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Suggestions on GDS Pay Committee Report submitted by Sri.Kamalesh Chandra

FNPO welcome the GDS Pay Committee Report submitted by Sri.Kamalesh Chandra on the following issues as that are somewhat nearer to the Memorandum submitted by our Federation.

 1.We have suggested MACP I, II ,III for 10,20,30 years whereas the Committee has given the same for 12,24,36 years.

2.We proposed HRA ranging between Rs.800 to Rs.1520 with an annual raise of Rs.80. But the Committee recommended a flat rate of Rs.800 to ABPM’s and Rs. 2400 to 800 to Dak Sevaks.

3.We proposed OMA ranging between Rs.500 to Rs.950 with an annual increase of Rs.50. But the Committee recommended clubbing OMA & HRA to BPM’s from Rs. 1600 to Rs.1100.

 4.We proposed all kinds of leaves admissible under CCS (Leave Rules) 1972 besides casual leave to departmental employees may be extended to GDS whereas the Committee has recommended General Leave 30 days with a maximum limit of accumulations for 180 days, emergency leave

 5 days, maternity leave, paternity leave. We proposed to leave encashment facility besides 15 surrenders leave keeping in view in leave arrangements, but the Committee has recommended leave encashment in full at the time of retirement.

 5.We have proposed request transfers and the same is given with a limitation of 3 times during the service.

6.We have proposed compassionate engagements to the families of all deceased employee and the same is recommended by the Committee.

 7.We have proposed the payment of bonus on par with departmental employees and issue of identity cards and the Committee had recommended the same.

8.We proposed the date of superannuation at par with departmental employees and Committee has recommended the same.

 9.We have proposed the payment of retirement/terminal benefits, the Committee has recommended gratuity only.

10.We have proposed basic amenities such as infrastructure, the Committee has recommended same. However, we express our displeasure on the following issues as GDS Pay Committee has not considered the following issues in its report.

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