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CGHS Orders: Treatment immediately after retirement without  getting a CGHS Token Card - No. S-12015/2/93-CGHS (P) dt. 5/11/1993

Text of MH & FW. O.M No. S-12015/2/93-CGHS (P) dt. 5/11/1993

Reimbursement when Pensioners take Treatment
Immediately after Retirement before getting CGHS card.

The undersigned is directed to say that there have been instances when pensioners have taken treatment immediately after retirement without getting a CGHS Token Card issued. In such cases, when the pensioners submit their reimbursement claims, these could not be entertained as on the date of treatment they had not got their CGHS pensioners card issued, due to some reason or other, which deprived them of reimbursement of medical expenditure incurred during that period.

2. It has, therefore, been decided to allow grace period of one month to the pensioners from the date of their retirement for purposes of admitting their medical claims for reimbursement for the treatment taken immediately after retirement. In other works, if the CGHS Token Card is not got issued within the grace period of one month, the pensioners will not be entitled for any medical reimbursement expenses and CGHS facilities after the grace period of one month.

3. This issues with the approval of Finance Division vide their Dy. No. 622/JS (FA), dated 22/10/1992. 

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