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Expected DA from July, 2019: 7th CPC - 16% or 17% and 6th CPC 163% or 164%

DA from July, 2019 is expected to be 16% with 4% increase in existing rate of 7th CPC Pay structure & 163% with 9% increase in 6th CPC pay structure.This speculations are based on All India Consumer Price (Industrial Workers) Index Number [CPI(IW)] for April, 2019 released by Labour Bureau. But if the trend of increase in CPI(IW) in future two months then DA for Central Govt Employees and DR for Pensioners will enhance the above expectation and 7th CPC DA will be 17% with 5% increase and 6th CPC DA will be 164% with 10% increase in existing rate of 12% and 154% respectively. 
The revised Dearness Allowance for the second half of the year is enhancing the previous increase trend of 3%. Monthly Dearness Allowance and Transport Allowance will enhanced from this increase in DA and pensioners will also be benefited by this increase.
DA from July, 2019 calculated to be 16% or 17% in 7th CPC & 163% or 164% in 6th CPC pay structure with AICPIN of April-2019 may be understand through three different situation/event from undermentioned table:-