“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
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No 68 -2018

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Retroactivity Of The Urban Collective Agreement - Agreement Reached. August 21, 2018.
Kiama postie, Gary Poppett, makes his last delivery.
August 20, 2018.

FedEx ‘More Competitive Than Ever’ After Year of Opportunities, Challenges. August 20, 2018.

JERSEY POST Extends Network To Australasia And Singapore. August  17, 2018.

Australia Post rolls out smart POS. August 16, 2018.
Retroactivity Of The Urban Collective Agreement - Agreement Reached
August 21, 2018
Who can forget the reactionary, anti-labour law imposed by the Harper Conservative government in June 2011? Because this back-to-work legislation was totally skewed in favour of the employer, we were forced to make compromises that we would have never have made otherwise. However, the law provided that the collective agreement would apply retroactively to the beginning of the period when the parties had obtained the right to strike and lockout.
But despite these provisions, Canada Post refused to grant us our rights under the collective agreement during the month of June 2011. After the Union filed a national grievance, an arbitrator ruled in favour of the Union and ordered Canada Post to apply the collective agreement retroactively.

Court of Justice
The Union challenged the constitutionality of the back-to-work legislation and won its case before the Ontario Court. Following this very important victory for workers, Canada Post argued in front of the Quebec Superior Court that the arbitrator’s decision should be declared invalid since the back-to-work legislation had been deemed unconstitutional and was therefore no longer applicable.
The Quebec Superior Court upheld the arbitrator’s decision, and Canada Post filed an appeal.
The dispute, which seemed poised to go on forever before the courts, has finally been resolved. Canada Post has agreed to honour the arbitrator’s decision in its entirety. The parties have therefore agreed to end this legal saga that has been going on for far too long. They have agreed to a 30-day period to establish a process to resolve all the grievances.
A massive undertaking
Considering the number of individual grievances and the scope of the national arbitrator’s decision, we have a lot of work in front of us. We expect that several weeks will be required to finalize everything.
We will keep you informed of new developments as they occur.

Source : https://www.cupw.ca

Kiama postie, Gary Poppett, makes his last delivery

August 20, 2018
Gerringong’s Gary Poppett has called it a day on his long career with Australia Post, after more than 46 years delivering mail to many of Kiama’s homes and businesses.
Mr Poppett took a job with Australia Post at Randwick on Australia Day in 1972, where he would deliver the mail on foot, either walking or jogging to get the job done.
The lifestyle it offered is what hooked Mr Poppett on a career in the mail room.
“You were your own boss in the early days, because as long as you got the work done, you could finish and go home,” he said.
“I always started early, I’ve never started later than 6am and usually at 5am at a lot of places. When you could get in and get the job done, you could be finished by 11 or 12 o’clock.” 
Throughout his career, Mr Poppett has seen the ebb and flow of traditional mail delivery, however he said the Christmas period was still a busy time.
“Just before the start of this century was when it was at its busiest,” he said.
“In the late ‘90s up until 2007-08, the mail was probably more than what we ever delivered, letter wise it’s gone to half of that now.
“Obviously now we get a lot more parcels with online shopping. When I first started here they had a telegram boy doing the parcels on a motorbike, now there’s contractors doing larger parcels, plus we’re doing it as well, because we do anything up to about two kilograms, like a shoebox size.”
When Mr Poppett moved to the South Coast, he joined the Dapto Post Office, where he delivered mail on a pushbike for a period of time.
He then took on a relief position from Nowra to Warilla, covering other workers’ holidays and sick leave.
For the last 25 years, Mr Poppett has been delivering mail in the Minnamurra and Jones Beach areas.
“What a fantastic place to deliver a run, it never got really hot in summer because you had the sea breeze, and it was just fantastic scenery,” he said.
“Everyday would be a little bit different, you could look out over the ocean up the end of Eureka Avenue or somewhere around Carson Place and look out over the river, it was just a magical place to deliver the mail.”
Together with his wife Janet, Mr Poppett plans to enjoy retirement with “a bit of fishing” and travel to other parts of Australia.
“We bought a motor home and we’re going to do a bit of travelling around the place and see a bit of Australia,” he said.
“We’re just doing little trips to get used to it, then we’re going to try a few more places further afield.” 

Source : https://www.kiamaindependent.com.au

FedEx ‘More Competitive Than Ever’ After Year of Opportunities, Challenges

August 20, 2018
FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) emerged more competitive than ever from fiscal 2018, FedEx said in its Annual Report, “Superior Networks Power Performance.”
“We are very proud of the solid financial and operational results FedEx delivered in fiscal 2018, and I extend a well-deserved ‘Bravo Zulu’ — the naval signal for a job well done — to our more than 425,000 team members worldwide for their dedication to the Purple Promise which simply states ‘I will make every FedEx experience outstanding,’ ” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman and chief executive officer of FedEx.
“It was a year of opportunities and challenges — anticipated and unexpected — and FedEx emerged more competitive than ever,” Smith said in his letter to shareowners. “In all my years at FedEx, I have never been so optimistic, so sure of our strategy and our ability to deliver an exciting future.”

FedEx cited two unique competitive advantages:
It is next to impossible to duplicate its global network which includes the world’s largest all-cargo airline and connects 92 percent of the world’s GDP in 1–2 business days. (See fedex.com/dream.)
FedEx team members set the bar for excellence, helping earn the trust and loyalty of customers and making FedEx one of the most admired companies in the world and a great place to work.
Other features in this year’s Annual Report include:
Strength in numbers: For e-commerce to continue to grow rapidly, our efficient and reliable global transportation solutions are vital.
People, networks: Why we committed to investing more than $4.2 billion following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
Purple Runway: An innovative program designed to address the shortage of commercial pilots and create a new career path.
FedEx Cares: Help and hope delivered after hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, and floods laid waste to communities in North America.
Automation helps shoulder the load: Meet our self-driving vehicles and mobile robots.
The Purple Promise: Everything you need to know about what we expect out of our people every day.

Source : https://about.van.fedex.com/newsroom

JERSEY POST Extends Network To Australasia And Singapore

August  17, 2018
The Jersey Post Group has invested in DAI Post, an Australasia and Singapore based e-commerce logistics business that focusses on services from around the world into and out of these territories.
The investment in DAI Post extends Jersey Post’s network into Australasia and Singapore, providing the existing network partners with services in these locations.
The investment also provides opportunities to consolidate Jersey Post’s businesses in North America as well as creating opportunities for Jersey Post’s UK partners.
The investment in DAI Post is the latest in Jersey Post’s international strategy to exploit opportunities outside the finite local market.
Tim Brown, Chief Executive at Jersey Post stated, “Our international strategy is to ensure long-term revenue growth and stability for Jersey Post, by providing a complete global solution. This solution has to work seamlessly for those customers based overseas, but it must also work hard for those based locally so that we can facilitate expansion opportunities from Jersey to markets in locations where we now have global partners.
The investment in DAI Post completes our global reach across the key continents and ensures that we are truly able to provide worldwide logistics services.”
DAI Post Managing Director Mike Roberts and Sales Director (founder) Rob Turner confirmed, “This is such an exciting time for DAI Post. We are thrilled by the opportunity to join an established global network that offers end-to-end solutions. Our customers currently benefit from fantastic Asia-Pacific and US services, but both they and us will now have a prime opportunity to further expand market reach across additional continents.”

Source : https://postandparcel.info

Australia Post rolls out smart POS

August 16, 2018
In an Australian first, Australia Post is installing new advanced Point of Sale (POS) systems across 3600 Post Offices, which will now allow customers to pay with wearable and mobile devices and provide better accessibility for those with vision and hearing impairments.
The new Verifone M400 POS features a larger display and touch-screen, allowing for larger font-sizes and digital imagery. The new devices can process the latest in payment technologies, including Apple Pay and Halo rings.
Australia Post General Manager, Post Office Network, David McNamara said the technology is an exciting new investment in digital services across Australia's largest retail network.
"We considered all of our customers' needs when designing the new POS," Mr McNamara said.
"We have continuously embraced and adopted new technology throughout our 209 year history, making sure we are inclusive of all of our customers from those who are new to technology and those who want faster payment systems.
"The system includes the latest in payment hardware and software technology, improved usability for those with special needs, and reliability. It is designed for a host of future capabilities, including the ability to digitally sign on screen when collecting parcels and registered letters."
Mr McNamara said customers have already taken advantage of the new payment methods.
"It's great to see our customers can now access the latest in payment technology across our retail network. With payment methods constantly evolving we'll now be able to meet our customers' future demands and expectations."
The POS technology will be implemented across the 3600 Post Offices by the end of August.

Source : https://auspost.newsroom.com.au

No 69 -2018

Formulated by UNI Apro Post and Logistics Sector

Royal Mail Launches Shipping Tool To Support Larger Retailers. August 23 , 2018.

Postal Service Prepares to Splash Out Big Bucks for Mail Trucks. August 23, 2018.

Singapore Airlines In Partnership With Alibaba To Create Smart Logistics Network. August  22, 2018.

An Post to launch voluntary redundancy program.
August 21,  2018.

Your job is to protect the USO’ CWU reminds Ofcom.
August 17, 2018.

Royal Mail Launches Shipping Tool To Support Larger Retailers

August 23 , 2018
Royal Mail has launched a new shipping tool and API to help larger retailers fulfil complex shipping needs
Royal Mail Pro Shipping provides retailers with a range of capabilities making it simpler to manage orders and returns
Pro Shipping is future proofed to manage new requirements such as Electronic Customs
A new Pro Shipping API makes it easier for firms to integrate their systems with Royal Mail to enjoy a better experience
Royal Mail Pro Shipping has been developed by Intersoft, a software development company acquired by Royal Mail in 2016

Royal Mail has launched a new shipping tool and API designed to help larger retailers fulfil complex shipping needs.
Royal Mail Pro Shipping provides retailers with a range of capabilities making it simpler to manage orders and returns across distributed sites. It complements the suite of in-house shipping tools already available to customers.
The tool offers a range of benefits including: the easy management of large lists of customers, the ability to print outward and return labels simultaneously, multiple user access from different locations and the automatic printing of customs documentation.
Alongside the shipping tool, Royal Mail API Shipping makes it easier for firms to integrate their systems with Royal Mail to enjoy a better experience. Any customers using the API will also have access to the Royal Mail Pro Shipping tool.
Both tools have been developed by Intersoft, a software development company acquired by Royal Mail in 2016.
Alongside Click & Drop, Royal Mail’s shipping platform for small to medium businesses, the new tool is future-proofed and can be quickly updated in response to the changing needs of customers.
A spokesperson from Royal Mail Parcels, said “With the launch of Royal Mail Pro Shipping and Royal Mail API Shipping, we now offer a full range of shipping solutions to our customers, dependent on their size and ways of working. The launch of both solutions follows a year of development work based on the needs of our customers. Our teams are working hard with customers to help them migrate over to our latest solutions this year.”

Source : https://www.royalmailgroup.com

Postal Service Prepares to Splash Out Big Bucks for Mail Trucks

August 23, 2018
5 teams competing for contract worth as much as $6.3 billion
Pressure to `buy American’ could sway choice of lone winner
The U.S. Postal Service, struggling to stem billions of dollars in losses, is drawing close to a decision on a massive new contract to replace its aging mail trucks.
The agency is road-testing five prototype “Next Generation Delivery Vehicle” models for a contract worth as much as $6.3 billion -– a mix of American and overseas-based companies including defense contractor Oshkosh Corp., India-based auto maker Mahindra, and a team of Ohio-based electric vehicle manufacturer Workhorse Group Inc. and VT Hackney, part of a Singapore-based engineering company.
The stakes are high for the contractors and the Postal Service as it seeks to propel itself into the future.
“Postal trucks are so iconic to American suburban life,” Christoph Mlinarchik, a government contracts expert and owner of the consulting firm
www.ChristophLLC.com, told Bloomberg Government in a written statement. “This is a high-visibility contract that you simply have to get right.”
The so-called “Next Generation Delivery Vehicles” would phase out the 163,000 trucks designed more than a quarter-century ago by Grumman and Chevrolet. The agency is planning to issue a single award for 180,000 new vehicles that each will cost between $25,000 and $35,000, for an estimated total revenue take of between $4.5 billion and $6.3 billion.
A Likely Windfall
The five prototype finalists also include a bid from American-based defense contractor AM General LLC, and a team effort from a Turkey-headquartered Karsan Automotive and Morgan Olson out of Michigan.
The Postal Service could decide to open the process to other companies at the last minute – though it more likely will remain limited to the five prototype teams, according to a lawyer monitoring the process.
The Next Generation contract will far outpace the largest payment the Postal Service reported making in fiscal 2017: $1.6 billion to provide express air transportation to FedEx Corp., according to Bloomberg Government’s Postal Service contracts dashboard.
Rich Ansell, a marketing executive with Mahindra Automotive North America, declined comment. Calls and emails to representatives of each of the six other companies went unanswered.
Workhorse CEO Steve Burns said recently he expects the Postal Service to make its decision by the end of 2018, according to news accounts. Award timing could be key for Workhorse, which, as it attempts to move toward profitability, this month announced a new common stock public offering to raise funds.
Longer And Taller
From fiscal 2018 through 2028, the Postal Service predicts it will spend an average of $821 million per year for vehicles, “primarily driven by a multi-year acquisition of new delivery vehicles starting in fiscal year 2019,” according to a June 2018 report from the Government Accountability Office.

The Postal Service will pay for the new trucks out of its revenues from package deliveries and postage stamp sales.
By today’s standards, the Postal Service submits, the current trucks are unsafe, too small, and burn too much fuel.
On the surface, the new trucks look somewhat similar to the current boxy white models, with their eagle logos and blue-and-red stripes remaining.
Inside, they’ll be significantly different. The Next Generation vehicle – expected to have an 18-to-20-year life cycle – will include airbags, anti-lock brakes and air conditioning, features car buyers have long taken for granted. They’ll also be longer and taller than the current model, with a minimum 1,500-pound payload capacity, 100 pounds more than the current trucks.
The Postal Service also is open to a new truck that uses alternative fuels and energy sources, to save money and be better environmental stewards.
If the agency picks its lone all-electric choice – the VT Hackney/Workhorse bid – the agency is potentially looking at saving hundreds of millions of dollars in gas alone. In 2014, the agency reportedly spent almost $540 million on fuel.
At the same time, the agency is pursuing autonomous technology, which also promises to reduce fuel costs.
“The U.S. Postal Service’s goal is to obtain and operate vehicles that will help us provide reliable and efficient delivery services for customers and honor our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet, while meeting needs of our employees to best do their jobs safely,” Postal Service spokesman David Partenheimer told Bloomberg Government in a written statement.
Buying ‘American’
Part of the calculus for the Postal Service as it decides which bid to choose will be whether to “Buy American,” as President Donald Trump has urged federal agencies to do.
Agency officials will weigh Trump’s trade policies, and may feel his sting if they make a choice the White House doesn’t like, says Tim Cooke, chief executive officer of ASI Government, a federal acquisition consultancy.
“They’re liable to face a backlash if the award goes to one of the foreign-based companies – a big political backlash,” he told Bloomberg Government.
The key will be how the agency “balances the need for new technology and efficiency with a challenging political environment,” Mike Vernick, a partner with Hogan Lovells in Washington and head of the firm’s government contracts practice group, said.
Complicating factors further is the fact that some bidding companies and teams don’t fall cleanly into the “American” or “foreign” baskets. Though Mahindra is based in India, for example, the company soon will begin making off-road vehicles in a plant outside Detroit.
“In federal contracting, what ‘made in America’ means is often a complex question,” Vernick told Bloomberg Government.
‘Dumber And Poorer’
The Postal Service has been awash in red ink as online correspondence has eaten away at first-class mail and the agency has been forced to reassess complicated relationships with package carriers FedEx, United Parcel Service Inc. and especially Amazon.
The Postal Service has hemorrhaged $63 billion-plus since 2007, including $1.5 billionin the fiscal quarter ending in June.
Postmaster General and CEO Megan Brennan has blamed the agency’s revenue losses on being forced to adhere to a flawed way of doing business mandated by Congress.
Critics cite different factors. The Post Office made a poor deal by charging too little to deliver Amazon packages, Trump alleged last year. He slammed the agency on Twitter for allowing Amazon to dupe it into becoming “dumber and poorer.”
 Source : https://about.bgov.com

Singapore Airlines In Partnership With Alibaba To Create Smart Logistics Network

August  22, 2018
Singapore Airlines will also tap e-commerce giant Alibaba’s extensive digital and logistics networks to further capture the fast-growing travel market in China.
Both companies announced plans to collaborate in areas covering ticket sales, loyalty programmes, marketing initiatives, cloud services and logistics at a press briefing held at Alibaba’s headquarters in eastern Hangzhou on Tuesday (Aug 21).
Through this tie-up, SIA will gain access to more than 600 million mobile users who are active on Alibaba’s e-commerce platforms.
“We have important capabilities and experiences to offer, based on valuable insights gained from serving the world’s largest group of online consumers,” said Fliggy president Angel Zhao, who is also vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Global Business Group.
“This strategic collaboration will mark a new chapter in our complementary relationship, as we share resources and cooperate with each other to create a new digital service experience for consumers,” she added.
This is not the first time SIA is partnering Alibaba.
In 2013, mobile and online payment service Alipay was introduced as a payment option on SIA’s website.

Source : https://postandparcel.info/98004/news

An Post to launch voluntary redundancy program

August 21,  2018
An Post is to invite applications for voluntary severance from managers and staff across all its corporate center and support services from September.
The Voluntary Severance program will be offered to An Post HQ staff and a further 1,200 individuals, most based in the GPO. They will be able to apply for the scheme following a work redesign process, which has/will identified where roles could be eliminated.
Since this is the first significant HQ Voluntary Severance program for many years, it is estimated that 200-300 staff may leave the organization under recently agreed terms.
David McRedmond, CEO, An Post, said, “The voluntary leaver program is the latest step in An Post’s plan to modernize every aspect of the business as An Post transitions from the old mails world to the new world of e-commerce and digital services.
“We have made great strides in the frontline delivery service, relaunched our parcels business and reached agreement on the transformation of the post office network. A reshaped HQ will be core to achieving the vision of An Post in the new world.”
An Post will also explore options for the future location of its headquarters. The GPO headquarter offices were last refurbished when An Post was created out of the old Posts & Telegraphs (company?) in 1984. In addition to exploring refurbishment options for the GPO offices, the company will explore other locations appropriate to a leading, modern logistics and retailing company.
Recognizing the historic and social significance of the GPO, An Post will always maintain its main post office in the iconic building, regardless of any decision on the location of the company’s HQ.
McRedmond continued, “The company is determined to provide office accommodation fit for the business and its employees. The GPO offices are dilapidated and in their current form are no longer fit for purpose as the modern headquarter of one of Ireland’s leading companies.
“It is 34 years since the last refurbishment and this time lapse far exceeds the accepted norm of 15-20 years for an office refurbishment (and typical depreciation period of 10 years).
“Initial estimates to refurbish the building are extremely high, requiring a budget of tens of millions of euros, and will take a long time to complete, especially as much of the building is listed.
“The Board of An Post has agreed that I explore potential alternative locations in addition to the refurbishment option. We have made no decisions yet and will consult with staff, unions and government (the owner of the GPO). We are proud to call the GPO home but our commitment is to modernize our business for all our customers and our frontline staff.”
Earlier this year, An Post announced a return to profit and growth, having achieved a 30% increase in parcel volumes to help offset an 8% decline in traditional mail, and the establishment of two distinct businesses – An Post Mails & Parcels and An Post Retail – under the An Post Group.

Source : https://www.postalandparceltechnologyinternational.com/news

Your job is to protect the USO’ CWU reminds Ofcom
August 17, 2018
Our deputy general secretary postal Terry Pullinger has reminded the communications industry regulator that its primary statutory duty is “to protect the UK’s universal postal service, not to damage Royal Mail” in a hard-hitting response to the enormous fine the company has been hit with.
Adding the CWU’s backing to Royal Mail’s appeal against an unprecedented £50 million sanction by Ofcom, Terry described the penalty as “totally wrong and a stunning example of how this regulator panders to unregulated, profit cherry-picking disruptors.”
The fine – the largest ever imposed by Ofcom – was a response to a complaint by the ‘Whistl’ sub-division of Dutch postal company TNT, which briefly tried to undermine Royal Mail’s letter delivery service back in 2013/14.
“It beggars belief that the regulator should dismiss this Great British Institution which is one of the biggest contributors to the public purse, the provider of an excellent public service delivered by a loyal dedicated workforce on decent terms and conditions, in favour of an organisation which cares for nothing but profit,” said Terry.
“TNT’s ‘Whistl’ initiative failed because they employed people on the cheap and failed to deliver a service which was far inferior to that provided by Royal Mail.  They chose to deliver in chosen inner-city areas and only promising to deliver three days per week to minimise their operational cost, and still they could not deliver.
“Royal Mail delivers to every single address in this country six days per week,” our DGSP continued. “People think it’s easy, but actually it’s a hugely sophisticated logistics operation which provides a public postal service which is the envy of the world.
“But the Regulator would seemingly prefer to keep putting at risk the one provider which totally connects the social, industrial and commercial life of this country, without discrimination or favour.”
Terry asked: “When will they recognise that no company that puts profit before service could ever provide the connectivity, service and reach of Royal Mail Group?
“Their actions, if not challenged, will eventually destroy full and equal social connectivity regardless of location across the whole UK.
“Shame on them for this grossly unfair disloyal act, they should start recognising all that is excellent about the USO provider and stop siding with uncaring profiteers.”
In a statement reacting to the fine, Royal Mail immediately confirmed its intention to lodge a formal appeal with the Competition Appeal Tribunal, pointing out that the pricing regime that had been at the centre of the complaint “was never implemented or paid,” and that, therefore, Ofcom’s verdict was “without merit and fundamentally flawed.”
Echoing the CWU’s analysis, the Royal Mail statement explained that that the reason for TNT’s ‘Whistl’ failure was down to “major problems with Whistl’s direct delivery business model.
“Royal Mail does not therefore consider there to be any legal basis for any potential claims for damages by Whistl or any other third parties in connection with Ofcom’s decision, and will defend itself vigorously against any such potential claims,” it continued, and concluded: “No damages claims are payable until the appeals process is exhausted. We are confident that Ofcom’s decision will be overturned.”
Explaining why the CWU fully supports Royal Mail’s appeal against this fine, Terry Pullinger said: “It’s frankly unbelievable that a company like TNT, which set out to drive employment and service standards into the gutter in the interest of profit, should be awarded this verdict by a public body whose statutory duty is to defend our great universal service.
“The CWU has absolutely no hesitation in adding its full support to Royal Mail’s appeal against this perverse verdict and fine.”

Ofcom was set up under the Communications Act 2003, with a brief that initially covered telecommunications and radio and television broadcasting.
In 2011, The Postal Services Act added to Ofcom’s remit, when the responsibilities of the Postal Services Commission (Postcomm) were added to its portfolio, and the 2017 Digital Services Act brought internet services under Ofcom’s regulatory eye.
The 2011 legislation set out Ofcom’s specific statutory duties in Part 3 of the Act, which is entitled: ‘Regulation of Postal Services’.

Subsection 1 in this Part of the Act states:  ‘OFCOM must carry out their functions in relation to postal services in a way that they consider will secure the provision of a universal postal service.’
And the second Subsection in this Part of the Act states: ‘Accordingly, the power of OFCOM to impose access or other regulatory conditions is subject to the duty imposed by Subsection 1.’

Source : https://www.cwu.org/news