“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
Team lead by Secretary General FNPO T N RAHATE met the following officers Met Secretary (P) & Chearaman postal bord (PSB),Members (PSB),(P),(O),(Planing),(PLI ),(Banking),Additional DG,along with SIVAJI VASIREDDI GS NAPE P3 & N N MUJAWAR DY GS NUPE P-4

Dated 20.06.2019 & 21.06.2019 Secretary General FNPO s/s  T N RAHATE ALONG WITH,SIVAJI VASIREDDI GS NAPE P3 & N N MUJAWAR DY GS NUPE P-4 Met Secretary (P) & Chearaman postal bord (PSB),

Members (PSB),(P),(O),(Planing),(PLI ),(Banking),Additional DG,

DDGs (P),(MM), (RB),(PBI),(PMU),(CGM Parcels), CVO & others consan ddgs ,Directors in Dak bhavan New Delhi 110001


Reply File under active process. Result would be received within 15 days to month.

2)Declaration of membership  verification 2015-  

Reply-. File under process at MOC. Decision would be expected within 15 days to one month

3) Implement the High court Aurangabad bench in respect of the postman Examination Result of of year March 2015 and the postman & MTS officials who were performing their duties till 25 November 2016 in number 395-( case of maharashtra &Goa circle)

Reply-It is assured that with consultation of MOL the issue will be taken on priority. The CPMG Maharashtra and Goa Circle will instruct accordingly. The Case would be handled as per directives of the High Court Aurangabad Bench. The concerned officials will resume their duties within short in this Case.

4) Consideration of all pending unfilled vacancien(including LR post) of postman & MTS cadres for upcoming recruitment  through as par new Recrutment Ruls 2018 (case of particular maharashtra & Goa circle and all other ci
 Reply- as per old RR  2 012 , take action positively. 
Try to filled in 339 vacant posts of MTS to Postman pramotion Qutha of Maharashtra Circle on priority basis. and Try Give allotment to the Surplus Qualified GDS to Postman who passed in Examination of year 2017. 
Otherwise try to divert all those vacant posts of year 2015 to 2017 towards  the examination to be hold in year 2019. Thus total vacancies of year 2015 to  year 2018 would be carried over to  Postman & MTS recruitment examination  in year 2019 which are remained unfilled due to non qualified of MTS staff.

5) Enhancing the Unifrom Allowance from Rs 5000/ to Rs 10000/

 Replay . The issue is discussed in depth. It is reported that the Committee appointed for the same is completed the paperwork and submitted it to the concerned.( The concerned DDG is on leave). It is assured that the positive response will be given soon.

6)Decentralise the Rul 38 transfers from circle 

Reply-There is detailed discussion on the issue. It is stated that our Decentralise proposal can not considered this year. The CPMGs all Circles is directed to act on the guidelines given by the Directorate. It is further assured that this will take a month or two to settle the Rule 38 transfer

7) Rule 38 transfer issue Cancer patients and ladies employees

Reply-In our department there are some employees who are suffering from severe diseases like Cancer and so on, some ladies employees are awaiting for their turn since last many years. Those ladies employees are facing inconvenience being away from their families. Such genuine issues under Rule 38 would be settled at priority level. This issue also discussed in depth and positive response is received. Some examples of Kolkata to Andaman and others were brought into notice. On which remedial measures would be taken accordingly.

8) Issue of  SSPO s Coimbtore Division.T N Circle

Reply-In this issue it is replied that the SSPO s Coimbtore Division had withdraw the request transfer application due to non  availability of choice place. Hence he remained at Coimbatore. The CPMG TN Circle and the concerned Regional PMG & Director are instructed to retain cordial relations between the staff & UNION Representatives and the administration.

9)  Issue of the SSPO s Akola Division.maharashtra circle

Reply-There was detailed discussion on the arrogant behaviour and anti staff action's of the SSPO s Akola Division.(in maharashtra circle) It is assured that there is keen watch on this case. Report immediately if anything goes wrong to this office.  Strong Disciplinary action would be initiated in such cases.

10) Revision of GDS transfer policy - we demanded to lift the condition one post to another post,  one level to another level and vice versa.. Submitted letter stating Rule 3a iv, and positive reply given by the officers. 

11) Submitted a letter on Accountant allowance - first meeting of the committee  held  on 19/6/19... ₹1500/- allow expecting.  

12) demanded to hold periodical meetings to all affiliated unions 


13) Requested to fill up GDS post in RMS with contingent staff and casual labar.

14) Requested to revise the eligibility condition appointment 1-12-2010 instead 1-9-1993 for 25% parent  selection of casual labour to  MTS as per seniority quota.  

15) Requested to consider all rejected GDS          compassionate cases for appointment in the light of abolition of point system for CRC  

16) One time absorption case of AP circle 

17) Revision of gratuity for GDS from 1.5 lakh to 5 lakh as recommended by the committee based on Apex Court judgement. 

18) .  In connection of then cases of Worst Conditions of departmental building and the Postal Colonies it is assured that sufficient funds will allocate. Particularly in Mumbai Region taking into consideration of the fund which was returned due to non utilisation will be taken in to account. The response from Directorate in this case was very appreciable.

19) We already demanded for  delinking of PA/SA recruitment from SSC - 

Replied- that process is under final stage and from 2019 vacancies department will conduct examination.  

20) Demanded to hold separate meeting with unions before finalization of different RRs like PSS group B,  HSG i, ii,  LSG 

21) Regarding Postmaster cadre merger issue - all formalities /completed and it is going to approve in Postal board meeting 26-6-2019.  

22) Requested to take all remedial measures for smooth functioning of CSI and RICT. 

23) Regarding incentive for PLI and RPLI department is going to issue orders to pass bills with out observing the fund availability

24) General issues related to the all wings .

Reply-It is to note that the issues related to P- III, P- IV, R- III, R- IV, Civil Wing , GDS and so on related issues discussed in dept h. It is to further note that there was positive response from the Directorates.
Details publish in postal prakash sentinal

T.N Rahate Secretary  General FNPO