“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”
on 27.07.2019 FNPO secretary General shri. T. N. Rahate visited to hon. Minister of state communication shri. Sanjayji  Dhotre at Akola along with shri. M. V. Nipankar, Dhananjay Raut , Iqbal sheikh and Office berar of FNPO and Team.
Detail discuss issue 
1)  Recruitment in Department of post Postal assistant, Postman, RMS staff, MTS. 
2)  pending recruitment of postman staff 2015 Maharashtra, settle Aurangabad high court. 
3) parcel Hub delivery issue detail discuss in meeting. 
4)  SC -ST cast validity issue related to varifiction and validity as per center government rules in hole India but some circle not follow rules and harassment of employee. 
5) Harassment of employee in Akola division by SSPO Akola. Immediately transfer from Akola to Out of Maharashtra.
on 27/07/2019 S.G.FNPO  T.N.Rahate discuss important issue in Akola with State minister shri. Sanjayji Dhotre. Related Akola division.Nagpur.& in Maharashtra Circle