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F No 23-11201S-UPE
[VlM Division
Subject: Minutes of the meeting taken by Shri Rajesh Singh, DDG (Estates
& MM) held on 10.8.2017at 11.00 AM, in Room No. 313, Department of
Posts, DakBhawan, New Delhi is regarding the design of Postmen uniform in
khaki colour.
The following officers attended the meeting:
1. Ms. Upinder Kaur, Associate Professor, NIFT. New Delhi.
2. Ms. Smita Ghosh Ddastidar, Associate, Professor, NIFT, New Delhi
3. Shri Jagdish Sharma, F/Secretary, NUPEP-MTS, New Delhi.
4. Sh. V.K. Mathur, Dy. Gen. Secretary, NUPEP-IUTS, New Delhi.
5. Sh. S.K. Singh, Secretary General, BPEF, New Delhi.
6. Sh. Sugandhi Mishra, General Secretary, BEDEU, New Delhi'
7. Mrs. R.B. Singh, Director (Estates & MM)
8, Mrs. AlimaTirkey, S.O. (UPE)
A meeting was taken by Shri Rajesh Singh, DDG (Estates & MIVI) at 11'00 am
on 10.g.2017 in Room No.313, DakBhawan, New Delhi is regarding the design of
Postmen Uniform in khaki colour. The need for change in Postman uniform was
The result of Taskforce recommendation to redesign the uniforms of the Postman and
other staff to suit the current needs and tastes' The following decisions were
o The design and colourof the dress including the fabric for the Postman
and MTS/ IVlail guard uniform was decided and the soft copy of the dress
patterns is sent as attachment'
NIFT will provide one prototype each of the dresses for men and women,
prototype of the cap, lndia Post logo that would be stitched on the shirt
within a fortnight.
NIFT will also provide for detailed specifications of the dresses and help
the Department source the same from various ouflets of National Textiles
Corporation and other textile companies.
Department wiil take up the matter with DGS&D to make the dresses
available on GeM portal through large number of suppliers across the
Alima Tirkey