)
Micro Observer
Rs. 1000/- lumpsum
Assistant Expenditure Observer
Rs. 7500/- lumpsum for full time duty and for partial duration on pro-rata basis.

The Above Mentioned Rates Are Equally Applicable To Police Personnel Actually Deployed On Polling Booths/Counting Centres.

The above rates are payable to the staff for attending class, collecting polling material as well as attending duty on the polling day/counting day.

The letter of the Commission communicated vide this office letter No. F.CEO/Admn/104(2)/2013/Cir/16980-94 dated 20-03-2014 inter-alia direct that keeping in view the long hours of duty, the day next to the day of polling is also to be treated as period on Election duty. Accordingly, polling staff shall be paid for maximum 4 days for training collecting polling materials ete. And 2 days for polling day, subject to the condition that such number of training are actually attended and record.

Reserve staff 
shall be paid 4 days for training and only 1 day for polling day.

Reception duty staff
 may be paid remuneration for 2 days i.e. 1 day for training and 1 day for attending the duty on reception counter on polling day.

Voter assistance booth staff 
may be paid remuneration equal to Polling officers i.e. Rs.250/-per day for 2 days i.e. 1 day for training and 1 day for attending the duty on polling day.

Counting duty staff
 (including statistical staff) may be paid remuneration for 2 days i.e. 1 day for training and 1 day for attending the duty on counting day.

MTS / Class-IV /Volunteers
 deployed for assisting voters with disabilities will be paid remuneration @ Rs. 150/-per day for 2 days i.e. one day for training and 1 day for attending the duty on polling day.

If same Micro-Observer is deployed for polling day as well as on counting day, it will be treated as sperate duty and remuneration will be paid accordingly.