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Request to draw the Salary to all the staff for the period of lockdown.

Ref No.:14/FNPO/Covid-19/2020                                     Dated: 10th April 2020

The Secretary,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110 001.

Sub: Request to draw the Salary to all the staff for the period of lockdown.

It is known fact to that the Government of India issued the instruction clearly to all concerned to pay the salary /wages to the staff during lockdown period. Accordingly, the April salary drawn to all the staff

It is now learnt that in various divisions of different circles the divisional heads have given instructions to the accounts branch to prepare the Salary bill for May 2020 based on absentee statement. The Nation is under lock down as per the order of Government of India and the Department of Posts is no exception to it. The action of various divisional heads is not correct.

The staff our Department cooperated with Government with all odds and risks to lives. The transport system is completely stopped in the country, in many places section 144 has been imposed, curfew too imposed as such in many places it was practically impossible for the staff to reach the offices. The better example is now in various places the total seal down is imposed. Therefore, the officials in many places could not attend the offices. This is not the fault of the officials. The prevailing condition in the country is the problem and at no point the staff should be held responsible for it.

Hence it is requested to issue to clear instructions to all the heads of the circles to draw the salary to all the staff for the entire period of lockdown. The entire period of lock down is required to be treated as duty for all purpose and it is requested to issue clear instructions so that in all the circles it is followed uniformly.

Yours sincerely,