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 22nd UNI Apro Post & Logistics virtual Committee Meeting

The 22nd UNI Apro Post & Logistics Sector Committee was successfully held virtually on 2 September 2020. We were very honored to be fraternally addressed by Bro. Dave Ward, our Global P&L President, Sis. Christy Hoffman, UNI GS and Mr. Lin, SG of APPU in the opening. We shared stories from various country representatives on how the post & logistics unions have been working for their members health and communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Bro. Masuda concluded by saying that we will continue sharing our experiences and information regionally and globally. Global union solidarity is more important than ever!

Today 22nd UNI Apro Post & Logistics virtual Committee Meeting held from 12.00PM to 2.30 PM I am happy to inform that I have Parcipted. I have submitted Brief report regarding India post .

Measge from sister yoko  

                   Thank you so much for sending me your wonderful reports and I am excited to hear from you.                                          

The order and time for speaking is as follows. It will be written in the Chat too.

1.      KOREA – KPWU by Lee (5 minutes, report on screen)

2.      TAIWAN – CPWU by Wu (5 minutes, report on screen)

3.      MALAYSIA – UPCW by Effendy for Pos Malaysia (3 minutes) + MLC by Shafie for Logistics (2 minutes, PPT on screen)

4.      INDONESIA – ASPEK P&L by Sudarmant & Komardin (5 minutes by Kun’s translation, PPT on screen)

5.      SINGAPORE – UTES by Thuvinder (5 minutes, report on screen)

6.      INDIA – FNPO by Shivakumar (5 minutes, report on screen)

7.      SRI LANKA – by Chandrika (5 minutes, report on screen)

8.      NEW ZEALAND – Etu by Joe (5 minutes, report on screen)

9.      NEPAL – NCSEU-Postal by Shyam (3 minutes, PPT on screen)

10.    PHILIPPINES – PEUP (by Michelle) (3 minutes, report on screen)


Please note your time.  There will be a reminder of “one minute left” and your microphone may be muted by the secretariat if exceeding more than your allocated time.  
                                          B. Shivakumar                                Secretary General                                FNPO