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Travelling allowance rules after the implementation of 7th CPC

No. 904302/2018-E.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
North Block, New Delhi -110001
Dated the 12th September, 2018
Sh. Ravi Karan
President, SSOA
A-16, Shradha Puri
Phase-II, Sardhana road
Kankar Khera, Meerut
U.P. – 250001
Sub: Clarification regarding Travelling allowance (TA) rules after the implementation of 7th CPC.
The undersigned is directed to refer to your letter dated 25.07.2018 on the above mentioned subject. In this regard, the following is clarified:-
(i) As per rule position as mentioned in SR-71 of FRSR part-II TA rules, TA for a local journey shall be admissible if the temporary place of duty is beyond 8 km from the normal place of duty irrespective of whether the journey is performed by the Government servant from his residence or from the normal place duty. Further, for local journeys, a Government servant will draw, for journey involved, mileage allowance and in addition draw 50% of daily allowance as per OM dated 13 07.2017
(ii). After the recommendations of 7th CPC on Allowances, OM dated 13 07.2017 regarding TA rules has been issued by this Department wherein Daily Allowance on tour comprises 3 components i.e. Hotel accommodation, travel within the city and food charges. For local journey beyond 8 kms, the following may be admissible:-
a. Hotel accommodation:- Not Applicable.
b. Travel within the city/Mileage Allowance:- As per para 2 (E) (i) of OM dated 13.07.2017.
c. Food charges – 50 % of amount payable on tour as mentioned in pare 2 (E) (v) of OM dated 13.07.2017as follows:-

Length of absence Amount  payable  on
Amount payable on Local
journey (50% of amount
payable on tour)
If absence from headquarters is <6 hours 30% of Lumpsum amount 15% of Lumpsum amount
If absence from headquarters is between 6-12 hours 70% of Lumpsum amount 35% of Lumpsum amount
If absence from headquarters is >12 hours
100% of Lumpsum
50% of Lumpsum amount

(Nirmala Dev)
Deputy Secretary the Govt. of India