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Sivaji Vasireddy, GS NAPEc elected as Secretary General FNPO.Click here to view 

Dear colleagues,

      FNPO 12th federal congress was conducted at Fruitwalle, Devachi Alandi, PUNE, Maharashtra from 16-04-2023 to 17-04-2023 under the Chairmanship  of Shri N.K.Tyagi, President FNPO & GS NUR3 in a grandmanner.The open session of the event commenced at 3 Pm on  on 16-04-2023 at 3pm.  Shri K.K.Sharma, CPMG, Maharashtra Circle, Shri Ramachandra Jayabhaye, PMG Pune Region, Ex.Secretary Generals of FNPO Shri D.Theagarajan, Shri T.N.rahate, Shri B.shivakumar, Shri Sivaji Vasireddy, GS NAPE GR'C Shri N Mujawar, GS PM&MTS , Shri Anish Mishra, GS Civil Wing union, Shri Y.D.Yadu, GS Admin Union, Shri MK Sharma GS NUR4, Shri P.U.Muralidharan, GS NUGDS are graced the Opensession .Keynote address delivered  by Deputy SG. CPMG and PMG has explained about the new schemes introduced by the Department for delivering better services to the Nation while addressing in the session . They  also made  an appeal to the staff unions for extending cooperation to the administration for smooth functioning of the department. Shri Theagarajan narrated the history of FNPO and presented Govt policies and the role of the unions. Many of the delegates discussed postal staff sectional problems and need of union strength. Sivaji Vasireddy GS NAPE c also expressed his views on organizational matters, and in particular  how FNPO is committed towards staff and strategies about next membership verification. FNPO resolution passed that our priority should be the fight for scraping of NPS and restoration of OPS. Remaining all other senior leaders and affiliated General Secretaries also addressed the congress. 

 On 17.4.2023 elections were conducted for the office bearers . Sri Sunil Jhunjarao (Maharashtra), 
Sri Sivaji Vasireddy (Andhrapradesh) and 
Sri Jagadish Sharma (Delhi) have been elected with out contest as President, Secretary General and Financial Secretary ,respectively .

The reception committee headed by the core and dedicated  crew of FNPO Maharashtra has made an  excellent arrangements and served delicious food for the guests.   I convey my sincere thanks to the reception committee on behalf of FNPO for their hospitality. I express my greetings and  congratulations to all the  newly elected office bearers of FNPO too.

I appeal to all FNPO fraternity kindly keep good and fair relations among all affiliated unions without any discrimination and indiffernces . Let all of us strive hard to improve our strength with out any barrier among the wing to which one belong. A member in FNPO is the potential and primary identity regardless of the constituent union.  All should work for the welfare of staff and strengthening of FNPO by fighting out our rights . 

I am accessible to all at any point of time to see that our issues and activites are dealt in right forum to find solutions. So never hesitate to contact and converse with me in all aspects .

I also convey my sincere thanks to all Senior leaders, affiliated unions General Secretaries, Circle Secretaries, Divisional Secretaries and all the members who have given this opportunity for serving as SG FNPO. I will always try my level best and can not leave any stones unturned to upkeep the formidable faith reposed on me. 

FNPO Zindabad
KR Amar Rahe 

Yours fraternally, 
Sivaji Vasireddy
Secretary General, FNPO