“Forward ever, backward never: onwards with Breaking Through”

Second UPU World CEO Forum starts in Moscow

18.09.2017 - Some 60 postal chief executives have gathered at the exclusive UPU event, where they will discuss leading multidimensional growth and promising postal business strategies.

The forum, organized by the UPU and hosted by Russian Post, will guide CEOs through the process of diagnosing the environment in which Posts operate before having them determine the exact business models they can implement to progress with changing global dynamics.
UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein thanked Russia for their gracious hosting in his opening remarks and encouraged all CEOs to take an active role in discussions.
“We want you to embrace this forum as a critical space where your views, ideas and inputs into the UPU can be harnessed and channelled,” said the Director General.
For his part, Russian Post CEO Nikolay Podguzov added that forum participants should not only keep in mind, but also take advantage of the Post’s unique role as a public-facing organization in all reaches of the world. 
“This is why Posts need to diversify to create more sustainable and profitable business opportunities,” he explained. 

High-level support

Also present to welcome CEOs were several high-level guests from the Russian Federation, including Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and Deputy Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Media Rashid Ismailov. Both stressed the postal sector’s critical role as a public infrastructure network.
“The digital economy is characterized by growth rates and will become the main driver for growth of the global market and inclusion of populations, which means there needs to be development in infrastructure to match this,” explained Dvorkovich.
“The Post is something that exists in some places where there is nothing else, we cannot live without the Post,” he said.
Ismailov reiterated the importance of the Post as an intermediary for public services, adding that the forum would “play a positive role in the development of the postal industry by facilitating [Posts’] cooperation”.

Second edition

The 2017 event is the second edition of the forum, which was designed by the UPU as an exclusive space for CEOs to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities facing the industry.
Their first day of deliberations focused on the sector’s current challenges in a changing global environment before examining how postal operators are meeting the needs of two important stakeholders: governments and customers.
Tomorrow, forum participants will examine the gap between customer expectations and what the Posts are doing about it, finishing with business strategies they can take back to their organizations.
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