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UNI ILC celebrates International Women`s Day with FNPO in Mumbai

Dear colleagues, 
I am very happy to inform you that 0n 8thMarch 2017 FNPO celebrated International Women`s Day in Mumbai at Chinchbandar Post Office . The UNI Commerece delegation consisting of  Alice Chang, UNI APRO, Rosalaila Castaldo, UNI Commerce, Marie Kihlberg, UNIONEN and Karin Jungerhem, Handels were invited to this program as they were in Mumbai on that day.

There was an interaction with the UNI delegation and the members of FNPO. In spite of delay in our  reaching the venue due to heavy traffic , the women were waiting and participated with enthusiasm. Bro.T.N.Rahate ,President of FNPO was also present for the program and   welcomed the delegation.

Sis Sunetra Sarang and the FNPO team had organised the program and made us feel very welcome.

Few photos from the program are enclosed.

With Regards-

Anjali Bedekar
UNI ILC Coordinator
0091 9322406877