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DOPT Order – Child Care Leave

Department of Personnel & Training
Estt.(Leave) Section
JNU Old Campus, New Delhi
Dated: 22.06.2018
Sub: Child Care Leave – reg
The undersigned is directed to say that it has now been decided that the limit of 22 years in case of disabled child for the purpose of Child Care Leave under the provisions of Rule 43-C of the CCS (Leave) Rules,1972 has been removed. It has also been decided that Child Care Leave may not be granted for a period less than five days at a time.
2. These orders shall take effect from 13.06.2018.
3. Formal amendments to the relevant provisions of Rule 43-C of Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972 have already been issued vide Notification dated 13.06.2018.
4. Hindi Version will follow.
(sunil Kumar)
Section Officer